35 best budget travel blogs and websites to follow in 2019


Welcome to my list of Best Budget Travel Blogs. Here I made an archive of the best and most prominent 35 budget travel bloggers.

Best Budget Travel Blogs

  1. Budget Travel – Inspiring by sharing the most useful, relevant, and interesting travel information, ideas, and deals.
  2. The Poor Traveler – Traveling at any cost, a blog with tips on budget travels mostly around Asia.
  3. Go Backpacking – Tips for planning budget trips, with a special focus on “around the world” travel, plus inspired destination articles, and large photos added daily.
  4. Cheapest Destinations Blog – The world’s cheapest places to travel, with advice on budgets, savings strategies, travel deals and cheap destinations.
  5. Travel Independent – Everything you need to know about budget independent travel, country summaries.
  6. A Long Dusty Roads – Andrew and Emily are street photographers travelling on a budget of £30/day and sharing their tips and tricks to travel longer for less.
  7. Hitchwiki – Information about hitchhiking and other ways of extremely cheap ways of transport.
  8. Budget Travelers Sandbox – Travel blog for independent budget travelers. Find out about local food, accommodation, attractions.
  9. What Boundaries Travel – Cheryl & Lisa use house-sitting to see the world and live like a local on a backpacker budget.
  10. The Backpacker – Comprehensive backpacking resources, reviews and hostel information and home to the popular Beer index – a database of beer prices from around the world.
  11. The Travelers Zone – Information on budget travel, travel destinations, tips and essentials and online help to plan your trip.
  12. Frugal First Class Travel – The place for travellers who love Europe, and love a first class experience on a frugal budget.
  13. Travel Wkly – Budget travel destination around the world.
  14. Budget Travel Tips – Budget travel advice, budget breaks ideas and backpackingtips for traveling on a shoestring budget.
  15. Start Backpacking – How to backpack the world, learn everything you need to know about backpacking travel and vagabonding around the world.
  16. 30 Traveler – Kate, a vegan digital nomad from New Zealand, is an expert on saving money on trips without sacrificing comfort.
  17. Eyeflare – Travel advice, tips, and reviews mostly for budget travels.
  18. Evaser – Travel lifestyle blog and website for all sorts of vagabonds, flashpackers, backpackers and globetrotters.
  19. Backpack Forever – A community of backpackers working together to create the world’s largest non-corporate travel guide for long-term budget travelers.
  20. Top Travel Tips – Practical travel advice that can save you both time and money when travelling.
  21. The Dromomaniac – Kent, a native Californian, will show you how to travel one way all over the world with a minimal amount of money.
  22. Hostel Geeks – Backpacking in style. Travel and hostel guide for geeky backpackers and travelers looking for hidden gems.
  23. Travel Escapism – Budget friendly ideas for travel escape.
  24. Travaddict – Search engine for adventure tours on a budget.
  25. Travelling Cheaply – Tips on how to travel for less and see more.
  26. Backpacking on the Cheap – Dave and friends on a mission to show you how to travel the world on any budget.
  27. Vagabonding Mike – Travel everywhere on a budget with Mike.
  28. Golden Book Traveler – A discount traveler, seeking out the lowest cost possible for his travels.
  29. Shoestring Traveler – A blog by the team of long term travelers who are determined to make the most out of travel dollars.
  30. Travoholic – Budget travel guide for travel addicts with advice on backpacking around the world on a budget.
  31. Budget Travel Intentions – Cash saving travel ideas, travel hacks, news and more.
  32. Tune Up And Travel – Tom is traveling the world with his guitar and a smile. Tips for traveling on a shoestring budget and funny stories.

Travel for Free Travel Blogs

  1. Money Less – Guide on how to create rich life without money.
  2. Trashwiki – Something for freegans around the world, the collaborative world wide guide of creating value from trash.
  3. Falling Fruit – A collaborative map of the urban harvest. Uniting the efforts of dumpster divers everywhere.

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