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200 Best Asia Travel Blogs & Websites To Follow In 2022


Welcome to my list of Best Asia Travel Blogs. Here I made an archive of the best and most prominent 200 travel bloggers writing about Asia.

Best Asia Travel Blogs

  1. Ambot-ah! – Offbeat adventures in the Philippines and around Asia.
  2. An Asian Traveler – An Asian destination, hotels, food, shopping, fashion and stuff.
  3. Asian Ramblings – A blog of photos and stories from China and Asia.
  4. Awesome Solo Travels – Travel stories, tricks and tips from Asia.
  5. Backpacking Philippines – Backpacking trip around Phillipines and Asia.
  6. Beach Holidays In Asia – A guide to an awesome beach holidays in Asia.
  7. Before You Backpack – Made by backpackers for backpackers. A community of vagabonds sharing their experiences of backpacking around Asia.
  8. Best Beaches In Asia – Ideas for beach holidays in Asia.
  9. FlipNomad – A Filipino backpacker on the road discovering Asia.
  10. Flip Travels – Great guide for Philippines and Asia destinations by Ron and Monette.
  11. Filipina In Flip Flops – Asia travel blog run by twenty-something cube-dweller from Phillippines.
  12. Footsteps In Asia – A website and blog by small, personalised travel company that specialises in budget trips in Asia.
  13. Ironwulf En Route – Chronicles of travel, adventure and photography of a freelance photographer and writer based in the Philippines.
  14. Just Wandering – Independent travel around the Philippines, Asia, and the world.
  15. Live Less Ordinary – Boutique travel, new tourism and foodie adventures in Bangkok and Asia.
  16. Living In Asia – A lifestyle magazine for location independent workers and long term travellers who are living in Asia.
  17. My Several Worlds – A world travel guide with a focus on Asian destinations and cultures.
  18. Pau Travels – A collection of the travels and adventures of Pau in Asia and US.
  19. The Travelling Feet – Information on budget travels, travel tips, budget food and accommodations within Asia.
  20. Travel + Leisure Asia – The regional edition of the Travel + Leisure magazine and website.
  21. Travels In Translation – Beth is Japan and Hong Kong expert, join her as she travel translated through culture.
  22. Unearthing Asia – An online magazin covering topics like lifestyle, culture and attractions, all over the region of Asia.
  23. Vo-Pulayya – Korean and Vietnam expat family living in traveling in Asia.
  24. Wild Navigator – Inspiring journeys in responsible tourism to the Indian subcontinent.

  25. CHINA

  26. Adventures Around Asia – Richelle from Seattle, currently live and study in China. She travels around China and Asia, blogs and eats a lot of spicy food.
  27. Chengdu Living – A blog about culture, politics, and life in China. It’s authored by a small group of Americans in Chengdu.
  28. China Mike – An uncensored look into modern China.
  29. China Travel Go – Brendon is a China travel addict! His blog is a very informative travel guide to China.
  30. Crazy Chinese Family – Everyday life stories from a guy who married into Chinese family.
  31. Day To Day In China – Daily life of an expat in China.
  32. Far West China – The ultimate resource for those who want to travel, work or just learn more about Xinjiang and the Silk Road.
  33. JG, Over the Sea – Jessica is a PhD student in China.
  34. Knee How Shanghai – Experiences, observations & randomness of living in Shanghai, China.
  35. Luggage Tags and Tickets Tubs – Sophie is a twenty something journalist currently living in Beijing. She’s been living in China for over two years.
  36. Sapore di Cina – A portal that offers firsthand information on how to learn Chinese, travel, study or work in China.
  37. Stuck In Beijing – A guide to living in Beijing.
  38. To China And Beyond – Information about Chinese products.


  40. Blue Balu – All about living, eating, hiking and taking pictures in Hong Kong – sprinkled with a few Asia travel tips.
  41. Hong Wrong – Hong Kong culture and news.
  42. Just Hong Kong Travel – All information you need to know to travel to Hong Kong.
  43. Ordinary Gweilo – Everyday life in Hong Kong from the perspective of a Brit.


  45. Adventures of the Seoul – A southern girl’s tale of living in South Korea.
  46. Attack Of The Killer Korea – Chronicles of one year of living in South Korea.
  47. Busan For 91 Days – A guide to Busan in South Korea, how to see almost everything that city has to offer.
  48. Eat Your Kimchi – Food adventures and travel videos from Korea and around the world, by Simon and Martina.
  49. Korea Diva – Claudine was teaching English in South Korea for a year.

  50. JAPAN

  51. A Modern Girl – A blog chronicles various adventures of a PhD student specializing in East Asian politics in Japan.
  52. Asia Is For Lovers – Practical information for living in Japan.
  53. Budget Trouble – A blog about travel in Japan, focused on Japanese festivals.
  54. Busan Kevin – Podcasts and YouTube vlogs about Japan and Korea.
  55. Foreign Salary Man – The Adventures of a Foreign Salaryman in Tokyo.
  56. Haiku Girl – Ali from England has been teaching English in Japan for 3 years.
  57. Japan Blog List – A list of blogs about Japan in English.
  58. Japanese Castle Explorer – Information, photos and maps of 150 Japanese castles.
  59. Japan Lost – All about Japan without the sugar.
  60. Japan Travel Mate – Personal blog and travel guide to Japan with stunning pictures.
  61. Japan Visitor – A travel and news guide to the latest happenings in Japan.
  62. Japan It Up – Adventures of Steve, an American living in Japan.
  63. Melibelle in Tokyo – A blog chronicling life as an American mother, writer, & teacher in Tokyo going about life with her bicultural, bilingual family.
  64. Muza Chan – Discover Japan through the eyes of a well seasoned traveler and frequent visitor in Japan.
  65. Our Man in Abiko – Japan-based UK blogger.
  66. Outdoor Japan – Travel and outdoor lifestyle magazine in Japan.
  67. Pearls And Passports – An experienced solo female traveller currently living in Japan teaching English.
  68. Shibuya 246 – Latest trends from Japan.
  69. The Green Eyed Geisha – Japan like you’ve never seen it before from the perspective of a Canadian girl.
  70. The Nomads Land – Sarah, South African girl, married to a Japanese scientist shares her thoughs about life in Japan.
  71. Tiptoeing World – Mima’s blog about living Tokyo daily life, photography, travel, food and coffee.
  72. Tokyo For 91 Days – A guide to Tokyo, how to see almost everything that city has to offer.
  73. Zooming Japan – A close-up view on traveling and living in Japan.

  74. INDIA

  75. 10 Year Itch – An award-winning India Travel Portal that provides travel enthusiasts with information on all major destinations in India.
  76. A Date With Delhi – A guide and information about the megacity – New Delhi.
  77. Admirable India – Find out all the tourist places worth visiting in India.
  78. Anki On The Move – Anki creates self-narrated videos, writes and interviews on many places in India.
  79. An Ace Guide – Kiran had been traveling to exotic and mystic places in India for the last 30 years.
  80. A Wandering Mind – Anuradha loves exploring less known corners of India and sharing them with the world.
  81. Desi Traveler – A family travel blog from India, with stories about people, places, palaces, forts, Holy Temples, foods, colors,smells streets and life in India.
  82. Drew Gilbert – All around travelling India by train from Almost Fearless family.
  83. Incredible India – Official page of Incredible India Campaign of Ministry of Tourism, Government of India.
  84. Indian Bazaars – A blog about the Indian shop and the traditional bazaars in India.
  85. Indian Columbus – Records of many years of travel experiences in India.
  86. Indi Tales – Travel tales about Indian art, history and culture.
  87. India Travel & Photography Blog – First hand experiences of exploring the riches of India. Travelogues, features and photography.
  88. India Untravelled – Off the beaten path India travel stories.
  89. Kerala Blog Express – See Kerala, one of the destinations in India, with the eyes of other bloggers.
  90. My Travelogue – An Indian travel blog on lesser known India.
  91. My Journey Through India – Anisha is exploring diverse Indian cult,cuisine and lifestyle.
  92. Mr. (and Mrs.) Luth Go to India – The expatriate adventures, travels, observations, and misconceptions of a married couple living in India.
  93. Photokatha – Various travellers share their experience, stories and photos from India.
  94. Rakhee Ghelani – Melbourne girl of Indian origin leaves Australia to travel solo across India.
  95. Tales Of A Nomad – Informative resource about travel in India.
  96. Travel Genes – All you have to know to survive your first trip to India and to experience it like never before.
  97. Wayfarers And Pathfinders – A collaborative travel blog documenting destinations in India.

  98. NEPAL

  99. BaseCamp Trek – Everest base camp trekking with local travel agency in Kathmandu.
  100. Mr. Smith Goes to Kathmandu – Trekking posts and photos of Nepal.
  101. O’Sullivans Abroad – Two educators from Portland, Oregon with two kids who love to travel. Currently living in Kathmandu, Nepal.
  102. The Kathmanduo – A couple trading life in corporate skyscrapers for expat adventure on the Roof of the World.


  104. A Year in Bangladesh – An experience of a year spend in Bangladesh as a VSO volunteer.
  105. WoodLand Travels – A Foreign Service family writing about impressions of this new life abroad.

  106. SRI LANKA

  107. Kan Can Do – A blog dedicated to the sights, sounds, and tastes of the paradise isle Sri Lanka.
  108. Sri Lanka For 91 Days – A guide to Sri Lanka, how to see almost everything that country has to offer.


  110. Defying Gravity – An expat living in Ulaanbaatar. Becky blogs about things to do and see, restaurants, and travels.
  111. Drinking Coffee Elsewhere: Mongolia – Expat life and travels in Mongolia.
  112. Everywhere But Home – News, musings, and lot of info about all things Mongolian.
  113. Mongolian Musings – An American teaching English in Ulaanbaatar.


  115. 99 Boomerangs – Brenden from Australia shares useful tips for exploring South East Asia.
  116. Adventure Travels SE Asia – Slow independent adventurous travel through SE Asia.
  117. Asia For Visitors – All the information you need to plan and book your trip in SE Asia.
  118. Blonde Traveler – Women advice for traveling and living in Southeast Asia.
  119. Da Social Climber – Travel tips and random insights of a female traveler, backpacker and mountaineer from Philippines, currently backpacking in SEA.
  120. Nomad 4 Ever – Christian from Germany is living a nomadic lifestyle in SE Asia.
  121. Octopus Diaries – Laura from The Netherlands on her journey through Southeast Asia.
  122. Solo Flighted – Edcel’s travels, adventures, and headstands in Southeast Asia and the Middle East.
  123. South East Asia Backpacker Magazine – A magazine for independent travellers through South East Asia.
  124. ThaHoliday – Comprehensive guide to exploring the countries of Southeast Asia.
  125. The Fish Egg Tree – New Zealander’s adventures through Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand.
  126. The Travel Lush – Living and backpacking around South east Asia.
  127. – Packed with information, guide for independent travellers and backpackers to Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia and other Asian destinations.
  128. Travel Happy – A personal guide to travelling in Thailand and South East Asia.
  129. tropiXblue – Stories, photographs and video of travel and adventure in SEA.


  131. Bangkok Girl – A British expat: working, drinking, eating and exploring my way around Bangkok.
  132. Jamie’s Phuket – The original Phuket blog since 2006.
  133. My Thai – Insights from the Land of Smile. 4 years and counting. Experience regarding Travel, Teaching, Working & Living in Thailand.
  134. Phuket101 – 21 years of Phuket exploration in a photo blog.
  135. Thailand Red Cat – Living and loving in Thailand with focus on nightlife and dates.
  136. Thailand Tips – A fast, easy list of Thailand travel tips for backpackers and budget travelers.
  137. Thai Travel News – Number one source for what is happening in Thailand by Richard Barrow.
  138. Thailand Expat Photo Blog – Thailand expat life in pictures.
  139. The Facetious Farang – Funny expat family living in Bangkok.
  140. Tieland to Thailand – Two expats in Chiang Mai, where life is easy and the cost of living is cheap.
  141. Visit Chiang Mai Online – How to get the very best from your visit to this most beautiful part of Thailand.


  143. Go Borneo Travel – Borneo travel guide. Borneo is a great destination for budget traveler, it is not as expensive as it’s said to be.
  144. Let’s Go Kuala Lumpur – Travel Information to visit Kuala Lumpur from local experience.
  145. Living in Malaysia – Expat living in Johor Bahru and travels around Malaysia.
  146. Malaysia Asia – David specializes in travel around Malaysia, but also cover other Asian countries.
  147. Malaysia Food & Travel Blog – Malaysia food and travel blog.
  148. Sleepless In KL – Filipina married to a Malaysian living in Kuala Lumpur. Mother of 6, career woman and incidental world traveler.
  149. Travel Malaysia Guide – An unbiased tourist travel guide to Malaysia.
  150. Whoa Adventures – Some of the best adventures found in Peninsular Malaysia and Borneo.
  151. Wonderful Malaysia – A blog by a couple from The Netherlands enjoying expat life in Malaysia.


  153. Come Singapore – One-stop travel guide to Singapore.
  154. Good Morning Yesterday – A blog describes growing up in Singapore in the 1950s and 1960’s.
  155. My Singapore Diary – A Singapore expat blog about travel, lifestyle, food and photography.
  156. Tails From The Lion City – A British expat living in Singapore for 4 years. The blog is about the sights to visit, the food to eat and all other experiences.

  157. MYANMAR

  158. BambooDazed – Myanmar society, politics, travel, opinion.
  159. Becky In Burma – Becky is a writer living in Burma with her husband and daughter. She blogs about transition to a new country and expat parenting.
  160. Feisty Blue Gecko – Life and work of a Scottish woman based in Yangon.
  161. Jessica Mudditt – Jessica is a British/Australian journalist based in Yangon. She spend nearly three years spent in Bangladesh as a special correspondent.
  162. Myanmar Travel Essentials – A website focused on Myanmar, its people, its culture and its sites.

  163. VIETNAM

  164. Along the Mekong – The travels and thoughts of a young American based in Saigon, Vietnam.
  165. Expat Heather – Heather is a secondary English teacher currently living in Ho Chi Minh City, with her husband and their two-year-old son.
  166. Go Vietnam – A candid view on life in Vietnam and ideas of activities and fun things to do.
  167. Sticky Rice – What to eat in Vietnam. Hanoi food news, restaurant reviews and street food tours.
  168. Vietnam Channel – Discover Vietnam culture, places, and vietnamese food.
  169. Vietnam Travel – A guide to visiting the beautiful country of Vietnam, with information on destinations, hotels and food plus a travel blog.

  170. LAOS

  171. Apocalypse Lao – Chronicles of an Australian volunteer who spent a year living in Vientiane.
  172. Enjoy Laos – Informative Laos guide runs by an expat from Holland.
  173. See Think Explore – Multimedia tales of life and travel of an expat based in Vientiane.


  175. Alison In Cambodia – A blog about archaeology and related issues in Cambodia.
  176. Around Cambodia – A blog about various travel destinations in Cambodia.
  177. Inside Cambodia – A photo-blog that shows the everyday life in Cambodia.
  178. Move To Cambodia – Expat Cambodia travel tips, advice, and info.
  179. Our Dear Lady Expatriate – All about living a lovely expat life in Phnom Penh.
  180. Phnom Penh Post – Cambodia’s only international award winning newspaper.
  181. Phnomenon – A blog focused on food and restaurants in Cambodia. Khmer food, restaurant reviews and recipes.


  183. All Indonesia Travel – Unbiased and independent travel information on itinerary, tourist attractions, transports in Indonesia.
  184. Bali Backpacking – The ultimate travel guide for backpackers visiting the island of Bali in Indonesia.
  185. Bali Expat – Tips, advice and information for anyone interested in moving to Bali.
  186. Bali Homeland – A blog about Bali from Balinese perspective.
  187. Discover Your Indonesia – Promoting Indonesia’s tourism to the world.
  188. Indohoy – Information on awesome places in Indonesia.
  189. Indonesia on the Trail – Personal and first hand travel information on Indonesia.
  190. Jakarta News – Jakarta-based Luke is sharing his life and his experiences as he lives and travels in Indonesia.
  191. Katherine and Bruno’s Adventures – Adventures of young marriage in Indonesia.
  192. Our Spice Islands Adventure – Living in the Indonesian Archipelago.
  193. Vilondo – A collection of Bali’s top villas.


  195. Byahilo – Discovering the hidden and not-so-hidden gems of the Philippines.
  196. Expat in the Philippines – A Dutch expat blog about the life, cultures and meetings with Filipinos.
  197. Historic Old Philippines – Historic people, buildings, churches and other interesting things from the Philippines.
  198. Island Girl Traveller – Island Girl Traveller will lead you around Philippines.
  199. Journeying James – James has traveled around the Philippines for 100 days, non-stop, the cheapest way possible.
  200. Langyaw – An award winning travel blog, stunning photography, great features on food, adventure, heritage, culture and architecture in the Philippines.
  201. Life And Travel in Philippines – A blog about living and traveling in the Philippines from an expat married to a Filipina.
  202. Life Beyond The Sea – Find out how is it to leave everything and move to a tropical island.
  203. Live In The Philippines – A website all about living in the Philippines.
  204. My Philippine Life – A blog by a couple who have chosen the Philippines as their retirement home.
  205. My Planet Philippines – A blog about the Philippines, its beauty, the life of the Filipino people and the reason it is called the Pearl of the Orient Seas.
  206. Out Of Town Blog – Travel photos, adventures, recommended travel destinations and hotels in the Philippines.
  207. PhilFAQS – An authoritative guidance and personal advice for people interested in moving to the Philippines.
  208. Philippine Beaches – Promoting beach tourism and raising awareness about responsible travel by providing tips and insights on how to protect and preserve the beauty of Philippines beaches.
  209. Philippine History Blog – Learn some history of Philippines.
  210. Pinoy Adventurista – Traveler, mountaineer, food lover and adventure seeker that has visited all the provinces in the Philippines.
  211. Pinoy Travel Freak – Explore the best of the Philippines with Gabz.
  212. Searching Paradise – A blog about survival camping on one of Palawan’s deserted islands.
  213. Simbahan – A blog dedicated to Philippine religious colonial heritage churches, cemeteries, convents and fortifications.
  214. The Philippines Expat – An expat blog and local guide to culture, food, travel and the nightlife in Cebu City.
  215. The Travel Teller – Exciting travel adventures, first hand experiences and best kept secrets of the 7,107 Islands of the Philippines.
  216. Tropical Penpals – Philippines latest happenings in news, celebrities and general life in the Philippines

  218. Caravanistan – Complete and updated travel guide on Central Asia.
  219. Monk Bought Lunch – A budget travel blog from Kyrgyzstan, Central Asia, the Silk Road and beyond.
  220. Off Silk Roadin’ – A documented journey from Western Europe through Central Asia.


  222. Pared Blanca – Rachel’s Peace Corps experience in Afghanistan.


  224. Newbie Academic in a ‘Stan – The meanderings of one newbie academic in Almaty, Kazakhstan.


  226. A jaunt in the Kyrgyz Republic – The misadventures of a TEFL teacher in Bishkek.
  227. Keen on Kyrgyzstan – Denis was a Fulbright Fellow studying eagle hunters and Kyrgyz culture.
  228. Walking Almaty – A guide to the visual landscape of Kazakhstan’s “southern capital”, Almaty.