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100 Best Photography Travel Blogs & Websites To Follow In 2022


Welcome to my list of Best Photography Travel Blogs. Here I made an archive of the best and most prominent 100 photography travel bloggers.

Best Photography Travel Blogs

  1. Stuck In Customs – The number one travel photography blog. Trey Ratcliff is a warm-hearted, old-school gentleman explorer with really cool toys.
  2. Everything Everywhere – Gary Arndt set out to travel around the world in 2007 and he’s sharing what he saw through his travelogue. He was awarded SATW & NATJA Travel Photographer of the Year.
  3. Brendan’s Adventures – Brendan van Son is a travel photographer and journalist from Canada who spend his last 5 years travelling. Find out how to make better pictures on his travel photography channel on Youtube.
  4. Otts World – Sherry Ott is a corporate cube dweller turned nomadic traveler. She travels to off-the-beaten-path destinations to bring you unique travel experiences and photography.
  5. Be On The Road – Travel photographs and stories of an Indian globetrotter, Sankara, specializing in adventure, wildlife, unique cultures, backpacking, budget travel and vegetarian food. A lot of valuable travel information about India.
  6. Joshi Daniel – Photoblog by Joshi Daniels featuring images of people, lifestyles, cultures, and traditions.
  7. Finding the Universe – Incredible photography as well as travel stories, tips and advice from Laurence and Jessica.
  8. Martin Bailey Photography – Martin Bailey is a Tokyo based nature & wildlife photographer. He is a host of Photography Podcast and international tour & workshop leader.
  9. Ken Kaminesky – Canada-based professional travel photographer Ken Kaminesky with plans to take over the world… One photograph at a time.
  10. Before They – British photographer Jimmy Nelson tried to document the rapidly changing indigenous cultures for future generations.
  11. David Duchemin – David duChemin is a nomad, a world & humanitarian photographer and an author of 20 books and ebooks about photography.
  12. Travel Photo Discovery – A travel focused site for sharing exceptional travel experiences, culture and history travel, camera techniques and tips to help you develop your photo skills.
  13. Adventures of a Goodman – Greg Goodman is a a traveler, storyteller and an award-winning travel photographer. Greg’s been inspiring others to explore our beautiful world.
  14. Let’s Travel Somewhere – Nisa Maier wants to capture the essence of every country on the planet through stunning photographs and gripping stories. But because a single traveller can‘t live to see it all you can help to reach this goal.
  15. Blame the Monkey – Elia Locardi is a pro travel photographer seeking out and capturing the most beautiful and inspirational places in the universe.
  16. Geotraveler’s Niche – Nigerian-born Stockholm-based Lola Akinmade is an awarded travel photographer and writer.
  17. A World to Travel – Travel bloggers loving photography, festivals, art, great outdoors and budget flashpacking.
  18. Maddie on Things – Not an ordinary traveller. Maddie is a … coonhound who is traveling around all 50 states over the next 365 days and getting on thing. Hilarious!
  19. Adventure Freelancer – Jeff Bartlett is an adventure freelance photographer and writer based in Jasper National Park, AB, Canada.
  20. Smiling Faces Travel Photos – Smiling Faces Travel Photos showcases authentic toothy smile images, pictures, portraits of happy, shiny people around the world.
  21. Steve Mccurry – An American photojournalist, world traveller and inspiration. One of today’s finest image-makers.
  22. Canvas of Light – The travel & culture photography website of Daniel Nahabedian, a French-Armenian photographer and Lightroom instructor based in Granada, Spain.
  23. Dream Photo Tours – Professionals photo tours for photographers, by photographers.
  24. My Life’s A Trip – Jen Pollack Bianco’s multi-media travel diary which focuses on luxury travel without snobbery.
  25. OOAworld – Original, creative and qualitative multimedia storytelling.
  26. Arnab Maity – Arnab Maity is an Indian travel blogger and photographer. He wanders in pursuit of the road less taken and the moments never framed.
  27. Aviators and a Camera – A blog of travel photographer Kirsten Alana, former nomad and current NYC resident.
  28. Travel Reportage – Giulia is a digital nomad, brilliant photographer, blogger and solo traveler from Italy on a very slow RTW trip.
  29. Fotos Mundo – The best of landscape, people, animal and travel photography from around the world by Spanish photograher Joseba Umbelina.
  30. Eye & Pen – A blog by travel writer and photographer Brandon Elijah Scott, featuring essays, travel advice, articles and photography.
  31. EarthXplorer – An award-winning photograph and video maker. Travel is JD Andrews passion; creating inspiring and creative videos and photographs is his profession.
  32. Jay Daviot – Traveling through the eyes of an Australian photographer.
  33. Mr and Mrs Globe Trot – Julia and Yuriy’s 6-month long honeymoon around the world. They love traveling and photography.
  34. Two 2 Travel – A blog by Owen and Nikka, mid-20-something photographers from the Philippines documenting their adventures.
  35. Piran Cafe – Bob Ramsak, a reporter, photographer and editor with a lust for travel, art, culture and justice.
  36. World Meets Girl – Tiffany’s travel photography blog offers you photography tutorials, tips and tricks, as well as stunning images and stories from around the world.
  37. Postcards from Rachel – Rachel, the photograph herself, shares travel photography tips to take the best shots.
  38. Unframed World – Learn photography with Andrew Marston’s photo adventure and education blog.
  39. Travel Photography Tips – Tutorials, guides and lessons on how to improve your photos while travelling.
  40. Frameless World – A travel and photo blog about the Philippines and Asia from Bino Caiña, a freelance photographer and a traveller.
  41. Jason Teale – Beautiful images from Korea and the world by Korea-based Jason Teale.
  42. Emanuele Siracusa – Passionate about crafting engaging travel, culture and lifestyle related visual stories.
  43. The Carey Adventures – Travel and photography website of Peter West Carey.
  44. Planet Bell – A travel and photo blog by world traveler Jeff Bell. Pictures from over 40 countries, a lot from Alaska.
  45. Curious Cat – Travel photo essays by John Hunter.
  46. ZigZag On Earth – On her blog Claire shares the beauty of Earth and provides visual destination guides for travel planning addicts.
  47. Around the World in Eighty Years – An award-winning author and photographer Jim O’Donnell’s twenty-five years of travel.
  48. Double Takes Blog – A blog about destination and design by Lauren Kilberg. Lauren explores the undeniable relationship between travel and design via a daily dose of inspiration.
  49. The Happy Explorer – A collection of Keiths’ favourite travel photos with links to the accompanying articles on hsi Velvet Escape blog.
  50. Tokidoki – Jackie is traveling the world and taking pictures of everyone and everything.
  51. Photojournalist – GengHiu is an aspiring photojournalist in travel, events and sports photography.
  52. Daily Travel Photos – The photographic journey from a traveler on the road since 2003.
  53. In a Far Away Land – Marta Kulesza from Poland is a landscape photograph, blogger, outdoors enthusiast and slow traveler.
  54. Quiet Wanderings – Musings, stories, ideas and photography of some of the world’s most beautiful places.
  55. Where and Wander – Around-the-world timelapse and amazing pictures to inspire everyone to travel more.
  56. Hermit Hideaways – Photography blog exploring South Korea’s familiar and lesser known travel destinations.
  57. Aaron Joel Santos – Aaron Joel Santos is a Vietnam-based award-winning documentary and travel photographer.
  58. Hiking Photo – Patrick Latter is a programmer with a passion for all things photography and hiking.
  59. Craig Ferguson Images – Travel, cultural and environmental photography by Australian photograph based in taiwan Craig Ferguson.
  60. Travel Photographs – Hans’s portfolio of travel images from his trips all around the world.
  61. Sivan Askayo Blog – A blog of a professional Israeli photographer Sivan Askayo, who contributes to magazines such as Travel+Leisure, Conde Nast Traveller, Lonely Planet UK.
  62. My Sarisar Store – Beautiful photo blog about Philippines by Sidney Snoeck.
  63. Mosaffer – Mo is a photographer and inspiring storyteller. He is chasing story to inspire you to get out there and start your own adventure.
  64. Have You Packed the Camera – Ongoing travel and photography journal of Paul Skidmore, an avid traveller and photographer from England.
  65. Visions of the Wild – An award-winning nature photographer Florian Schulz spent last 18 months on documenting the Arctic.
  66. Siddharth Jain – Siddharth is a freelance photographer from India. An honest blog on travel, photography, entrepreneurship and in between since 2011.
  67. Real Picture Blog – An award winning blog by Samantha, a 20-something traveler, photographer and designer from Chicago.
  68. Ellen Barone – Photojournalist Ellen fusing blogging, multimedia storytelling and social media.
  69. Daily Propaganda – Photography by Kurt Wahlgren, traveller and NGO worker in Africa.
  70. Backpacker Ben – Ben’s backapcking travel blog with an emphasis on travel photos of his favourite destinations.
  71. Photo Enrichment Programs – Small group cultural tours with a focus on photography.
  72. Dirk Nilles – German-based photograph Dirk Nilles specializes in landscape and travel photography, with focus on ancient sites.
  73. Chase Guttman – An award-winning, internationally published and exhibited travel photographer, an intrepid adventurer, and a world traveler.
  74. Traveling with a Camera – Showing you a world of pictures.
  75. Travel in Pixels – Pawel is Polish-born photograph, based in Chicago. Photography plays a major role in his life not only as a hobby, but also as a source of income.
  76. Peter West Carey – Photographer and traveller Peter West Carey is taking a lot of pictures on his trips.
  77. Brian Jannsen – A blog of award winning professional photographer who specializes in travel and landscape photography.
  78. People of the World – Photo blog of the Portuguese traveler Joao Leitao. People of the World is an artistic-anthropological visual research project of people worldwide.
  79. Photito – Spencer and Vibeke are a couple of travel photographers, specializing in people all over the world. Check this amazing gallery.
  80. Aisle Seat Please – Baron Reznik travels of the beaten paths destination and captures as much of it as he can on his stunning pictures.
  81. Fogg Odyssey – Troy’s inspiring travel photography blog with focus on people and interaction with locals. Fabulous Faces series!
  82. Skip Town – Amazing travel photography, stylish travel products, interviews with creative travellers.
  83. Earth Photos – A collection of photos from around the world, that can be browse by countries and categories.
  84. Darren Melrose – Darren shoots people. With his camera. He is based in Taipei.
  85. Ciapanna Photo – Alessandro Ciapanna, Italian speaking the most universal of languages: photography.
  86. Michael’s World Through the Lens – Michael’s travel photography from more than 40 countries. Combining images with insightful description and stories.
  87. Evan Travels – Evan Spiler is a New Jersey born photographer and writer. Evan strives to bring unique visions of the world to his audience.
  88. Heliotropisme – Travel photography from Europe, South America and Asia by Cyril Maury.
  89. Luke O’Brien – Tasmanian landscape photographer specializing in One on One tuition & Photography Tours.
  90. Hal Brindley – Hal Brindley’s from wildlife photography blog. His goal is to travel the world and to learn about the amazing variety of creatures that fill it.
  91. Frozen Shutter Photography – Collection of images from travel photography portfolio by Steve Pond.
  92. The Other Side – Beautiful pictures of Asia, Europe and Americas through the lens of a Vietnam-based expat Taylor.
  93. Foto Ark – People and locations from a world of travel & photography. Feature magazine articles on travel locations, interviews, websites and photography.
  94. Griffin Stewart – Through photography Griffin is sharing places, cultures and experiences with others who either are unable, or unwilling to travel.
  95. Linda Dorigo – Italian photograph and traveller specializing in the Middle East.
  96. Nancy Chuang – Beautiful images and travelogue by New York-based documentary and travel photographer Nancy Chuang.
  97. Hung on the World – Where life, travel and photography interconnect.
  98. Eye 4 a Pic – Photos from all continents by Sameena Jarosz.
  99. Planet Earth Daily Photo – Daily dose of photos from any corner of the world. You can shares your own photos.
  100. Project Magellan – Travel photography blog by Miguel form Philippines, featuring Asia and its destination.
  101. Expatriate Games – Photography of Michael Steverson, an American based in China.
  102. Brook Mitchell Photo – An Australian travel and documentary photographer currently based in Bali, Indonesia.
  103. Exploring Balkans 2 – Photography by Grzegorz, his travels, observation of tradition and cultural sensations of Balkans.
  104. Shannon Eckstein – Shannon Eckstein’s photographs from India and Bangladesh.
  105. Road Less Graveled – Elisa Weiss is an ecologist and photographer with passion for culture, health and conservation.
  106. A Lovely World – A collection of the photos from all over the world.
  107. AKimages – Amanda King has a passion for adventure travel and wildlife photography.
  108. A Capricious Compass – Lavina shares itineraries and unique travel resources. But her thought provoking travel pieces are the highlight of her blog. She juggles a full time job and travels every spare day she gets.