Top 10 Hitchhiking Travel Blogs and Websites to Follow

João Leitão
Updated on January 15, 2019


Welcome to my list of Best Hitchhiking Travel Blogs. Here I made an archive of the best and most prominent 10 hitchhikers travel bloggers.

Best Hitchhiking Travel Blogs

  1. Hitchhikers Handbook – Two hitchhikers and their round-the-world adventures. Great hitchhiking resource for every traveler on a budget.
  2. Tomislav Perko – Thomas was hitchhiking around the world for 1000 days, following summer.
  3. World Tour by Hitchhiking – Impressions of Jeremy Marie who hitchhiked the world for more then 5 years.
  4. The Stupid Foreigner – Budget travel blog and guide to explain how to travel extremely cheap, in fact as low as €5 per day in some cases.
  5. A Girl and Her Thumb – Hitchhiking travel blog from a British girl. Vegan traveler interested in alternative ways of living.
  6. Mind of a Hitchhiker – A female hitchhiker exploring the world solo. Iris just got back from hitchhiking through Central America, the Caucasus, Turkey and Iran.
  7. Anastasia and George – Anastasia and George hitchhiking through Americas.
  8. Hitch the World – A collection of tales, told as experienced by Patrick and useful info about hitchhiking.
  9. Acrobat of the Road – Two Argentinians hitchhiking the world since 2005.

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