Pirate’s Bay in Charlotteville – Trinidad and Tobago

João Leitão
Updated on July 11, 2018
Inspiring Pirate's Bay of Charlotteville in Trinidad and Tobago

Inspiring Pirate’s Bay of Charlotteville in Trinidad and Tobago

Pirate’s Bay

Pirate’s Bay is a beautiful hidden spot located near Charlotteville on the north-eastern part of Tobago Island. Getting to the beach itself is not very easy, as you need to walk for a while. Down the stairs with a lot more than 100 steps you finally get to the incredible beach. The easy way to get there is by asking a fisherman in Man of War Bay to take you by boat.

View of Pirate's Bay during sunset

View of Pirate’s Bay during sunset

“The crystal clear water with several sailboats moored is of a unique beauty and a fantastic snorkeling site. The sunset came to flood the bay with an unbelievably dazzling light.”

The history of Trinidad and Tobago dates since its discovery in the late fifteenth century by the Italian explorer Christopher Columbus. Unfortunately, the Spaniards, the first settlers, decimated the Kalipuna, Carinepogoto, Carine and Arauca native population. These islands were very disputed by France, Germany, and England to exploit its territory rich in sugar cane.

This was the place I most enjoyed in Trinidad and Tobago. Truly unique. The beach was almost deserted and I stayed until late.

Cow in Charlotteville

Cow in Charlotteville

Charlotteville’s is a laid-back town of 950 inhabitants living on fishing and tourism. The climate of Trinidad and Tobago is essentially tropical, resulting in hot weather and sometimes suffocating high temperatures. It is also quite wet because it rains a lot. The dry season is between the months of January and May, while the rainy season is between June and December.

Tobago, as being considerably smaller than Trinidad, is an island characterized by beautiful white sand beaches surrounded by wonderful mountains and lush tropical vegetation.

Photos of Pirate’s Bay and Charloteville

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