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Travel articles about Europe

Europe is an amazing continent to visit. It has a total of 50 countries with a population of 739 million. The most spoken languages in Europe are Russian, German, French, English, Ukrainian, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese and Romanian.

Tiraspol, the capital of a country that doesn't exist: Transnistria
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Tiraspol, the capital of a country that doesn’t exist: Transnistria

Visit Tiraspol Did you know that some countries don’t exist? Well, they do exist, but they are not recognized by the United Nations. This doesn’t prevent those “self-proclaimed” countries from being ruled and have a governmental administration. This is the case of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic – PMR. Have you ever heard of it? How […]

Khertvisi - Georgia, the 2,500 year old stunning fortress
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Khertvisi – Georgia, the stunning 2,500-year-old fortress

Khertvisi, now in ruins, is one of the oldest forts in Georgia. Georgia is a country of the Caucasus, on the coast of the Black Sea, located both in Europe and Asia. 250 km distance from Tbilisi – the country’s capital, Khertvisi fortress protects the entrance of the valley of Erusheti Mountains that head towards […]

Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Venice
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Most beautiful places to visit in Venice – Italy

Visit Venice Venice, in the north of Italy, is one of the most famous and most visited places in the world. After a remarkable growth that started in the 10th century and spread the influence of Venice across the coasts of the Mediterranean, the beginning of Venice’s decline started in the 15th century pressured by […]

90 of the Best Places to Visit in Iceland
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90 best places to visit in Iceland

Visit Iceland Iceland is famous to have one of the most beautiful vistas in the world. Combining stunning landscapes with incredible natural phenomena such as geysers, active volcanoes, glacier lagoons and breathtaking waterfalls, Iceland definitely keeps us busy for a few weeks. Iceland is a European island located between the North Atlantic Ocean and the […]

Meaning of the Flags of Europe
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Meaning of the flags of Europe

Flags of Europe – National flags The flags represent the national identity of each country. Each color has a meaning in the history of nations. European flags vary on color and meaning. On this page, I list all flags of Europe and their colors. Copyright: I own the copyright usage of these images. You cannot […]

Driving in Iceland - 15 days road trip - Ring Road + Westfjords
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Driving in Iceland: ring road + Westfjords road trip – 15 days

Driving in Iceland Iceland Road Trip I spent 15 days exploring Iceland driving on my own. Iceland is a transcontinental island located in Europe and North America, between the North Atlantic and the Arctic Ocean. Driving in Iceland is very easy, somehow lonely and introspective. During two weeks I had the opportunity to drive the […]

Idyllic views of the Amalfi Coast and Positano, Italy
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Amalfi coast in the Tyrrhenian Sea – Italy

Visit Amalfi Coast Undoubtedly one of the most impressive landscapes in Italy, the Amalfi Coast is famous for its magnificent vistas. The Amalfi Coast has many restaurants and hotels with amazing views over the southern coast of the Sorrentine Peninsula. In 1997, all this region was included on the UNESCO World Heritage Site’s list as a […]

Best Travel Experiences
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Best Travel Experiences

Best Travel Experiences Throughout the World, there are many wonderful places to travel to. Yet, some unique experiences remain secrets, only a few people having the chance to become involved with them. On this page, I will describe some of the best travel experiences I’ve had, examples that can easily provide inspiration and motivation for […]

Driving in Italy & San Marino - Venice to Rome Road Trip
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Driving in Italy & San Marino – Venice to Rome road trip

Driving in Italy Venice to Rome Road Trip Italy is possibly every traveler’s dream. If you’re looking for history, renowned cuisine, friendly people or lively music, Italy is one of the most exciting and romantic European destinations. On one of my trips to Italy, I flew into Venice and then out from Rome. I got […]

Europe Best Destinations – Europe Travel Guide

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Europe Travel Guide “Europe is a fascinating continent to visit. It has a total of 50 countries with a population of 739 million. The predominantly spoken languages in Europe are Russian, German, French, English, Ukrainian, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese and Romanian.” My Top Europe Europe’s only monkeys, the Barbary macaques of Gibraltar Sintra’s palaces and […]

100 of the Best Places to Visit in Portugal
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115 best places to visit in Portugal

Visit Portugal Cradle of world history, Portugal is a unique travel destination. It is interesting how such a small country offers such a variety of landscapes, history, architecture and gastronomy. To visit Portugal is a great and unforgettable experience. Portugal tells the history of a country and even a bit of the world, through its […]

Chernobyl & Pripyat - Surviving the Dead Zone
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Chernobyl & Pripyat, Ukraine – Surviving the dead zone

Visit Chernobyl Chernobyl is an infamous place in Ukraine that got the world’s attention on April 26th, 1986, when the Reactor No. 4 of its Power Plant exploded. The worst nuclear disaster in the history of mankind caused 400 times more radioactive contamination than Hiroshima atomic bomb launched by the USA over Japan. As the […]