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Round The World Trip (RTW) – The Ultimate Guide (2019 Edition)

Round The World Guide

Round The World Guide Going on a round-the-world trip is for many people a dream come true. A few years back, I went to travel around the world during 18 months without any programmed destinations. I had no pre-arranged itinerary. Through my personal experience, I will share with you practical information about all you need to know to go on a Round The World Trip (RTW). Round-the-World back in history The desire to explore, to go further, to get to know new lands is almost as old as humankind. In the beginning, one had to survive, to make sure there was enough food, and ensure the safety of each individual as well the group. But as soon as it became possible, human beings went out to conquer the world. In those days, the curiosity of discovering new land had a more practical reason: to establish commercial routes and strategic alliances with…

Historical Trips Around the World

Historical Trips Around the World

Historical Trips Around the World Countless people and groups attempted to travel around the world throughout History. It would be impossible for me to list all of them on an article like this one. But let’s select the most significant ones, starting with the second round-the-world trip, that followed the stunt of Ferdinand Magellan and his crew. Francis Drake managed to captain a round-the-world trip from beginning to end aboard the Golden Hind. With the support of Queen Elizabeth, it sailed off in 1577 planning to sail around South America and attack the Spanish colonies on the west coast of that continent. The fleet had five small ships, but it managed to seize a Spanish galleon full of treasures. Francis Drake reached Plymouth on 26 September 1580, to where the queen herself traveled to knight him. In the same year Drake completed his journey, Franciscan Ignacio de Loyola was sailing from…

126 Days Around The World Without Flying – Itinerary Suggestion

Around The World Without Flying

Around The World Without Flying Earth is a big place and suggesting a route to travel around the world is almost impossible. Each traveler will yearn for different places and experiences. Budget, time, and means of transportation, all these variables will impact the plan. Considering that planning an itinerary with only flights is simple, I decided to design a overland trip around the world without flying, going around the world to the west, departing from France. It won’t be too cheap nor too expensive. It won’t be too slow nor too fast. It will be balanced to be compatible with more people. Around The World Without Flying Stage 1 – From France to Brazil (Estimate: 20 days) The goal is to reach South America without flying, so you’ll have to travel on a ship. For that, it’s better to go to Le Havre, in France, from where you’ll officially depart to…

18-month Travel Around the World – My Itinerary & Costs

Travel Around the World

Travel Around the World A few years back, I went traveling around the world during 18 months without any programmed destinations. I had no pre-arranged itinerary. I went along, feeling the trip, visiting countries that were emerging in my mind and on my wish list. I visited and stayed the time that I felt like to. If I liked a place I’d stay more time, if I didn’t like it so much, I’d move on. The main purpose of the trip was to visit all the seven continents: Europe, Africa, North America, South America, Antarctica, Asia and Pacific. On this section of my Round the World Travel Guide I’m not going to magically tell you how to go around the world for free, yet, I’m going to simplify and show you real data, detailed information with real facts, prices and travel ideas so that you can get inspired and motivated to…

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