Injera – the delicious national dish of Ethiopia – East Africa

João Leitão
Updated on July 11, 2018
Injera - the delicious national dish of Ethiopia - East Africa

Injera – the delicious national dish of Ethiopia – East Africa


While traveling in Ethiopia, I got to try their national food called injera – a type of flat bread.

The main ingredient of injera is teff flour, but sometimes some people use barley, corn, wheat or rice flour. Injera is without a doubt, the most famous food in Ethiopia.

Injera - Food in Ethiopia

Injera – Food in Ethiopia

Along with another Ethiopian dish called ful medames, I mainly ate injera every day, except while traveling in the south where they have different food traditions.

Ethiopian Food - Injera

Ethiopian Food – Injera

? This food from Ethiopia got my attention due to:

  • the unusual sourdough
  • unexpected spongy texture of the dough
  • injera is to be eaten with the hand
  • variety of stews served with injera
  • very cheap price
  • always a vegetarian injera available
Injera - the national dish of Ethiopia

Injera – the national dish of Ethiopia

Ethiopian cuisine is delicious and famous mainly because of injera. There are also different varieties of injera: nech (white injera), kay (red injera) and tikur (black injera).

You eat injera with your hands

You eat injera with your hands

Although it requires some practice not to get dirty, eating injera with your hands can be a fun experience. The trick is to grab the stew and robust ingredients with the dough – like a wrap style of eating.

NOTE: Teff is high in fiber, iron, protein and calcium. Teff is a species of lovegrass, endemic to the Ethiopian Highlands. Teff is among of the earliest plants domesticated by mankind, being used since 8,000 BC.

ℹ️ Injera preparation – How to make Injera

How to make Injera

How to make Injera – Food in Ethiopia

To prepare injera you need few ingredients. Making injera is very similar to cook pancakes of French crepes.

? Injera ingredients:

  • ✅ 1/4 cup teff flour
  • ✅ 3/4 cup all-purpose flour
  • ✅ 1 cup water
  • ✅ salt
  • ✅ peanut oil

You just have to mix everything and wait for several days until it is fermented. It will be ready to bake when full of air bubbles and with a strong sour taste.

Injera preparation

Injera preparation

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