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12 Interesting facts about Gibraltar

Gibraltar is a British overseas territory most widely known for its wild monkeys, the iconic “The Rock” mountain, and tax-free shopping. I present some interesting facts and curiosities about Gibraltar, located in the Iberian Peninsula. I had the opportunity to visit Gibraltar once, and I will definitely go again in the near future. See now 12 curiosities about Gibraltar and learn a little more about the habits and customs of the territory.

Interesting facts about Gibraltar
Interesting facts about Gibraltar


  1. Gibraltar is located on a rocky peninsula, which is 426 meters above sea level and is connected to Spain in the Iberian Peninsula by a narrow 1.5 km long isthmus.
  2. The Gibraltarian monkey, also known as the Berber monkey, is the only wild ape on the European continent.
  3. The Berber monkey has a life expectancy of 20 to 25 years.
  4. The famous John Lennon and Yoko Ono were married in Gibraltar.
  5. Although English is the official language of Gibraltar, this territory has its own language, Llanito.
  6. Gibraltar is tax-free, meaning that many people choose to visit Gibraltar to go shopping as most things are cheaper.
  7. Gibraltar has its own currency, the Gibraltar pound. However, it has the same value as the British pound.
  8. Electrical outlets are the same as in the UK and therefore different from the rest of Europe.
  9. Be careful if you arrive in Gibraltar on a Sunday, almost everything is closed including the currency exchange offices to change money.
  10. One of the most famous sights of Gibraltar is to be able to cross the airstrip at the airport. Traffic closes with lights and police, to let planes land and take off.
  11. In the Rock of Gibraltar, there are several caves.
  12. The “St Michael” Cave, during the Second World War, served as an emergency hospital for English soldiers.