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What’s the Best Travel Photography Gear for my Trip?

Best Travel Photography Gear

Best Travel Photography Gear People who are starting to travel or to photograph ask the same question a lot. What’s the right camera? It’s a complicated question to answer. Each person is unique, with their own set of preferences and criteria that it’s virtually impossible to say this or that camera is the best for travel photography. What is the best travel camera? Budget is one of the first things to have in mind. How much do you want to spend to start travel photography? In general, there are four budget ranges: Up to 250 Euros. It’s an amount that allows you to buy a smartphone with a reasonable quality camera. Keep in mind that it should be your idea of “reasonable,” not anyone else’s. Before you decide, test it, research online, read gear reviews. You can buy a mid-range compact camera (or low-range if you really don’t want to spend…

12 Easy Travel Photography Tips For Improving Your Photos

Travel Photography Tips

Travel Photography Tips 1. Choose the Best Light Are you traveling in a fabulous location but can’t get a photograph you love? Or you had to photograph a specific place, but when you got there your pictures looked nothing with the dozens of others you had seen online? Light could be the issue. Even though we don’t think about it in our daily routine, light has particular properties that change for many reasons. Some are more subtle, but others are straightforward and easy to understand. If it’s a bright and sunny day, the colors at sunrise and sunset are warm, orange, and silky. On the other hand, when the sun is high in the sky, there is too much light, and you won’t have a beautiful picture. Cloudy skies also make a huge difference. In overcast weather, it looks like the colors have been sucked out, and the environment around us…

20 Important Photography Composition Rules You Need To Know

Composition in Photography

Composition in Photography What’s composition in photography? It’s how a portion of the world our eyes see, is included and arranged in the restricted space of a photo. Before we move forward, I must make clear that in the art of photography we must be careful with strict rules. On this page, I will help you improve your photo composition skills with twenty important photography composition rules you need to know. Main questions related to the art of composition in photography: What do we leave out? Do we want to highlight a specific object or do we want to include as many elements in the photo as possible, without any order? And how do we arrange them? How do we cut out those elements that will take our audience’s eyes away from what we want to focus on? Most of the principles of photo composition have been used for hundreds of…

Learn Photography – Beginner’s Guide for Travel Photography

Travel Photography

Travel Photography Guide Do you want to learn more about Travel Photography and take better photos? Travel photography exists ever since photography gear became portable. What else encourages us to keep permanent records but those unique, fleeting moments that we witness on the road, in faraway destinations, away from home and from all that’s familiar? There is no doubt that our memory is no longer enough to save the images our eyes capture when traveling. In addition to that, we have a natural urge to share memories. We want to show them to our friends and family, or the whole world. Spread the word about what we saw, keep it as a safekeeping for later, share on social media. Photographing and traveling are practically inseparable and most people don’t ignore this connection. But how many people research about to learn travel photography? What is the best photo gear for each person?…

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