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130 Best American Travel Blogs & Websites To Follow In 2022

Welcome to my list of Best American Travel Blogs. Here I made an archive of the best and most prominent 130 travel bloggers writing about America, the continent: North and Central America, and South America.

Best American continent Travel Blogs

  1. – Great travel resource with a focus on backpacker and budget travel in Central & South America, by Jason and Aracely.
  2. Latin Flyer – South and Central America travel trips, reviews, photos and travel videos.
  3. Mike’s Road Trip – A road trip blog for driving across US and Canada, national park and hidden gems of the road.
  4. NileGuide – Local recommendations for people looking to explore popular travel destinations in Americas.
  5. Quirky Travel Guy – Scott’s travel adventures throughout the USA, Canada and Mexico, with a focus on unusual roadside attractions, road trips, arts & culture, and national parks.


  7. AdventureDrop – An easy way to find adventure travel by location and activity in US.
  8. Alaska TravelGram – Alaska travel junkie from Anchorage.
  9. America For Travellers – Destination tourist attractions in the USA including cities, hotels, cottages, scenery, culture, food and events.
  10. America Travel Destination Guide – Focuses on American tourism attractions, cities, culture, events, national parks.
  11. Amtrekker – Amtrekker travels across the US sharing his adventures with the world on his quest to complete all 50 items on his to do list.
  12. California Through My Lens – Josh, together with his wife and a bulldog, explores California and photographs everything.
  13. District 365 – 365 things to do in Washington DC.
  14. Go Visit Hawaii – An award-winning Hawaii travel guide from Sheila and Andy.
  15. Idaho For 91 Days – Guide to Idaho, how to see almost everything that state has to offer.
  16. Just 5 More Minutes – Travelogue documenting non-stop outdoor adventures and culinary discoveries in the Northwest with her Airstream travel trailer.
  17. Kristi Trimmer – Kristi is on the move since 2013. She drove all 4 corners of the US thru 38 states and ran 10 half marathons. Currently traveling in Alaska.
  18. Living in New York City – Guide to living in New York City aimed at young travellers moving to New York to work, study or just hang around.
  19. Miami On The Cheap – Keep up with latest news on deals, discounts and free events in South Florida.
  20. Savannah For 91 Days – Guide to Savannah, how to see almost everything that city has to offer.
  21. Southwest Compass – Juliet and Lane are road trippin’ the American Southwest and uncovering the natural beauty, unique culture and highlights of the region.
  22. The Brooklyn NomadTips about NYC travel.
  23. The Daily City – Orlando’s oldest most awarded city life blog.
  24. The World of Deej – Where to sleep, eat, where to go and what to do in Florida.
  25. Urbane Nomad – Living in Chicago and rediscover the city.

  26. CANADA

  27. Correr Es Mi Destino – Stories from a French woman who moved to English Canada, with immigration tips, photos, Canadian culture, politics and travels.
  28. Dear England, Love Canada – Journalist, travel writer, filmmaker and broadcaster Anne Kostalas writes about the differences between living in Britain and living in Canada.
  29. I Backpack Canada – Explore Canada with Corbin Fraser as he backpacks across Canada.
  30. K and K Adventures – Karin and Kieran are a British couple who recently emigrated to Toronto, with a thirst for travel and adventures.
  31. Toque & Canoe – A nationally award-winning blog about ‘real’ Canadian travel culture.
  32. Toronto Newbie – A UK-born journalist from London who moved to the fantastic city of Toronto and tells you how you can do it too.
  33. Working Holiday in Canada – How to spend a season up a mountain on a Canadian Working Holiday.

  34. MEXICO

  35. All About Puebla – A gringa’s guide for what to see, do, eat, and explore in and around Puebla.
  36. Good Food In Mexico City – A guide to food stalls, fondas and fine dining in Mexico City.
  37. How To Say Tacos In Spanish – Rose, a girl from Chicago, spend 3 years living expat life in Mexico.
  38. Mexican at Heart – A blog dedicated to discovering all the amazing things in Mexico.
  39. Mexico City: An Opinionated GuideTravel tips, cultural events listings, gossip about Mexico City written by a local resident.
  40. Mexico Retold – Susannah is a Mexico lover, living in Oaxaca. She is reporting about untold side of Mexico.
  41. Midwesterner in Mexico – Adventures of gringa in Mexico City and her travels around Mexico.
  42. Yucatan For 91 Days – Guide to Yucatan, how to see almost everything that this famous peninsula has to offer.

  44. A Taste for Travel – Michele Peterson is a travel and food writer specializing in Mexico, the Caribbean and sun destinations.
  45. Discovering Puerto Rico – An Independent travel guide for vacation planning to Puerto Rico.
  46. Life and Travel in the US Virgin Islands – Adventures and travel tips in US Virgin Islands.
  47. Pink Bike Pink Sand – To Bermuda and beyond. Info and musings.
  48. Rum Shop Ryan – Follow Ryan, Caribbean travel blogger and expert that shares his love of the Caribbean Island and everything that goes with them.
  49. SueCTravel – An award-winning freelance travel and lifestyle writer specializing in the Caribbean and Canada.
  50. Travel Experta – Find out where to eat, stay and play with your family while traveling to Central America.
  51. Women Who Live on Rocks – A collaboration of funny women writers blogging about the quirks and eccentricities unique to island living.


  53. Atitlan Living – Insider travel guide to Lake Atitlan and Greater Guatemala.
  54. The Guatemala Gringo – Gringo guide to Guatemala destinations.

  55. BELIZE

  56. Belize Adventure – Plan your Belize trip using local travel tips on the top things to do, cool places to stay and best restaurants to eat.
  57. San Pedro Scoop – Opinionated guide to Belize from an expat view.


  59. A Walk on the Run – An expat expert based in Roatan sharing her tips on how to move to paradise island.
  60. La Gringas Blogicito – A US expat living in Honduras since 2001 and blogging about everything from everyday life to cultural differences to Honduran politics.


  62. El Salvador from the Inside – Insider stories about living in El Salvador.
  63. Life In The Armpit – A view of life in El Salvador told from the angle of the wife of a deportee.


  65. In Nica Now – An expat adventures in Nicaragua of a Canadian couple who got married on a beach in Costa Rica 5 and a half years ago.
  66. Nicaragua Guide – A guide for expats living in or considering Nicaragua.
  67. Rewired and Retired in Nicaragua – Working, living and retiring in Nicaragua.


  69. Costa Rica Chica – Jen retired early and move with her husband to Costa Rica, simplifying her life and realizing that less is best.
  70. De La Pura Vida – Living in Costa Rica: tales of adventures, culture, food, location independence, teaching English, & expat life.
  71. Eye on Costa Rica – A unique prospective of an American that has lived in Costa Rica for 20 years.
  72. Family Freedom Project – Canadian expat family in Costa Rica, writes about living abroad and traveling with kids.
  73. Living Life in Costa Rica – Real info about living in Costa Rica.
  74. Mucha Costa Rica – Trip planning tips for your vacation to Costa Rica.

  75. PANAMA

  76. Panama Daze – Daily life and how to tackle it in Panama.
  77. Panama Dude – Funny (and not so funny) happenings in Panama.
  78. Panama Guy – Useful information about Panama from an insider Laura.

  79. CUBA

  80. Here Is Havana – Stories and experience after 9 years (and counting) working as an American journalist in Havana.


  82. Expat FAQ – Moving to and Living in the Dominican Republic – A book and accompanying website with practical, detailed advice for anyone considering moving to the DR.
  83. Your Saucepans – The story of the life of an expat woman and her Dominican husband, step sons and an assortment of animals.


  85. Cayman Expat – The adventures of a Canadian expat in the Cayman Islands.
  86. Cayman Islands Blog – Detailing an expat’s experiences of moving to and living in the Cayman Islands.


  88. 2 Gringos in the Caribbean – Tired of the rat race US couple decided to try something new and headed to the Turks & Caicos Islands, where they live since 2005.
  89. My Sea Story – Portuguese mum, wife and blogger – living the life in the Caribbean.

  91. Lost in South America – Joe’s one year backpacking trip around South America.
  92. Luxury Latin America Blog – Luxury travel news and reviews for Mexico, Central America, and South America.
  93. My Adventures Across the World – Claudia is blogging about Latin America and Sardinia. Abouts its beauty, culture and encounters.
  94. Real World – UK’s specialist provider of tailor made holidays in South America.
  95. Southern Cone Travel – Patagonia expert Wayne Bernhardson writes about the best of southernmost part of South America, Chile and Argentina.
  96. Unpaved South America – Jessie and Robert’s journey through South America, exploring culture, places, and people.


  98. BaExpats – An online community site of of expatriates living in Buenos Aires.
  99. Buenos Aires Foodies – Take a bite out of Buenos Aires.
  100. Buenos Aires For 91 Days – A guide to Buenos Aires, how to see almost everything that this famous capital has to offer.
  101. Buenos Aires Herald – Daily news about Argentina and Latin America.
  102. Good Morning BA – Daily news and information from BA to international community.
  103. Landing Pad BA – Your alternative guide to Buenos Aires.
  104. Living In Patagonia – Living, working, investing, and enjoying the wonders of Patagonia.
  105. The English Gaucho – An expat in Argentina running an estancia in the famous Argentine pampas.
  106. The Future Is Red – Expat family life in Argentina.
  107. Time Out Buenos Aires – A critical guide to hotels, restaurants and nightlife in Buenos Aires written by local experts.

  108. BRAZIL

  109. Becoming Brazilian – British woman enjoying life in Rio de Janeiro with her Brazilian husband and two children.
  110. Blondie in Brazil – Lori moved on with her husband to the cultural adventure of living in Brazil.
  111. Brazil My Country – An online resource for all things on Brazil.
  112. Brazil Travel Blog – 7 years travelling throughout Brazil with Tony Galvez.
  113. Cooking in Brazil – Cooking in Brazil from an american perspective.
  114. Daily Rio Life – A Canadian girl living life to the fullest in gorgeous Rio de Janeiro.
  115. Danielle in Brazil – US and Brazil love story and expat life adventure in Brazil.
  116. Pernambuco Gypsy – Ethnographic research from Recife.
  117. Rio Gringa – Brazil from a New Yorker’s perspective.

  118. BOLIVIA

  119. Blogging From Bolivia – Laura is sharing stories and informing what is happening in Santa Cruz.
  120. Bolivia For 91 Days – A guide to Bolivia, how to see almost everything that this country has to offer.
  121. Bolivia In My Eyes – Polish/English blog describing life and trouble in this beautiful Andean country.
  122. Bolivian Life – A comprehensive guide to travel in Bolivia written by Dan and Brig.
  123. The Bohemian Diaries – A blog by a freelance photojournalist currently located in Santa Cruz, Bolivia.
  124. Sucre Life – An informative guide to Sucre.

  125. CHILE

  126. Adventures in Chile – A blog about living in Santiago and adventures in teaching and traveling in Chile.
  127. Cachando Chile – Margaret, an American expat who lives in Chile, trying to understand Chilean culture.
  128. Emily In Chile – Expat life and travel adventures of a Californian Brit based in Santiago, Chile.
  129. ShortSightedYouth – Christian’s expat life in Chile.


  131. A Little Cameo – Life in Santa Marta, Colombia and everything that goes with it.
  132. Banana Skin Flip Flops – A diary of a blonde British girl of life in Colombia and adventures in Latin America.
  133. Flavors of Bogota – A blog dedicated to discovering Colombia’s vibrant food scene – restaurants, chef interviews, food markets and ingredients.
  134. Honestly Cali – Environment and development professional and food enthusiast blogging from Cali.
  135. How To Bogota – A blog for tourists and expats in Bogota. Featuring information, tips and general musings.
  136. Medellin Living – A Colombia travel blog highlighting the local culture and nightlife, with travel and living tips for visitors and expats.
  137. Try Colombia – A blog about moving from the UK to Colombia, discovering its amazing places and fantastic wildlife.

  138. ECUADOR

  139. Inside Ecuador – A complete guide to Ecuador travel and relocation.
  140. Latitude Ecuador – An expat blog from living and travelling in Ecuador and other places.
  141. Not Your Average American – Exploring many different cultures of Americas, while living in Quito.
  142. Retiring In Ecuador – Join Canadian couple as they experiences and learn about Ecuador living on a budget.

  143. PERU

  144. Academic Troll – Off-duty anthropologist, blogger & editor observing life in Peru: people, places, stories & flavors.
  145. A Gringos Life In Cusco – An American who fell in love with a beautiful Peruvian, moved to Cusco and opened a hotel.
  146. Dawn on the Amazon – A blog about the upper Amazon River, the Amazon rain forest, Iquitos Peru, and Amazon tours and cruises.
  147. How to Peru – Peru travel guide for budget backpackers, including travel tips, attractions, Peruvian food and more.
  148. Inside Peru – Find the best inside information on Peru. David and Linda are settled in Huanchaco, a famous surfer beach town near Trujillo, Peru.
  149. Kay Pacha Travels – Living and traveling through Peru. Peruvian recipes and volunteer travel.