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Travel articles about Asia

Asia is an amazing continent to visit. It has a total of 49 countries and a population of 4.3 billion. The most spoken languages in Asia are Mandarin, Hindi, Arabic, Malay, Vietnamese, Korean, Cantonese, Wei, Thai, and English.

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Photos that will make you want to visit Saudi Arabia

Visit Saudi Arabia Lately, people are quite curious and searching for photos of Saudi Arabia. This is due to the recent Saudi Sharek e-Visa program. Saudi Arabia just recently opened its doors to foreign tourism. This unknown country has plenty of natural and historical wonders that will make most adventure travelers anxious to visit. On […]

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Visit Oman: 25 amazing places & top things to do

The Sultanate of Oman is a fascinating country located on the eastern tip of the Arabian Peninsula. Oman is a mysterious nation since we don’t hear people speaking about it very often. It is quite easy to visit Oman because it’s very safe and full of very friendly and hospitable people. On this page, I […]

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Visit Baghdad – City adventure guide to the capital of Iraq

Visit Baghdad There are places to which all travelers dream of venturing at least once in their lifetime. Some of my close friends have repeatedly informed me they’ve noticed I’m drawn towards unusual travel destinations, perhaps because of my affinity towards places most people usually don’t go. My truth is, having the opportunity to find […]

Beautiful Pyongyang - A different look at North Korea's capital
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Beautiful Pyongyang – A different look at North Korea’s capital

Visit Pyongyang Pyongyang is the capital city of North Korea. Hundreds of beautifully crafted monuments and memorial murals showing off political leaders and party workers are scattered throughout the city. Pyongyang is a lovely city for those who love Socialist Classicism architecture. NOTE: this page is not politically biased nor am I writing on behalf […]

Travel in Iraq - Amazing Places that are possible to visit in 2016
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25 of the Best Places to Visit in Iraq (2019)

Visit Iraq Iraq is a fascinating country located in Western Asia. Touristically speaking, Iraq lost its place in the world tourism arena. For a long time forgotten, Iraq is now a mysterious country since we don’t hear people speaking about traveling there that often (due to the lack of security). Before the unilateral American incursion […]

Visit Southeastern Anatolia Region in Turkey
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Visit Turkey’s southeastern Anatolia region: 28 amazing places

Visit Southeastern Anatolia Region in Turkey In this region, mostly inhabited by Kurds, live the most welcoming people on earth. This is just one of the many other reasons that make this part of the world a traveler’s paradise: an efficient public transport network, a fascinating historical and architectural heritage, a rich past made of […]

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Petra – The lost city of the Nabateans – Jordan

Petra – Jordan Who has not dreamed of visiting Petra since watching the famous movie Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade? No doubt that Petra is a magical destination and one of the most beautiful places in the World. “The archaeological site of Petra lies in a large valley that runs from the Dead Sea […]

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Masirah, a desolated island on the coast of Oman

Visit Masirah Island Masirah Island is a beautiful yet desolated place located on the coast of Oman, in the Indian Ocean. Due to its distant location and peculiar desert landscapes, probably only travelers that appreciate off the beaten path destinations will enjoy this place. I’m going to tell you about my visit to Masirah. Unexpected […]

Best Travel Experiences
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Best Travel Experiences

Best Travel Experiences Throughout the World, there are many wonderful places to travel to. Yet, some unique experiences remain secrets, only a few people having the chance to become involved with them. On this page, I will describe some of the best travel experiences I’ve had, examples that can easily provide inspiration and motivation for […]

Visit the Kurdistan Region of Iraq
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31 lesser-known destinations to visit in Iraqi Kurdistan – Part 2

Visit Iraqi Kurdistan Welcome to the second part of my travel guide to the unknown destinations of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. On this page, I focus on the least famous destinations in Iraqi Kurdistan: Caves, Waterfalls, Castles, Shrines, Rock-reliefs, Temples, and Archaeological Sites. If this is your arrival page, you might want to start […]

18 of the Best Places to Visit in Uzbekistan
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20 best places to visit in Uzbekistan

Visit Uzbekistan Uzbekistan is one of those countries many people never heard about. For most travelers, this doubly landlocked country is somehow deep inside our imaginary of being a faraway Silk Route nation, full of exotic people, ancient architecture and where Alexander the Great fell in love with Roxana- his future wife. I entered Uzbekistan […]

44 of the Best Places to Visit in the United Arab Emirates
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44 best places to visit in the United Arab Emirates

Visit United Arab Emirates I was curious to travel in the UAE for quite some time. If you want to visit United Arab Emirates and don’t know where to go, this page will definitely help you. Contrary to what many people might think, the United Arab Emirates have a very rich history. This fact is […]

Meaning of the Flags of Asia
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Meaning of the flags of Asia

Flags of Asia – National Flags The flags represent the national identity of each country. Each color has a meaning in the history of nations. Asian flags vary on color and meaning. On this page, I list all flags of Asia and their colors. Copyright: I own the copyright usage of these images. You cannot […]

Mesopotamian Marshes, The rebirth of Iraqi Venice
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Mesopotamian marshes, The rebirth of Iraqi Venice

Visit Mesopotamian Marshes The Mesopotamian Marshes are a wetland region located in southern Iraq, a natural monument that also includes part of Southwest Iran. These are considered to be Western Eurasia’s largest wetlands ecosystems. This unusual place in the desert had plenty of water, so it used to be very productive and prosperous. Throughout history, […]

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14 top places to go when you visit Kuwait City in Kuwait

Visit Kuwait City Kuwait is one of the political unions of the Persian Gulf that was transformed because of the oil industry. They were once small states without much importance, no more than a few dusty villages, that became symbols of wealth. What happened here, happened in the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and Bahrein. Its […]

Qurut cheese recipe by mountain nomads - Kyrgyzstan
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Qurut cheese recipe by the mountain nomads of Kyrgyzstan

Nomads in Kyrgyzstan Central Asia is famous for its current nomad lifestyle. Kyrgyzstan is usually associated with nomadic culture. In fact, still today, nomadic life remains one of the standard ways of life in the Kyrgyz mountains, especially talking about the fantastic Fergana Range. Meeting nomads around the world is always an excellent cultural experience […]

Mazar-i-Sharif - Afghan city of the Noble Shrine
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Mazar-i-Sharif – Afghan city of the noble shrine

Mazar-i-Sharif is a Shiite Muslim holy city located in northern Afghanistan. Without a doubt that Mazar holds its international recognition due to the famous Shrine of Ali – also known as the Blue Mosque. The population of Mazar-i-Sharif is a mix of ethnic Hazara, Pashtun, Tajik, Turkmen and Uzbek, combined to establish Afghanistan fourth largest […]

The Central Asia Rally - Adventure Race into History
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Central Asia Rally – 6500 km / 4000 mi road trip adventure

Central Asia Rally Have you ever heard about a banger rally? Those crazy car rallies that cross a few countries while driving old or funny decorated vehicles? Well, I’m going to give you my personal insight about one of those unique road trips – the Central Asia Rally. Back in 2012 I participated in such […]

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First time in Kyrgyzstan: 10-day travel itinerary

Travel to Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan is an amazing, uncommon travel destination, most definitely “off the beaten track”. Unique in its cultural richness and unmatched natural beauty, Kyrgyzstan has been home to a variety of cultures, empires, clans, and tribes among one of the lushest terrains in all of Central Asia. With an incredible display of rivers, […]

Backpacking Travel Guide to Visit Northern Iraq
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Backpacking travel guide to visit Northern Iraq

Welcome to my page with information about traveling in Northern Iraq, aka Iraqi Kurdistan. Many people ask me why I visited Iraq and why I chose this country as a summer holidays destination. Most people have an Iraq with war in mind, the only Iraq they have seen on TV. In fact, many regions in […]

People of Iran - Photos of Iranian People
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People of Iran – Photos of Iranian People

People of Iran Photos of Iranian People People. The other side of traveling. No monuments, no museums, no gardens or palaces. To really get to know a country, you have to interact with its people. Photography always kept my attention, and I got my first SRL camera when I was 16 years old. During my […]

This is why Dhaka the capital of Bangladesh is worth a visit
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Best places to visit in Dhaka – Top things to do in 2019

Undoubtedly the most underrated country in whole Asia, Bangladesh is also the least touristy destination on the planet. Being the 8th most populous country in the world with 160 million people, it only receives around 120.000 international arrivals annually. Unsurprisingly, it has the lowest number of tourists compared to its population. Dhaka Bangladesh: What you […]

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Baalbek – The colossal ancient city of Lebanon

Visit Baalbek The town of Baalbek is located in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley, roughly 85km northeast of Beirut and 75km north of Damascus in Syria. Baalbek lies in the Anti-Lebanon foothills, and visitors arrive here mainly to visit the famous Phoenician / Roman ruins. For a long time, I had the desire to visit Lebanon. Years […]

Driving in Iraq - Amedi to Barzan Road Trip
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Driving in Iraqi Kurdistan – Amedi to Barzan road trip

Amedi to Barzan Road Trip I visited Northern Iraq for 11 days. When I was in the Kurdish town of Amedia, someone made me a proposal I just couldn’t refuse. Driving. I love to drive. Actually, this is possibly my favorite way of traveling. Next to the church of Saint Mary lives a Christian family […]

88 Reasons to visit North Korea - DPRK Explicit
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88 reasons to visit North Korea – D.P.R.K. explicit

Visit North Korea People often point out reasons to dislike North Korea. Personally I only travel to enjoy places and things such as colors, people, little details, architecture, sounds, tastes, sunsets, smiles, etc. Because I never travel to dislike or criticize, on this page I will show you 88 images – photos – reasons that made me like […]

8 Days Tibet Tour - Kathmandu to Lhasa Overland
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8 Days Tibet Tour – Kathmandu to Lhasa Overland

Tibet Tour – Kathmandu to Lhasa I traveled to Tibet in the month of August. As I was in Kathmandu – Nepal, I decided to take the opportunity of being so close to visit Tibet – China. To visit Tibet, all travelers need to buy a guided tour from a credited travel agency. So I […]

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Inspiring places to visit in Asia – Travel guide

Asia Travel Guide “Asia is a marvelous continent to visit. With a total of 49 countries and a population of 4.3 billion, the most prevalent languages in Asia are Mandarin, Hindi, Arabic, Malay, Vietnamese, Korean, Cantonese, Wei, Thai, and English.” My Top Asia The 16th century World Heritage square Naqsh-e Jahan in Isfahan, Iran 427 […]

Visit Iran
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79 best places to visit in Iran

Visit Iran If you arrived on this page, I am sure you are curious and whiling to visit Iran right? So, let me tell you from the start, that Iran is an amazing country. Do you have any doubts about it? I know that the general opinion in the West is that Iran is a […]

Nomads of Kazakhstan - Ile Alatau Mountain Range
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Nomads of Kazakhstan – Ile Alatau Mountain Range

Kazakhstan Nomads Nomads of Kazakhstan Central Asia is famous for its prevailing nomad lifestyle. Meeting nomads around the world is always an excellent cultural experience as you interact with people having a completely different way of life. • nomad a. A member of a people or tribe who move from place to place to find […]

Visit Ras Musandam
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Visit Ras Musandam – The forgotten peninsula Of Oman

Visit Ras Musandam Musandam is a peninsula in the north of Oman, a small isolated region surrounded by the Persian Gulf and separated from the rest of the country by a portion of land of the United Arab Emirates. Its landscape is dry and mountainous, full of impressive fjords, that can be explored on a […]

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Beautiful old mud-brick villages in Saudi Arabia

Villages in Saudi Arabia Do you love old mud-brick villages as much as I do? While traveling, I have a peculiar list of preferences. Give me dusty, abandoned, ruined places and you will get my attention. Saudi Arabia is in most part a desert nation, and by such, many old mud-brick villages can be found […]

Masjid e No Gonbad - 9th century ruins in Balkh, Afghanistan
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Masjid e No Gonbad – 9th century ruins in Balkh, Afghanistan

Visit Masjid e No Gonbad Balkh is a city in northern Afghanistan, about fifteen minutes drive from Mazar-i-Sharif. Throughout history, Balkh has always been an important Buddhist, Zoroastrian and Islamic religious center. The Greeks called it Bactra. Today, this great ancient city is in ruins, and only a few monuments and the majestic city walls […]

Is Saudi Arabia a dangerous country to travel? 1
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Is Saudi Arabia a dangerous country to travel?

Safety in Saudi Arabia The question of whether Saudi Arabia is a dangerous country to travel is a bit ambiguous. Usually, for westerners, this Arab kingdom is primarily known for being the motherland of one of the world’s most prominent religious, and where annually millions of people perform the once in a lifetime pilgrimage to […]

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Uzbekistan Travel Guide: The ideal 2-week itinerary + photos

Welcome to my Uzbekistan Travel Guide specially made for your convenience and help you organize your next trip. Uzbekistan is one of the Central Asian countries that became independent after the Soviet Union collapsed. Like other former members of the USSR, this country has a long history of sovereignty, with several independent states and some […]

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13 of the Best Places to Visit in Karakalpakstan, Northern Uzbekistan

Visit Karakalpakstan Have you ever heard about the Republic of Karakalpakstan? No? Well, don’t worry, because most people don’t know about the existence of this autonomous republic in the northwest region of Uzbekistan. Yes, Karakalpakstan is in Uzbekistan. Truth said, most people don’t know much about Uzbekistan either. I entered Uzbekistan five times, and on […]

10 of the Best Places to Visit in Qatar
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10 best places to visit in Qatar

Visit Qatar Qatar is a fascinating country to travel. The Gulf countries are a bit unknown, as most travelers have a little notion about what there’s to visit and end up visiting major urban areas. However, outside the capitals there are always places of historical and cultural interest. Qatar surprised me because outside the capital, […]

Sacred and Religious Places to visit in Iran
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Sacred and religious places to visit in Iran

Religious Places to visit in Iran Iran is a deeply religious nation. Although the country’s official name is the Islamic Republic of Iran – not everyone is Muslim. There are other strong faith practitioners such as Christians, Zoroastrians, and Jewish. In fact, the Iranian Jewish community is the second largest in the Middle East just […]

Hitchhiking Iraqi Kurdistan - Thumbing from Dohuk to Aqrah
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Hitchhiking Iraqi Kurdistan – Thumbing from Dohuk to Aqrah

Hitchhiking in Iraqi Kurdistan If you’re thinking about Hitchhiking Iraqi Kurdistan, I hope this travelogue motivates you for such an adventure. I visited Northern Iraq for eleven days in 2009 and again for one month in 2018 driving my campervan. Kurdish people are very welcoming and friendly, and I loved my trip to this part […]