130 best American travel blogs and websites to follow in 2019

Welcome to my list of Best American Travel Blogs. Here I made an archive of the best and most prominent 130 travel bloggers writing about America, the continent: North and Central America, and South America.

Best American continent Travel Blogs

  1. 2backpackers.com – Great travel resource with a focus on backpacker and budget travel in Central & South America, by Jason and Aracely.
  2. Latin Flyer – South and Central America travel trips, reviews, photos and travel videos.
  3. Mike’s Road Trip – A road trip blog for driving across US and Canada, national park and hidden gems of the road.
  4. NileGuide – Local recommendations for people looking to explore popular travel destinations in Americas.
  5. Quirky Travel Guy – Scott’s travel adventures throughout the USA, Canada and Mexico, with a focus on unusual roadside attractions, road trips, arts & culture, and national parks.


  7. AdventureDrop – An easy way to find adventure travel by location and activity in US.
  8. Alaska TravelGram – Alaska travel junkie from Anchorage.
  9. America For Travellers – Destination tourist attractions in the USA including cities, hotels, cottages, scenery, culture, food and events.
  10. America Travel Destination Guide – Focuses on American tourism attractions, cities, culture, events, national parks.
  11. Amtrekker – Amtrekker travels across the US sharing his adventures with the world on his quest to complete all 50 items on his to do list.
  12. California Through My Lens – Josh, together with his wife and a bulldog, explores California and photographs everything.
  13. District 365 – 365 things to do in Washington DC.
  14. Go Visit Hawaii – An award-winning Hawaii travel guide from Sheila and Andy.
  15. Idaho For 91 Days – Guide to Idaho, how to see almost everything that state has to offer.
  16. Just 5 More Minutes – Travelogue documenting non-stop outdoor adventures and culinary discoveries in the Northwest with her Airstream travel trailer.
  17. Kristi Trimmer – Kristi is on the move since 2013. She drove all 4 corners of the US thru 38 states and ran 10 half marathons. Currently traveling in Alaska.
  18. Living in New York City – Guide to living in New York City aimed at young travellers moving to New York to work, study or just hang around.
  19. Miami On The Cheap – Keep up with latest news on deals, discounts and free events in South Florida.
  20. Savannah For 91 Days – Guide to Savannah, how to see almost everything that city has to offer.
  21. Southwest Compass – Juliet and Lane are road trippin’ the American Southwest and uncovering the natural beauty, unique culture and highlights of the region.
  22. The Brooklyn Nomad – Tips about NYC travel.
  23. The Daily City – Orlando’s oldest most awarded city life blog.
  24. The World of Deej – Where to sleep, eat, where to go and what to do in Florida.
  25. Urbane Nomad – Living in Chicago and rediscover the city.

  26. CANADA

  27. Correr Es Mi Destino – Stories from a French woman who moved to English Canada, with immigration tips, photos, Canadian culture, politics and travels.
  28. Dear England, Love Canada – Journalist, travel writer, filmmaker and broadcaster Anne Kostalas writes about the differences between living in Britain and living in Canada.
  29. I Backpack Canada – Explore Canada with Corbin Fraser as he backpacks across Canada.
  30. K and K Adventures – Karin and Kieran are a British couple who recently emigrated to Toronto, with a thirst for travel and adventures.
  31. Toque & Canoe – A nationally award-winning blog about ‘real’ Canadian travel culture.
  32. Toronto Newbie – A UK-born journalist from London who moved to the fantastic city of Toronto and tells you how you can do it too.
  33. Working Holiday in Canada – How to spend a season up a mountain on a Canadian Working Holiday.

  34. MEXICO

  35. All About Puebla – A gringa’s guide for what to see, do, eat, and explore in and around Puebla.
  36. Good Food In Mexico City – A guide to food stalls, fondas and fine dining in Mexico City.
  37. How To Say Tacos In Spanish – Rose, a girl from Chicago, spend 3 years living expat life in Mexico.
  38. Mexican at Heart – A blog dedicated to discovering all the amazing things in Mexico.
  39. Mexico City: An Opinionated Guide – Travel tips, cultural events listings, gossip about Mexico City written by a local resident.
  40. Mexico Retold – Susannah is a Mexico lover, living in Oaxaca. She is reporting about untold side of Mexico.
  41. Midwesterner in Mexico – Adventures of gringa in Mexico City and her travels around Mexico.
  42. Yucatan For 91 Days – Guide to Yucatan, how to see almost everything that this famous peninsula has to offer.

  44. A Taste for Travel – Michele Peterson is a travel and food writer specializing in Mexico, the Caribbean and sun destinations.
  45. Discovering Puerto Rico – An Independent travel guide for vacation planning to Puerto Rico.
  46. Life and Travel in the US Virgin Islands – Adventures and travel tips in US Virgin Islands.
  47. Pink Bike Pink Sand – To Bermuda and beyond. Info and musings.
  48. Rum Shop Ryan – Follow Ryan, Caribbean travel blogger and expert that shares his love of the Caribbean Island and everything that goes with them.
  49. SueCTravel – An award-winning freelance travel and lifestyle writer specializing in the Caribbean and Canada.
  50. Travel Experta – Find out where to eat, stay and play with your family while traveling to Central America.
  51. Women Who Live on Rocks – A collaboration of funny women writers blogging about the quirks and eccentricities unique to island living.


  53. Atitlan Living – Insider travel guide to Lake Atitlan and Greater Guatemala.
  54. The Guatemala Gringo – Gringo guide to Guatemala destinations.

  55. BELIZE

  56. Belize Adventure – Plan your Belize trip using local travel tips on the top things to do, cool places to stay and best restaurants to eat.
  57. San Pedro Scoop – Opinionated guide to Belize from an expat view.


  59. A Walk on the Run – An expat expert based in Roatan sharing her tips on how to move to paradise island.
  60. La Gringas Blogicito – A US expat living in Honduras since 2001 and blogging about everything from everyday life to cultural differences to Honduran politics.


  62. El Salvador from the Inside – Insider stories about living in El Salvador.
  63. Life In The Armpit – A view of life in El Salvador told from the angle of the wife of a deportee.


  65. In Nica Now – An expat adventures in Nicaragua of a Canadian couple who got married on a beach in Costa Rica 5 and a half years ago.
  66. Nicaragua Guide – A guide for expats living in or considering Nicaragua.
  67. Rewired and Retired in Nicaragua – Working, living and retiring in Nicaragua.


  69. Costa Rica Chica – Jen retired early and move with her husband to Costa Rica, simplifying her life and realizing that less is best.
  70. De La Pura Vida – Living in Costa Rica: tales of adventures, culture, food, location independence, teaching English, & expat life.
  71. Eye on Costa Rica – A unique prospective of an American that has lived in Costa Rica for 20 years.
  72. Family Freedom Project – Canadian expat family in Costa Rica, writes about living abroad and traveling with kids.
  73. Living Life in Costa Rica – Real info about living in Costa Rica.
  74. Mucha Costa Rica – Trip planning tips for your vacation to Costa Rica.

  75. PANAMA

  76. Panama Daze – Daily life and how to tackle it in Panama.
  77. Panama Dude – Funny (and not so funny) happenings in Panama.
  78. Panama Guy – Useful information about Panama from an insider Laura.

  79. CUBA

  80. Here Is Havana – Stories and experience after 9 years (and counting) working as an American journalist in Havana.


  82. Expat FAQ – Moving to and Living in the Dominican Republic – A book and accompanying website with practical, detailed advice for anyone considering moving to the DR.
  83. Your Saucepans – The story of the life of an expat woman and her Dominican husband, step sons and an assortment of animals.


  85. Cayman Expat – The adventures of a Canadian expat in the Cayman Islands.
  86. Cayman Islands Blog – Detailing an expat’s experiences of moving to and living in the Cayman Islands.


  88. 2 Gringos in the Caribbean – Tired of the rat race US couple decided to try something new and headed to the Turks & Caicos Islands, where they live since 2005.
  89. My Sea Story – Portuguese mum, wife and blogger – living the life in the Caribbean.

  91. Lost in South America – Joe’s one year backpacking trip around South America.
  92. Luxury Latin America Blog – Luxury travel news and reviews for Mexico, Central America, and South America.
  93. My Adventures Across the World – Claudia is blogging about Latin America and Sardinia. Abouts its beauty, culture and encounters.
  94. Real World – UK’s specialist provider of tailor made holidays in South America.
  95. Southern Cone Travel – Patagonia expert Wayne Bernhardson writes about the best of southernmost part of South America, Chile and Argentina.
  96. Unpaved South America – Jessie and Robert’s journey through South America, exploring culture, places, and people.


  98. BaExpats – An online community site of of expatriates living in Buenos Aires.
  99. Buenos Aires Foodies – Take a bite out of Buenos Aires.
  100. Buenos Aires For 91 Days – A guide to Buenos Aires, how to see almost everything that this famous capital has to offer.
  101. Buenos Aires Herald – Daily news about Argentina and Latin America.
  102. Good Morning BA – Daily news and information from BA to international community.
  103. Landing Pad BA – Your alternative guide to Buenos Aires.
  104. Living In Patagonia – Living, working, investing, and enjoying the wonders of Patagonia.
  105. The English Gaucho – An expat in Argentina running an estancia in the famous Argentine pampas.
  106. The Future Is Red – Expat family life in Argentina.
  107. Time Out Buenos Aires – A critical guide to hotels, restaurants and nightlife in Buenos Aires written by local experts.

  108. BRAZIL

  109. Becoming Brazilian – British woman enjoying life in Rio de Janeiro with her Brazilian husband and two children.
  110. Blondie in Brazil – Lori moved on with her husband to the cultural adventure of living in Brazil.
  111. Brazil My Country – An online resource for all things on Brazil.
  112. Brazil Travel Blog – 7 years travelling throughout Brazil with Tony Galvez.
  113. Cooking in Brazil – Cooking in Brazil from an american perspective.
  114. Daily Rio Life – A Canadian girl living life to the fullest in gorgeous Rio de Janeiro.
  115. Danielle in Brazil – US and Brazil love story and expat life adventure in Brazil.
  116. Pernambuco Gypsy – Ethnographic research from Recife.
  117. Rio Gringa – Brazil from a New Yorker’s perspective.

  118. BOLIVIA

  119. Blogging From Bolivia – Laura is sharing stories and informing what is happening in Santa Cruz.
  120. Bolivia For 91 Days – A guide to Bolivia, how to see almost everything that this country has to offer.
  121. Bolivia In My Eyes – Polish/English blog describing life and trouble in this beautiful Andean country.
  122. Bolivian Life – A comprehensive guide to travel in Bolivia written by Dan and Brig.
  123. The Bohemian Diaries – A blog by a freelance photojournalist currently located in Santa Cruz, Bolivia.
  124. Sucre Life – An informative guide to Sucre.

  125. CHILE

  126. Adventures in Chile – A blog about living in Santiago and adventures in teaching and traveling in Chile.
  127. Cachando Chile – Margaret, an American expat who lives in Chile, trying to understand Chilean culture.
  128. Emily In Chile – Expat life and travel adventures of a Californian Brit based in Santiago, Chile.
  129. ShortSightedYouth – Christian’s expat life in Chile.


  131. A Little Cameo – Life in Santa Marta, Colombia and everything that goes with it.
  132. Banana Skin Flip Flops – A diary of a blonde British girl of life in Colombia and adventures in Latin America.
  133. Flavors of Bogota – A blog dedicated to discovering Colombia’s vibrant food scene – restaurants, chef interviews, food markets and ingredients.
  134. Honestly Cali – Environment and development professional and food enthusiast blogging from Cali.
  135. How To Bogota – A blog for tourists and expats in Bogota. Featuring information, tips and general musings.
  136. Medellin Living – A Colombia travel blog highlighting the local culture and nightlife, with travel and living tips for visitors and expats.
  137. Try Colombia – A blog about moving from the UK to Colombia, discovering its amazing places and fantastic wildlife.

  138. ECUADOR

  139. Inside Ecuador – A complete guide to Ecuador travel and relocation.
  140. Latitude Ecuador – An expat blog from living and travelling in Ecuador and other places.
  141. Not Your Average American – Exploring many different cultures of Americas, while living in Quito.
  142. Retiring In Ecuador – Join Canadian couple as they experiences and learn about Ecuador living on a budget.

  143. PERU

  144. Academic Troll – Off-duty anthropologist, blogger & editor observing life in Peru: people, places, stories & flavors.
  145. A Gringos Life In Cusco – An American who fell in love with a beautiful Peruvian, moved to Cusco and opened a hotel.
  146. Dawn on the Amazon – A blog about the upper Amazon River, the Amazon rain forest, Iquitos Peru, and Amazon tours and cruises.
  147. How to Peru – Peru travel guide for budget backpackers, including travel tips, attractions, Peruvian food and more.
  148. Inside Peru – Find the best inside information on Peru. David and Linda are settled in Huanchaco, a famous surfer beach town near Trujillo, Peru.
  149. Kay Pacha Travels – Living and traveling through Peru. Peruvian recipes and volunteer travel.

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