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35 Best Budget Travel Blogs & Websites To Follow In 2022


Welcome to my list of Best Budget Travel Blogs. Here I made an archive of the best and most prominent 35 budget travel bloggers.

Best Budget Travel Blogs

  1. Budget Travel – Inspiring by sharing the most useful, relevant, and interesting travel information, ideas, and deals.
  2. The Poor Traveler – Traveling at any cost, a blog with tips on budget travels mostly around Asia.
  3. Go Backpacking – Tips for planning budget trips, with a special focus on “around the world” travel, plus inspired destination articles, and large photos added daily.
  4. Cheapest Destinations Blog – The world’s cheapest places to travel, with advice on budgets, savings strategies, travel deals and cheap destinations.
  5. Travel Independent – Everything you need to know about budget independent travel, country summaries.
  6. A Long Dusty Roads – Andrew and Emily are street photographers travelling on a budget of £30/day and sharing their tips and tricks to travel longer for less.
  7. Hitchwiki – Information about hitchhiking and other ways of extremely cheap ways of transport.
  8. Budget Travelers SandboxTravel blog for independent budget travelers. Find out about local food, accommodation, attractions.
  9. What Boundaries Travel – Cheryl & Lisa use house-sitting to see the world and live like a local on a backpacker budget.
  10. The Backpacker – Comprehensive backpacking resources, reviews and hostel information and home to the popular Beer index – a database of beer prices from around the world.
  11. The Travelers Zone – Information on budget travel, travel destinations, tips and essentials and online help to plan your trip.
  12. Frugal First Class Travel – The place for travellers who love Europe, and love a first class experience on a frugal budget.
  13. Travel Wkly – Budget travel destination around the world.
  14. Budget Travel Tips – Budget travel advice, budget breaks ideas and backpackingtips for traveling on a shoestring budget.
  15. Start Backpacking – How to backpack the world, learn everything you need to know about backpacking travel and vagabonding around the world.
  16. 30 Traveler – Kate, a vegan digital nomad from New Zealand, is an expert on saving money on trips without sacrificing comfort.
  17. Eyeflare – Travel advice, tips, and reviews mostly for budget travels.
  18. Evaser – Travel lifestyle blog and website for all sorts of vagabonds, flashpackers, backpackers and globetrotters.
  19. Backpack Forever – A community of backpackers working together to create the world’s largest non-corporate travel guide for long-term budget travelers.
  20. Top Travel Tips – Practical travel advice that can save you both time and money when travelling.
  21. The Dromomaniac – Kent, a native Californian, will show you how to travel one way all over the world with a minimal amount of money.
  22. Hostel Geeks – Backpacking in style. Travel and hostel guide for geeky backpackers and travelers looking for hidden gems.
  23. Travel Escapism – Budget friendly ideas for travel escape.
  24. Travaddict – Search engine for adventure tours on a budget.
  25. Travelling Cheaply – Tips on how to travel for less and see more.
  26. Backpacking on the Cheap – Dave and friends on a mission to show you how to travel the world on any budget.
  27. Vagabonding Mike – Travel everywhere on a budget with Mike.
  28. Golden Book Traveler – A discount traveler, seeking out the lowest cost possible for his travels.
  29. Shoestring Traveler – A blog by the team of long term travelers who are determined to make the most out of travel dollars.
  30. Travoholic – Budget travel guide for travel addicts with advice on backpacking around the world on a budget.
  31. Budget Travel Intentions – Cash saving travel ideas, travel hacks, news and more.
  32. Tune Up And Travel – Tom is traveling the world with his guitar and a smile. Tips for traveling on a shoestring budget and funny stories.

Travel for Free Travel Blogs

  1. Money Less – Guide on how to create rich life without money.
  2. Trashwiki – Something for freegans around the world, the collaborative world wide guide of creating value from trash.
  3. Falling Fruit – A collaborative map of the urban harvest. Uniting the efforts of dumpster divers everywhere.