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African Bread Recipe – Democratic Republic of the Congo

African Bread Recipe - Democratic Republic of the Congo

I love to cook. During my travels, and every time I can, I like to jump into the kitchen and learn how to prepare a local dish or recipe. At Aru, during my trip to the Democratic Republic of the Congo, I ‘ve learned how to make a local bread recipe. Aru is a town in the Ituri Region of the Orientale Province in DRC. On this page, I’ll give you a step-by-step tutorial on how to make African bread. This bread recipe is very easy to prepare and doesn’t require much work. “There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.” ― Mahatma Gandhi“ Ingredients: 1 egg 1 tablespoon of salt 3 tablespoons of sugar 2 teaspoons of yeast warm water vegetable oil How to Make African Bread African Bread Recipe – Step by step 1- Bread Dough Pour…

Injera – the delicious national dish of Ethiopia – East Africa

Injera - the delicious national dish of Ethiopia - East Africa

While traveling in Ethiopia, I got to try their national food called injera – a type of flat bread. The main ingredient of injera is teff flour, but sometimes some people use barley, corn, wheat or rice flour. Injera is without a doubt, the most famous food in Ethiopia. Along with another Ethiopian dish called ful medames, I mainly ate injera every day, except while traveling in the south where they have different food traditions. ? This food from Ethiopia got my attention due to: the unusual sourdough unexpected spongy texture of the dough injera is to be eaten with the hand variety of stews served with injera very cheap price always a vegetarian injera available Ethiopian cuisine is delicious and famous mainly because of injera. There are also different varieties of injera: nech (white injera), kay (red injera) and tikur (black injera). Although it requires some practice not to get…

Qurut cheese recipe by the mountain nomads of Kyrgyzstan

Qurut cheese recipe by mountain nomads - Kyrgyzstan

Nomads in Kyrgyzstan Central Asia is famous for its current nomad lifestyle. Kyrgyzstan is usually associated with nomadic culture. In fact, still today, nomadic life remains one of the standard ways of life in the Kyrgyz mountains, especially talking about the fantastic Fergana Range. Meeting nomads around the world is always an excellent cultural experience as you interact with people having a completely different way of life. • nomad a. A member of individuals or tribe who move from place to place to find pasture and food;b. A person who continually moves from place to place; wanderer. While driving in Kyrgyzstan, I had the chance of crossing this remote and beautiful part of the country, and encounter several nomad families. Kyrgyzstan itself offers outstanding mountain landscapes, and the possibility of direct contact with such a unique way of life makes the whole trip rewarding. By car, I crossed the Uzbek border…

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