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Continent profile:

Location: Antarctic region in the Southern Hemisphere
Borders: Surrounded by the Southern Ocean
Sub-regions: British Antarctic Territory, Ross Dependency, Adélie Land, Peter I Island, Australian Antarctic Territory, Queen Maud Land, Chilean Antarctic Territory, Argentine Antarctica and the Marie Byrd Land (not claimed)
Area: 14,000,000 km2
Population: 1,000 in winter – 5,000 in the summer
Discovered: First sighted in 1820 by the Russian expedition of Mikhail Lazarev and Fabian Gottlieb von Bellingshausen

Travel articles about Antarctica

Visit Half Moon Island – forsaken humid Antarctica

It was dark and foggy in Antarctica. My descent towards the south end of Half Moon Island was disagreeably damp, musty and cold, but yet it captivated me from the first moment. At first glance I noticed the wreck of an old Norwegian wooden whaling boat, thousands of penguins and a few dozen Antarctic fur seals on the shore. If I could describe this place in a few words, I would say that Half Moon is an Antarctic island below of 60° South, covered by ice and populated by thousands of penguins. The sinister dark rocky mountains gave me an apocalyptic sight of this extremely remote…

Best wildlife travel photos – Images of wild animals

Animals are amazing. Wild and Beautiful. Everyone loves animal photos and wildlife pictures, so on this page, I assemble a few photos of the Best Wildlife images I made during my travels. I will update this page with more photos very soon. I hope you enjoy. Best Wildife Photos Atlantic Puffin » Photo of Adorable Atlantic PUFFIN in Latrabjarg, Iceland. Leopard Seal » Photo of LEOPARD SEAL smiling in Antarctica. Zebra » Photo of ZEBRA in South Africa. Magellanic Penguin » Photo of MAGELLANIC PENGUIN – bad ass looking face, Argentina. Sea Lion » Photo of cute little baby SEA LION in Galapagos, Ecuador. Panda »…

Penguin Stories of Antarctica – Surviving Petermann Island

Let’s face it, everyone likes penguins and everyone likes Antarctica. Definitely, one of my trip to Antarctica highlights was the opportunity of being in so close contact with thousands and thousands of penguins. Of course I’ve seen penguins in other places in the world (Ecuador, Peru, Chile and Argentina), but, penguins, ice, and the incredible inhospitable scenery of Antarctica are somehow the perfect combination. Penguins are the genuine land inhabitants of the Antarctic continent, I mean, they control the whole thing (expect for the nasty and scary leopard seals and orcas of course). Some penguins will welcome you, some will try to bite your pants and…

Best Travel Experiences

Throughout the World, there are many wonderful places to travel to. Yet, some unique experiences remain secrets, only a few people having the chance to become involved with them. On this page, I will describe some of the best travel experiences I’ve had, examples that can easily provide inspiration and motivation for your future travels. Please note: I’ve been traveling since 1999. So, some of the older photographs on this page are taken with more standard equipment and are of lesser quality than more recent images. Happy travels! Berber Triple Marriage in Sahara Desert I had the opportunity of being invited to an authentic Amazigh (Berber)…

Antarctica 15-day Cruise – Crossing the 66º Circle Expedition

Traveling the least explored of the continents on board of a cruise ship is a dream for many. Antarctica is a continent located in the southernmost tip of the globe, which contains the South Pole. To easily distinguish the geography between the South Pole and the North Pole, is simple: The North Pole is water surrounded by continents, while the South Pole is a continent surrounded by water. I traveled the Antarctic Peninsula and the South Shetland Islands during 15 days, leaving the Argentine city of Ushuaia across the Drake Passage, down to 68°11 S 67°00 W in Stonington Island, beyond the Antarctic Circle. My Antarctica Expedition…

Inspiring Places to Visit in Antarctica – Travel Guide

Antarctica Travel Guide “The Antarctica continent has no nations, but it has 8 official territorial claims. Antarctica has approximately 1000 inhabitants and is divided into nine sub-regions: British Antarctic Territory, Ross Dependency, Adélie Land, Peter I Island, the Australian Antarctic Territory, Queen Maud Land, the Chilean Antarctic Territory, Argentine Antarctica and the Marie Byrd Land (unclaimed).” Inspiring Places to Visit in Antarctica Antarctica is an astounding travel destination, though most people would love to go there but don’t know what experiences are possible within the Antarctic Continent itself. Traveling 15 days within Antarctica gave me superlative insight of its geography, regional flora and fauna, and its…

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