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4G Skyroam Solis – Global WIFI Hotspot – Portable Internet


“When we have the vision of global access and think globally, we also begin to live globally.“ Nowadays, having Wi-Fi online access at all times is crucial to our lifestyle. It is our way to connect, communicate, share, engage, plan, navigate, research, understand and be in-the-know. Skyroam Solis Product Review. Are you ready? Skyroam Solis product review For a travel blogger like myself, I am reliant on these resources in order to thrive and be successful. For me, it is critical to be able to do any of these items, whenever the need arises, and to always be connected – 24 hours a day, seven days a week, no matter where the location. Travel bloggers, traveling business professionals and travelers alike all need online access, even while traveling the World, having permanent wifi availability provides a more convenient lifestyle. New to the travel market for all those “on the move” and…

Travel Gear: My Backpack, Electronics, Photo & Clothing (Update 2019)

Travel Gear: My Backpack, Electronics, Photo & Clothing

People often ask me about what travel gear I carry. As an extremely practical person, travel gear does play an important role in my life. Nowadays, most of the stuff I carry along has been thoroughly chosen over the years in order to suit my travel style. My main worry is to travel light. On this page, I list all the things I own and use to travel. Depending on the type of trip, I chose different things to take along. Curiosities about my travel gear I only travel with carry-on baggage (the one taken inside the airplane); I never carry more than 7kg / 15 lbs; I never carry the same things. I often adapt to the place and weather conditions; I only wear clothes or shoes made with tough and durable materials; The travel gear I carry may not work for everyone since it’s adapted to my own personal experience.…

What’s the Best Travel Photography Gear for my Trip?

Best Travel Photography Gear

Best Travel Photography Gear People who are starting to travel or to photograph ask the same question a lot. What’s the right camera? It’s a complicated question to answer. Each person is unique, with their own set of preferences and criteria that it’s virtually impossible to say this or that camera is the best for travel photography. What is the best travel camera? Budget is one of the first things to have in mind. How much do you want to spend to start travel photography? In general, there are four budget ranges: Up to 250 Euros. It’s an amount that allows you to buy a smartphone with a reasonable quality camera. Keep in mind that it should be your idea of “reasonable,” not anyone else’s. Before you decide, test it, research online, read gear reviews. You can buy a mid-range compact camera (or low-range if you really don’t want to spend…

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