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Round The World Trip (RTW) – The Ultimate Guide (2019 Edition)

Round The World Guide

Round The World Guide Going on a round-the-world trip is for many people a dream come true. A few years back, I went to travel around the world during 18 months without any programmed destinations. I had no pre-arranged itinerary. Through my personal experience, I will share with you practical information about all you need to know to go on a Round The World Trip (RTW). Round-the-World back in history The desire to explore, to go further, to get to know new lands is almost as old as humankind. In the beginning, one had to survive, to make sure there was enough food, and ensure the safety of each individual as well the group. But as soon as it became possible, human beings went out to conquer the world. In those days, the curiosity of discovering new land had a more practical reason: to establish commercial routes and strategic alliances with…

Travel Gear: My Backpack, Electronics, Photo & Clothing (Update 2019)

Travel Gear: My Backpack, Electronics, Photo & Clothing

People often ask me about what travel gear I carry. As an extremely practical person, travel gear does play an important role in my life. Nowadays, most of the stuff I carry along has been thoroughly chosen over the years in order to suit my travel style. My main worry is to travel light. On this page, I list all the things I own and use to travel. Depending on the type of trip, I chose different things to take along. Curiosities about my travel gear I only travel with carry-on baggage (the one taken inside the airplane); I never carry more than 7kg / 15 lbs; I never carry the same things. I often adapt to the place and weather conditions; I only wear clothes or shoes made with tough and durable materials; The travel gear I carry may not work for everyone since it’s adapted to my own personal experience.…

The Beginner’s Guide to Hitchhiking

Guide to Hitchhiking

Guide to Hitchhiking Generations of young people have been traveling the world for decades thanks to the goodwill of those who own a car. Hitchhiking became popular in Europe in the 1960s and 1970s, at the same time the hippie movement grew. Those were different times, before the culture of fearmongering we experience today. But hitchhiking is still an option. Whether you’re going on a crazy adventure traveling across continents or just traveling Europe for a couple of days. In this article, we’ll see why hitchhiking is still a great way to travel and how we can get the best of it. Countries where I hitchhiked: Portugal Morocco Mauritania Mali Iraq El Salvador Sudan Poland D.R. of the Congo Albania Brasil French Guyana India Iran United Arab Emirates Oman Switzerland Romania South Sudan Uganda Advantages of Hitchhiking 1. Saving Money Saving money is the main advantage. That’s what appealed to the…

7 Important Tips on How to Plan a Trip – Travel Planning Ideas

How to Plan a Trip - Travel Planning Ideas

Traveling requires some planning. Even the most free-spirited wanderer – the one that never plans for anything – needs a checklist of things to do before traveling abroad. This is when you need to know how to plan a trip. A valid passport, money and time are the three top things you really need to go and explore the world. You should take into account these few important tips when putting a trip together, whether you are going alone, with friends or family. This page gives you some useful step-by-step travel planning ideas so that you learn how to plan a trip – easy and straightforward. 1. Identification documents: Passport & ID If you are a UK citizen traveling within the EU borders, all you need is a valid national identity card. EU countries where you can go with just your national ID Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Republic of Cyprus, Czech…

My 52 Best Travel Tips After 20 Years of Traveling the World


Best Travel Tips Traveling is not complicated, quite the opposite. Basically, you just need to leave home with a passport and some money in your pocket to start exploring the world. Anyway, several ideas make our travelers’ lives more comfortable, which is why I share a list of 52 best travel tips so you can organize your next trip like a pro. Each of these travel tips has a very subjective character, that is, some suggestions are suitable for some type of travelers, and not for others. But, generically, I am sure that this list of best travel tips is without a doubt a useful and essential tool for you, the avid traveler. All photos on this page were taken from my Instagram account. Follow Nomad Revelations on Instagram. Best Travel Tips 1. Learn Some Sentences in the Local Language of the Country You’re Visiting Even if you’re not good at…

Distance Calculator: Find Travel Distances Between Cities


Welcome to « Nomad Revelations » personalized road trip distance calculator. This distance calculator is a useful tool for determining distances between cities and displaying a real-time itinerary on a map. To use this road trip distance calculator choose the departure and arrival city, the type of travel, the distance unit, and press « Get Distance ». Road Trip Distance Calculator

Visited Countries Map Maker – Create your Travel Map

Visited Countries Map Maker - Create your Travel Map

Map Maker Welcome to my personalized visited countries map maker where you can create your personalized Travel Map! On this page, you can create your own map – Easy & Fast – with all your visited countries around the world. There are 193 countries recognized by the UN (United Nations). Do you know how many of these states you have been to? This page is useful for: Know how many countries you’ve been to. Count them! Add a visited countries map to your travel blog. Create one and copy paste it! How to make a travel map Around The World In 343 Days (Time Lapse)

Travel Blogger participation at the World Tourism Forum in Istanbul


From February 15-18th of 2017, I attended the World Tourism Forum in the beautiful city of Istanbul. Tourism is one of the world’s most rapidly developing industries and, by all means, governments and travel-related organizations need to be updated with tourism perspective enhancement as well as new ideas towards markets and travel objectives. “The World Tourism Forum is a global organization holding tourism events in different parts of the world, to further boost global tourism.” On this page, I will explain my participation in the World Tourism Forum as a travel blogger and influencer. With this, I will try to illustrate the event for those bloggers unable to attend the event while also giving personal insight as to why I think such forums are influential in developing the market and business relations.   At the @wtourismforum in Istanbul #travel #worldtourismforum GOOD MORNING pic.twitter.com/lVhPvrXXV3 — ? Nomad Revelations (@joaoleitao) February 16, 2017…

How to Do Laundry While Traveling – Step-by-step Tips

How to Do Laundry While Traveling - Step-by-step Tips

When we are backpacking, we have limited space, so we have to try to take less clothes. On this page I’m going to give you some tips on how to do laundry while traveling. When I am on the road, I usually take a certain number and type of clothing. Clothes and accessories a pair of pants (two, if I don’t pack any shorts); a pair of shorts; a pair of beach shorts; seven T-shirts; four boxer shorts; three pairs of socks; a scarf; a sweatshirt or a hoodie; a beach towel and a tiny wash towel; a long-sleeved T-shirt and a pair of thin pants as pajamas. And that is the entire sum of clothes worth a week’s travel. Or ten days, if I really push it. So after a week—or ten days at best—I know I have to make a pit stop to do laundry, before going on for another…

Useful Words & Phrases to Know in Every Language Before You Travel

Useful Words & Phrases to Know in Every Language Before You Travel

Useful words and phrases in a foreign language Traveling is not just about visiting monuments, spending hours inside museums, or going to restaurants to taste local food. People are a nation’s most important factor, and traveling without interacting or trying to talk with locals directly will somehow be incomplete. Before you go on the road, you can engage yourself to learn some useful words and phrases in a foreign language so that you can get your way through, make small conversations, or just surprise and delight locals with your knowledge on the most notorious national pride: their language. On this page, I’ve made a list of foreign language survival phrases so that you quickly learn how to greet people, know the numbers, and ask for basic things while traveling. Why to learn a foreign language There is nothing you can make that will enhance the pleasure of traveling more than learning…

How to Start a Travel Blog in 1 hour – Step-by-step Tutorial

How to Create a Travel Blog in 1 hour – Step-by-step Tutorial

How to Start a Travel Blog Do you want to start a professional looking travel blog by yourself? Do you want to be totally free from any webdesign company and not spend loads of money on a website or blog? I will teach you how to do it! Yes, I will! With my step-by-step tutorial you will have your website running in less than 1 hour. Almost every day, I get emails from people asking me: “how do I create a travel blog?“, “how much does a website cost?“; or “how do I create a site for little money?“. Through the Internet we can publish and share travel information, photos, our travel stories or even our poetry online. Sometimes I get the idea that people feel that owning a site / blog is either hard or too expensive. But it is not! Well, everything in life takes time. Having your own travel…

The Beginner’s Guide to Couchsurfing

Guide to Couchsurfing

Guide to Couchsurfing Couchsurfing is an online community of people who like to travel, where members can look for or offer accommodation based on the principles of hospitality. The absence of financial interest is one of the cornerstones of this community. People let strangers stay in their homes just because they like to help out or enjoy getting to know travelers and hear their stories. Others are looking for friends or a way to change their life’s routine. On the other hand, travelers get free shelter that can come with many more advantages. What is Couchsurfing? Couchsurfing is not the first community of its kind. Another project born in Europe and called Hospitality Club, is a little older but lost popularity over time. It still exists today, but it’s obsolete and practically has no members. Couchsurfing is here to stay. It started in 1999 when a North-American developer called Casey Fenton…

How to Get Travel Insurance – Step-by-step Tutorial

How to Get Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance Are you thinking about getting travel insurance before traveling? People often ask me if it is really necessary to be insured when going on a trip. This may sound like an odd question—you can just up and go on your way, no insurance required—, but it is best to be covered, just in case. From the several times I took out travel insurance, I had to file two claims: the first, when I lost my camera; the second, when my luggage got lost. If you’re asking yourself: “Should I Buy Travel Insurance for My Next Trip?“ So, yes—I do think taking out travel insurance is a great idea and a must thing to do before traveling. Stuff happens, and you will be covered. It is always a peace of mind, especially abroad. 5 things to know about World Nomads You can get covered even when you are already abroad.…

Travel Kit

Travel Kit

There are several websites that are very useful to organize and prepare your trip before leaving home. On this page I list the companies I use to make online bookings and travel arrangements. Booking your hotel, buying a train or plane ticket, ordering your city pass before departure can make you save money, but above all, can make you save time. Search hotels Search for hotel promotions and online deals. Compare prices of different places in a very easy way. There are hotels with discounts up to 65%. Booking has a range of accommodation prices, from cheap to expensive. This is the best way to get hotels online. » Check out the page: Booking. Search Hostels Search for youth hostels at the best prices. In all cities of the world, there are dorm room beds starting from €5 euros; / $7 dollars / £4 pounds per night. This is the best…

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