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Itinerary for Two Weeks Backpacking in Tunisia
Country guides Africa

Itinerary for two weeks backpacking in Tunisia

Visit Tunisia Tunisia is a fabulous destination, mixing different aspects such as the Mediterranean Sea, Arabic Andalus, Ottoman influence, Roman ruins and the Sahara Desert. All this in a relatively small country located in North Africa. I had the pleasure of spending 13 days traveling in some of the most famous spots of Tunisia. On […]

88 Reasons to visit North Korea - DPRK Explicit
Country guides Asia

88 reasons to visit North Korea – D.P.R.K. explicit

Visit North Korea People often point out reasons to dislike North Korea. Personally I only travel to enjoy places and things such as colors, people, little details, architecture, sounds, tastes, sunsets, smiles, etc. Because I never travel to dislike or criticize, on this page I will show you 88 images – photos – reasons that made me like […]

43 Reasons why you should visit Visit Fiji Islands
Country guides

45 reasons why you should visit Fiji Islands

Visit Fiji Fiji Islands are a remote destination and completely off the beaten path. To visit Fiji it’s quite easy.  I had the chance to visit this country in Oceania and loved it. Not only did I see spectacular landscapes that mix jungles with heavenly white sand beaches, but Fiji made me want to go […]

44 of the Best Places to Visit in the United Arab Emirates
Country guides Asia

44 best places to visit in the United Arab Emirates

Visit United Arab Emirates I was curious to travel in the UAE for quite some time. If you want to visit United Arab Emirates and don’t know where to go, this page will definitely help you. Contrary to what many people might think, the United Arab Emirates have a very rich history. This fact is […]

100 of the Best Places to Visit in Portugal
Country guides Europe

115 best places to visit in Portugal

Visit Portugal Cradle of world history, Portugal is a unique travel destination. It is interesting how such a small country offers such a variety of landscapes, history, architecture and gastronomy. To visit Portugal is a great and unforgettable experience. Portugal tells the history of a country and even a bit of the world, through its […]

79 of the Best Places to Visit in Peru
Country guides South America

79 best places to visit in Peru

Visit Peru Peru is a country in South America that many people are curious to visit. The combination of tropical latitudes, vast mountain ranges, several topographical variations and the two oceanic currents, the Humboldt and El Niño, gives Peru a large diversity of climates. Peru is a country that has jungle, beach, tropical climate, desert […]

Country guides Asia

13 of the Best Places to Visit in Karakalpakstan, Northern Uzbekistan

Visit Karakalpakstan Have you ever heard about the Republic of Karakalpakstan? No? Well, don’t worry, because most people don’t know about the existence of this autonomous republic in the northwest region of Uzbekistan. Yes, Karakalpakstan is in Uzbekistan. Truth said, most people don’t know much about Uzbekistan either. I entered Uzbekistan five times, and on […]

Amazing places to go when you visit Ecuador
Country guides

37 amazing places to go when you visit Ecuador

Ecuador is a fascinating country for independent travelers. To visit Ecuador is in fact very easy. I traveled in Ecuador for a month and a half and loved it. For sure one of the most underrated countries of South America, I really enjoyed Ecuador for its beautiful destinations at reasonable prices. The capital, Quito, is […]

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19 of the most famous places to visit in South Africa

South Africa is a fascinating country for vacation. To visit South Africa is in fact very easy. I traveled there for over two weeks in the search for beautiful places and totally loved my trip. Because I didn’t plan my trip in advance, I focused my itinerary on visiting the South African UNESCO World Heritage […]

Travel in Iraq - Amazing Places that are possible to visit in 2016
Country guides Asia

25 of the Best Places to Visit in Iraq (2019)

Visit Iraq Iraq is a fascinating country located in Western Asia. Touristically speaking, Iraq lost its place in the world tourism arena. For a long time forgotten, Iraq is now a mysterious country since we don’t hear people speaking about traveling there that often (due to the lack of security). Before the unilateral American incursion […]

Country guides Asia

Uzbekistan Travel Guide: The ideal 2-week itinerary + photos

Welcome to my Uzbekistan Travel Guide specially made for your convenience and help you organize your next trip. Uzbekistan is one of the Central Asian countries that became independent after the Soviet Union collapsed. Like other former members of the USSR, this country has a long history of sovereignty, with several independent states and some […]

90 of the Best Places to Visit in Iceland
Country guides Europe

90 best places to visit in Iceland

Visit Iceland Iceland is famous to have one of the most beautiful vistas in the world. Combining stunning landscapes with incredible natural phenomena such as geysers, active volcanoes, glacier lagoons and breathtaking waterfalls, Iceland definitely keeps us busy for a few weeks. Iceland is a European island located between the North Atlantic Ocean and the […]

Sacred and Religious Places to visit in Iran
Country guides Asia

Sacred and religious places to visit in Iran

Religious Places to visit in Iran Iran is a deeply religious nation. Although the country’s official name is the Islamic Republic of Iran – not everyone is Muslim. There are other strong faith practitioners such as Christians, Zoroastrians, and Jewish. In fact, the Iranian Jewish community is the second largest in the Middle East just […]

Visit Iran
Country guides Asia

79 best places to visit in Iran

Visit Iran If you arrived on this page, I am sure you are curious and whiling to visit Iran right? So, let me tell you from the start, that Iran is an amazing country. Do you have any doubts about it? I know that the general opinion in the West is that Iran is a […]

10 of the Best Places to Visit in Qatar
Country guides Asia

10 best places to visit in Qatar

Visit Qatar Qatar is a fascinating country to travel. The Gulf countries are a bit unknown, as most travelers have a little notion about what there’s to visit and end up visiting major urban areas. However, outside the capitals there are always places of historical and cultural interest. Qatar surprised me because outside the capital, […]

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Visit Alentejo Portugal: 22 forgotten places in the Évora District

The district of Évora is a fascinating region in Portugal, within easy reach, but keeping a rare personality of its own. The district’s capital city, Évora, is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and so is the fortified city of Elvas. To visit Alentejo is indeed one of the most interesting travel alternatives while […]

Visit Armenia
Country guides

36 amazing places to go when you visit Armenia

Visit Armenia The Republic of Armenia is a fascinating country located in the South Caucasus. Armenia is a mysterious nation since we don’t hear people speaking about it very often. Most travelers, when in the region, stay longer in neighboring Georgia or cross over to Azerbaijan without time to properly travel in Armenia. Nowadays it’s […]

Amazing places to go when you Visit Venezuela
Country guides South America

Amazing places to go when you visit Venezuela

Visit Venezuela Venezuela is all over the news lately, so I felt the need to create an article about my travel to this beautiful South American country. On this page, I will share with you some amazing places in Venezuela that I had the chance to encounter throughout my trip. I visited Venezuela during my […]

Visit the Kurdistan Region of Iraq
Country guides Asia

31 lesser-known destinations to visit in Iraqi Kurdistan – Part 2

Visit Iraqi Kurdistan Welcome to the second part of my travel guide to the unknown destinations of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. On this page, I focus on the least famous destinations in Iraqi Kurdistan: Caves, Waterfalls, Castles, Shrines, Rock-reliefs, Temples, and Archaeological Sites. If this is your arrival page, you might want to start […]

Visit Fars Province in Iran
Country guides

Fars Province – Iran: 23 beautiful places you need to visit

Visit Fars Province Iran, what else can I say about this amazing country? The blend of welcoming and friendly people, an incredible variety of landscapes, and a vast historical heritage make of the Persian nation, a perfect travel destination. The number of places to visit in Iran is so big that I decided to make […]

South Sudan - The Ultimate Backpacking Guide to the country
Country guides Africa

Backpacking travel guide to visit South Sudan

Visit South Sudan South Sudan was internationally declared independent at midnight on the 9th of July 2011. At this time all South Sudanese celebrated and ended 20 years of struggle against the regime of the northern capital Khartoum in Sudan. Scattered throughout the city of Juba, huge billboards, posters, banners and advertisements, congratulated the new […]

Visit Southeastern Anatolia Region in Turkey
Country guides Asia

Visit Turkey’s southeastern Anatolia region: 28 amazing places

Visit Southeastern Anatolia Region in Turkey In this region, mostly inhabited by Kurds, live the most welcoming people on earth. This is just one of the many other reasons that make this part of the world a traveler’s paradise: an efficient public transport network, a fascinating historical and architectural heritage, a rich past made of […]

Amazing Places to Visit in Sudan
Country guides Africa

Amazing places to visit in Sudan – From Wadi Halfa to Khartoum

Visit Sudan The history of Sudan begins with the millennial Nubian civilization that for centuries fought for survival against their powerful neighbor, Egypt. This civilization goes back to the 20th century BC and started multiple kingdoms of different sizes and varying cohesion levels until it disappeared entirely in 1504, with the last of the Nubian […]

Backpacking Travel Guide to Visit Northern Iraq
Country guides Asia

Backpacking travel guide to visit Northern Iraq

Welcome to my page with information about traveling in Northern Iraq, aka Iraqi Kurdistan. Many people ask me why I visited Iraq and why I chose this country as a summer holidays destination. Most people have an Iraq with war in mind, the only Iraq they have seen on TV. In fact, many regions in […]

Country guides Asia

First time in Kyrgyzstan: 10-day travel itinerary

Travel to Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan is an amazing, uncommon travel destination, most definitely “off the beaten track”. Unique in its cultural richness and unmatched natural beauty, Kyrgyzstan has been home to a variety of cultures, empires, clans, and tribes among one of the lushest terrains in all of Central Asia. With an incredible display of rivers, […]

Amazing places to go when you Visit Kuwait
Country guides

Amazing places to go when you visit Kuwait

Visit Kuwait Kuwait is a fascinating country as a tourism destination. Many people try to avoid traveling to this Gulf country, but, of course we can find some amazing and interesting things to visit. To visit Kuwait it’s quite easy. I was in Kuwait for a couple of days and explored a bit of the […]

Backpacking Travel Guide to Visit Somaliland
Country guides Africa

Backpacking travel guide to visit Somaliland

Visit Somaliland A Travel Guide to Somaliland? Never heard about this country? Well, that’s because it doesn’t really exist. Yet… Somaliland is a self-proclaimed country that technically, and according to the United Nations, is located in the most northwestern region of Somalia. Although it’s not internationally recognized by the UN, it has protected and delimited […]

37 Historical Places to Visit in Ethiopia
Country guides Africa

37 historical places to visit in Ethiopia

Visit Ethiopia Ethiopia is a fantastic East African destination. I had the opportunity to visit Ethiopia and explore its major historical sites. Considered as the cradle of mankind, Ethiopia is the oldest region of human settlement. I urge everyone to give Ethiopia a chance and discover its friendly people, breathtaking landscapes, and incredible ancient history. […]

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Visit Oman: 25 amazing places & top things to do

The Sultanate of Oman is a fascinating country located on the eastern tip of the Arabian Peninsula. Oman is a mysterious nation since we don’t hear people speaking about it very often. It is quite easy to visit Oman because it’s very safe and full of very friendly and hospitable people. On this page, I […]

Backpacking Travel Guide to Cross Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana
Country guides South America

Backpacking travel guide to cross Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana

The north-eastern region of South America is commonly called as “The Guianas”. The name Guiana means “land of many waters” and comes from local Amerindian languages. There are 3 main Guianas: Guyana (British Guiana) Suriname (Dutch Guiana) French Guiana There are 2 extra Guianas: Brazilian Amapá State (Portuguese Guiana) Venezuelan Guayana Region (Spanish Guiana) Georgetown […]

18 of the Best Places to Visit in Uzbekistan
Country guides

20 best places to visit in Uzbekistan

Visit Uzbekistan Uzbekistan is one of those countries many people never heard about. For most travelers, this doubly landlocked country is somehow deep inside our imaginary of being a faraway Silk Route nation, full of exotic people, ancient architecture and where Alexander the Great fell in love with Roxana- his future wife. I entered Uzbekistan […]