Buy Clothes in Marrakech souks

If you’re waiting to go shopping in Marrakech then you’ll have plenty to buy. Marrakech has an enormous quantity and variety of all styles of clothing. From decorated women blouses, to exotic pants, belly dance costumes, desert gandouras, souvenir Marrakech and Morocco t-shirts, to fashion djelabas to amazing Moroccan kaftans, Marrakech is definitely the place […]

Kaftan Queen Boutique in Marrakech

There is a nice luxury fashion clothes shop in the Gueliz district of Marrakech. On this Marrakech boutique there are many clothing collections for women and girls. Photo of inside the Kaftan Queen Shop in Marrakech This really nice and exquisite clothes shop in Marrakech is owned by Sarah Buchan and she can be of […]

Kaftan women dress fashion in Marrakech

Many people ask me about kaftan / caftan dresses in Marrakech. Kaftan is a type of party dress wore by Moroccan women during celebrations and important moments such as marriages or big events. Moroccan women just love this type of dress and dream about going to some marriage wearing something like this. The word kaftan […]