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80 Best Africa, Middle East Travel Blogs & Websites To Follow In 2022


Welcome to my list of Best Africa & Middle East Travel Blogs. Here I made an archive of the best and most prominent 80 Africa & Middle East travel bloggers.

Best Africa Travel Blogs

  1. Africa Attraction – Three explorers overland journey through Africa, driving from Namibia down to South Africa.
  2. Africa Encompassed – A comprehensive African travel blog, with tips and helpful pointers for planning your perfect African safari.
  3. Africa Odyssey – Full of impartial advice, information, photos and videos on African safaris.
  4. Amateurs in Africa – The guide to backpacking East and West Africa overland through projects, borders, foods and football.
  5. Bright Continent – Anton Crone’s collection of stories from journeys in Africa. Anton is a freelance writer and photographer based in Cape Town.
  6. Dunia Duara – A blog run by journalist from Denmark focus on East Africa & South Sudan.
  7. Getaway – A highly regarded source of all things travel related in South Africa and beyond.
  8. Mzansi Girl – An African travel activist from Joburg, RSA on a mission to visit all the major festivals in Africa.
  9. The Africa Overland Network – Portal hosting the best independent Africa overland travel websites.


  11. 2Summers – An American blogger living a quirky life in Johannesburg.
  12. Alternative Route – Guidebook for backpackers and other people travelling South Africa on a budget.
  13. Backpacking South Africa – Showing that budget travel is a fun and exciting way to tour South Africa.
  14. Expat Cape Town – An expat guide to living and working in Cape Town.
  15. Going Homeless – Stu is travelling his homeland. Great road trip resource for explore South Africa.
  16. SA-Venues – An online travel and accommodation guide for South Africa.
  17. Story Of Bing – Bing was born in Singapore, but spent several years living in Cape Town with her husband.
  18. The Great Adventurer – A South African blog which focuses on the outdoors, camping, surfing, events and adventures.
  19. The South AfriKhan – Adventures of Sarah Khan, Indian origin girl from New York, living in Cape Town.


  21. Namibian – Travel service for Namibia including car rental, accommodation, safaris, self drive itineraries, day trips and travel advice.

  22. ZAMBIA

  23. Two Hundred Degrees East – A Peace Corps blog. After volunteering in Nepal, Jenna is heading off to Zambia.


  25. Bewildered In Morocco – The realest Morocco from foreigner’s point of view, by Monika, a Polish expat.
  26. MarocMama – An American expat family living in Marrakech. They love to explore the world through food, language, and authentic cultural experiences.
  27. Moroccan Maryam – An expat life of an American family in Marrakesh.
  28. Moroccan Nomad – A Moroccan female traveler exploring the world solo since June 2014 and she loves it.
  29. The View from Fez – News and views from Morocco.


  31. Brightly Coloured Sunflowers – Observations of live, experiences and travels in Tunisia.

  32. LIBYA

  33. Diary of a Serial Expat – A blog for expats by a serial expat sharing her experience of planning a move abroad, settling down, working, immigration procedure and more. Currently in Libya.

  34. GHANA

  35. Ghana Guide And Blog – Travel, work and volunteering in Ghana.

  36. GABON

  37. I Moved To Africa – Travel adventures in a country I never heard of before, my experiences living on the U.S. Embassy compound.

Best Middle East Travel Blogs

  1. – A daily source of culture, life, politics and stardom from self denying hipsters in the Middle East.
  2. A Muslim Traveller – Experiences of a Muslim traveller across cultures.
  3. Girl Solo in Arabia – Carolyn McIntyre is traveling solo from Tangier in Morocco to Mecca in the footsteps of the epic journey of Ibn Batuta.
  4. Green Prophet – Sustainable news from the Middle East.
  5. Kitabiyya – Insights into Middle East world in French, English and Arabic.
  6. Living in Lights – A travel blog about Turkey, Palestine, Jordan, Israel, Bulgaria and Alaska.
  7. Middle East Backpacking – A guidebook to backpacking in the Middle East.
  8. Travel the Middle East – Maria is completely enamored with the Middle East, she lived, studied and has traveled extensively throughout the region.
  9. Quite Alone – Matthew Teller is a freelance journalist and travel writer, specialising in the Middle East.

  10. ISRAEL

  11. Get On In Israel – First hand information for expatriates relocating to Israel.
  12. Israel Travel Ideas – A travel guide written by a native Israeli family.
  13. Israel Travel Secrets – An insider’s guide to travel to Israel for the authentic local experience.
  14. Sightseeing in Israel – Ethan Bensinger explore historical, biblical and cultural off the beaten track sights in this beautiful country.

  15. JORDAN

  16. It’s An Expat Life For Us – Young, adventurous couple, teaching English as they go. So far they have lived in Taiwan, England, Canada, New Zealand and now Jordan.
  17. Middle East Moments – An Australian woman married to a Jordanian enjoying everyday moments in the Middle East.
  18. Tara of Arabia – An American girl studying Arabic in the Middle East.


  20. Ginger Beirut – An English woman living in Beirut sharing her expat life stories.

  21. EGYPT

  22. And Away We Go – An American living in Cairo, learning how to survive in a new culture and planning a wedding.
  23. Caribbean Girl in Cairo – Travel Information, food, culture, religion and musings of a Caribbean girl in Cairo.
  24. Egyptian Sidekick – A non-profit, fair-tourism network in-and-around Cairo & Lower Egypt run by English-speaking guides.
  25. Living in Egypt – Maryanne from Canada lives in Egypt since late 80’s and she wouldn’t change it for anything.
  26. Someday I’ll Be There! – The first blog by an Egyptian traveler – from an Egyptian point of view, about travels in Egypt and beyond.


  28. Arabian Notes – An insight into daily life in the UAE with reviews, things to do, thoughts on life, travels within the UAE and beyond.
  29. Do In Dubai – An honest guide to life in Dubai. Eating, travelling and living in the Emirate.
  30. Expat Echo Dubai – Information to make moving and living in the UAE simple.
  31. Find Me A Break – Dubai’s blog of travel, food and photography.
  32. Footsteps of a Wanderer – Travel and outdoor adventure tips, advice and anecdotes, recommendations and reviews across the UAE, MIddle East and around the world.
  33. Ginger and Scotch – Two expats in Dubai. Ginger is always eating and Scotch is always drinking.
  34. The Desert Diva – An adventurer and blogger detailing on and offroad journeys throughout the UAE and the Sultanate of Oman.


  36. White Girl Arab World – Western perspective on 25 years of life, work and love in Bahrain.

  37. QATAR

  38. Follow Your Sunshine – A blog about British girl’s life in the Middle East. Expat journey of food, friends, fun, travel and everything in between.
  39. Gypsy In The ME – Canadian in the Middle East, working in Qatar.
  40. Ian Edelman in Doha – Ian changed his life, as he moved with his family from south Hampshire to the Arabian Gulf.
  41. Skeptic in Qatar – Living in Qatar since 2006 and breaking the Middle East stereotypes.

  42. KUWAIT

  43. American Girls World – An American woman married to a wonderful man from Kuwait. Living the life of an expat intertwined with the local community.
  44. Life in Kuwait – A California girl sharing everyday experiences in Kuwait and here to help those who find Kuwait overwhelming.

  45. OMAN

  46. A Nomad In The Land Of Nizwa – An American English teacher in Oman.
  47. Naija Expat Wife – Stella, a lawyer, wife and mother presently living in Muscat, Oman.
  48. The Duncan Adventures – An honest & funny account of a young Scottish expat wife living in Muscat.


  50. American Bedu – Experiences and observations of a former American diplomat now married to a Saudi and living in KSA.
  51. Blue Abaya – Learn about Saudi Arabia, the culture, the traditions and the local customs.
  52. Jeddah Daily Photo Journal – Daily photos from KSA capital by an American woman living with her Saudi husband in Jeddah.
  53. Markisapayne – My Saudi Arabia Blog – Life and travel in the Asir, Hijaz, Tihama, Jizan and Najran regions of Saudi Arabia.
  54. Susie of Arabia – Susie shares her experiences, observations, and thoughts about living in Saudi Arabia.
  55. The Pink Tarha – An online lifestyle guide to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and the winner of the Best Website Promoting Tourism in KSA.

  56. IRAN

  57. Iran Expat – Impressions of a non-conservative Turkish family living in Tehran.
  58. Iran Wire – News by a group of Iranian journalists in the Diaspora.
  59. Kane & Narelle’s Iran Trip – Chronicles from a trip to Iran.
  60. Travel with Me – Iranian freelance journalist and writer, based in London. She loves travel and sharing her travel experiences, covering Iran and other destinations.