Snake charmers in Jemaa el-Fnaa square

It seems that most people expect snakes in Marrakech main square called Jemaa el-Fnaa. Well, yes you will see Snake charmers in Marrakech. Is this exciting? You want more? How about making some pictures with them around your neck? Even more exciting right?

Marrakech main attraction is definitely the snake charmers in Jemaa el-Fnaa. This guys stay there the whole day with a bunch of poisonous snakes (some not poisonous) and try to attract visitors to make pictures and give them some money. This is not something recent as some people might thing stating that Marrakech got too touristy because snake charmers are only there to exploit tourist asking for money.

Video with black cobra snake charmer in Marrakech:

Well, think again, 100 years ago when no western tourists came to visit Marrakech – still snake charmers where there to exploit visitors and earn some money. How about that hey? Remember that Marrakech is a important point in the old caravan trades and always a meeting point of people coming from other parts of Morocco, North Africa and sub Saharan Africa.

It is normal that suddenly while walking in Jemaa el-Fnaa, you end up with a snake around your neck without even noticing. Yes don’t worry it seems these guys know what they are doing. Personally I don’t like this approach so I usually tell them to back off before they get close to me. You can do the same – nicely.

If you end up wanting to make a picture with a snake in your hands or on the neck, you have to expect to pay. They go crazy and ask up to 200 Dirhams. I would not give more than 10 or 20 Dirhams. Fair enough.

Take one thing in consideration that the fact that snakes are there the whole day, teeth broken, poisonless (yes they extract the poison – or if they have no teeth they can’t rally bite), all this is without a doubt cruel to those poor animals.

Usually snake charmers can be friendly unless yourself is not. So always smile. If you want to stay, stay. If you want to go, go.

Video with snake experience at Djemaa el Fnaa in Marrakesh:

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