Paradise Club in Marrakech

Marrakech has some great nightclubs. The other day I spoke with some friends coming from Marrakech and they wanted to go back just to go to Paradise Night Club again and again. They stated: “Good music and gorgeous girls, sexy dance, beautiful people!”.

Video of dance floor in Paradise Night Club in Marrakech:

Paradise Club in Marrakech is indeed a place not to be missed if you’re into nightlife, have some drink, meet some people and looking for some after hours fun. Paradise Club Marrakech is located inside the Hotel Pullman Mansour Edhabi in Avenue de France. Get a taxi and go there.

Video of DJ Fat Soul in Paradise Club Marrakech:

This night club in Marrakech will give you a great opportunity to meet pretty girls / pretty boys and dance all night long. Music types range from a wide variety of house, techno, European trance and some mixed vibes of Arabian ambience. You have to pay 150 Dirhams to go in. For the ladies out there traveling to Marrakech, check out ocasional ladies night where it is free entrance for women.

Video of Paradise Club Marrakech:

Paradise Club Marrakech: Kempinski Mansour Eddahbi, Avenue de France, Hivernage, Phone: + 212 (0) 524448222

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