Jewish Lazama Synagogue in Marrakech ✡

Jewish Synagogue Marrakech

Photo of inside the Jewish Lazama Synagogue in Marrakech Travel in Marrakech and exploring its hidden secrets is always interesting. Marrakech as a heritage mix of Berbers, Arabs and Jews all together. A walk in Marrakech tiny old medina streets is a back in time trip. In the Mellah district – which is the Jewish […]

Jewish Cemetery of Marrakech

In the far end of the Mellah, the Jewish district of Marrakech you find an incredible well preserved old Jewish cemetery. Jewish people have been part of the early days of the Moroccan history. This cemetery can actually be visited and you can just go inside and explore the old tombs. This is a very […]

Muslim call to prayer in Marrakech ☪

One of the most mystical experiences most travelers while visiting Marrakech is listening the Muslim prayer loud from the mosque’s speakers. This intense calling called the Adhan is the Islamic call to prayer and is recited by the muezzin five times a day. Muezzin is the chosen person at a mosque who leads the call […]

Marrakech has 7 protector saints. How about that?

Marrakech has 7 protector saints, more like spiritual guardians and protectors. Throughout history Marrakech gained fame due to its famous 7 Saints, one for each day of the week. So we have Moul el Ksour for Sunday (as this being the first day of Arabic week); Sidi es Soheili for Monday; Sidi Youssef Ben Ali […]