Women traveling in Morocco

Women traveling in Morocco

There are many questions regarding women traveling in Morocco, either traveling alone, with family or friends. As you know, Morocco is a Muslim country, but, a moderated Muslim country. What is a moderated Muslim country? Well, a moderated Muslim country means that the majority of people don’t really mind with other people dress, do or […]

Kaftan women dress fashion in Marrakech

Many people ask me about kaftan / caftan dresses in Marrakech. Kaftan is a type of party dress wore by Moroccan women during celebrations and important moments such as marriages or big events. Moroccan women just love this type of dress and dream about going to some marriage wearing something like this. The word kaftan […]

How women and girls dress in Marrakech

Women clothes Marrakech

Morocco is a moderated Muslim country which means that both devoted Muslims walk aside less devoted Muslims. Also, clothes are not a religious factor as some women can dress more western style and be more “serious” than some other women that wear a traditional outfit. So basically while walking in Marrakech you will notice women […]

Funny and exotic Morocco

Like all countries in the world, some funny things exist in Morocco. Marrakech and Morocco are definitely not an exception and you find humorist things on a daily basis. Good humour makes part of Moroccan way of living as people are very friendly and extremely hospitable. I have chosen a small video that you can […]