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Nomad Revelations is a travel blog written to inspire independent travelers and audacious backpackers through exotic narratives and unexpected traveling ideas.

Welcome to my adventure travel blog about exciting journeys into more than 130 countries across Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Europe, North to South America and Oceania. Traveling since 1999. The greatest aspect of traveling is the ability to witness all elements of life come together into a kind of foreshortened timeline. It’s as if we are simultaneously time traveling through our past and future. Secured by its focal present, collectively combining all lessons into our own being at each point in time and in each present moment.

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Van Life

I’ve made a few van life trips before. But this last one took me one full year when I drove 35,000 km crossing Russia, Central Asia down to the Middle East in Iran, Iraq, and Turkey.

My van life baby was a 2012 4×4 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 316 CDI 170 HP.

No. I’ve never had any type of dangerous situation during my year on the road with a camper van. I spent 1 month in Tajikistan, 2 months in Iran (a very safe country that I don’t even know why people mix Iraq and Iran together in the same sentence concerning safety), and 1 month in Iraq.

No. I traveled with my wife and 2-year-old son. He turned three years old in Serbia when we were almost finishing our trip in August 2018. He stopped wearing diapers somewhere in Iran.

After I came back from my trip, I sold my 4×4 Sprinter. Why? Because I bought it in Poland, and I live in Morocco. Due to different reasons, bringing the truck back home to Ouarzazate was out of the question. I sold my van through the online website I got more than 90 people interested and I finally sold it to an Austrian guy.


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Beautiful Places


Van Life • 1 year on the road

Two weeks in Saudi Arabia

With a notorious passion for driving, I am emphatic about heading out on the road and traveling. With the ability to decide where to go to and where to stop, I have a full sense of freedom while on the road.

I just came back from a 35.000 km (21.750 mi) road trip with a DIY camper van. Check out this short video of driving the icy mountains of Kyrgyzstan at 3.112 m (10.210 ft)

Saudi Arabia just recently opened its doors to foreign tourism. This unknown country has plenty of natural and historical wonders that will make most adventure travelers anxious to visit.

Saudi Arabia is one of the most photogenic desert countries that I’ve ever visited and is packed with breathtaking photo locations.

Featured destination: Iran

Iran, what else can I say about this amazing country? The blend of welcoming and friendly people, an incredible variety of landscapes, and a vast historical heritage make of the Persian nation, a perfect travel destination. I visited Iran four times and was able to explore the country extensively for four months.

Check out my pages about traveling in Iran

Who is the author of this blog?

Panj River between Afghanistan and Tajikistan

My name is João Leitão and I was born in Lisbon – Portugal – back in 1980. My UN visited countries list goes up to more than 130. With a degree in Visual Arts, I like adventure travel, photography, and cooking.

Human contact and communication are crucial, so interacting with local people during my travels is very important to me as an individual. Being on the road fits my personality perfectly, and this blog is my way of sharing those best travel experiences.

I am a guy who defines himself as curious. Basically, I am a sponge, a boy with a backpack exploring the world and, absorbing new experiences and new encounters daily: architecture, vestiges of the past, religious beliefs, flavors, aromas, languages and dialects, musical expressions.

Although I moved to Morocco in 2007, so far I also lived in countries such as Finland, Kazakhstan, Morocco, Turkey, Ukraine, the U.S.A. and more recently Brazil, and Poland. Now that you know a bit more about me, here I am to welcome you to my travel blog, where I gathered travel tips after 20 years of traveling the world and inspiring narratives to motivate you to hit the road!

Quick Q&A about this travel blog

While the concept of adventure travel differs from person to person, indeed I do have blog posts about less traveled countries such as Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Somalia, Congo, etc. I personally like to explore places that are off the beaten path and that are usually off-limits to normal travelers.

Well, it’s quite difficult to analyze trips after all these years on the road. Many travels I made somehow slipped into oblivion, and only a few still resist time. Back in 2010 while traveling from the newly independent country of South Sudan, I crossed the border to Congo, and furthermore to Uganda. This was a quite harsh trip, where I had encountered not very friendly people with machetes in the middle of the jungle. Finally, I got protection from the Moroccan Blue Helmets, and I crossed the wilderness inside a U.N. heavy-armed Hummer through dangerous areas. I furthermore got Malaria and was in a D.R.C. hospital where I receive treatment for this infamous disease.

I am blogging since 2003! I had my first photography website back in 2001 when I began my photo project called People of the World. I was around the world portraying people from different countries. In 2003, I started sharing my adventure stories and travel photographs on the Internet on a popular travel website that is now extinct. Finally, in 2006 I opened my own domain – this one you are now – and commenced writing more information about the places I had been in since 1999. I first started writing in my native language Portuguese, and in 2010 I decided to open the English equivalent “Nomad Revelations Travel Blog”.

As of December 2019, I have visited 127 UN countries but also about 20 non-recognized countries or autonomous territories spread around the globe. I would have finished all the countries in the world if I wouldn’t repeat my trips and always come back to the places I really like in order to explore in-depth. Mauritania I’ve been 7 times, Uzbekistan 5 times, Turkey 14 times, Iraq 4 times, etc, etc…

I can make an average of 6 months on the road per year. This means, that I’ve spent around 10 years on the road in the last 20 years.

I like to focus on people, history, and nature. I somehow have a preference for dusty and warm countries, so it is fantastic to be able to visit an ancient desert city with friendly people. I like to visit UNESCO World Heritage Sites that I now count 329 in total. I love petroglyphs and castles.

  1. Morocco » A colorful exotic kingdom full of welcoming and positive people, with ancient history and landscape diversity.
  2. Turkey » Historically rich and diverse, amazing food and friendly people.
  3. Portugal » My home country, full of history, great food, humble people and the country in Europe with more heritage per square km.
  4. Gorno Badakhshan Autonomous Region of Tajikistan » This mountain region gets my attention due to the incredible landscapes and a very specific culture.
  5. Brazil » Friendly people, good food, incredibly diverse, the Amazon regions and the Portuguese heritage architecture spread all around its territory.
  6. And a few more? Yes of course: Afghanistan, Sudan, Uzbekistan, and amazing Iran.

Morocco is my top favorite country to travel to. Although I live and work in Morocco for more than 12 years, every day I feel that I’m on the road. The colors, the smiling people, the rich gastronomy, the breathtaking landscapes and above all is the safety and feeling welcomed by Moroccan people on a daily basis

Traveling means exploring the unknown. I don’t really travel to discover myself since at every stage of my life I knew what I wanted, or the goals I desire to achieve.

I travel to see new things and to meet different people and cultures. Basically, I think I travel to broaden my horizons. That’s it. I get great satisfaction from being on the road, especially when I have a bit of adventure on the go.

During traveling I learned that we all smile, cry, love our family and like to eat, have fun and enjoy life. Travel can truly reinforce and challenge our convictions greater than any experience. We are pushed to the limit in understanding humans.