10 Interesting facts about Lebanon

Lebanon is a country most widely known for its ancient ruins, tasty food, friendly people and Hezbollah political party. I present some interesting facts and curiosities about Lebanon, an underrated country located in the Middle East. I had the opportunity to visit Lebanon twice, and I will definitely go again in the near future. See now 10 curiosities about Lebanon and learn a little more about the habits and customs of the country.

10 Interesting facts about Lebanon
Interesting facts about Lebanon


  1. The capital and its largest city is Beirut.
  2. Beirut is sometimes called Paris of the Middle East.
  3. The official language is Arabic.
  4. Independence was declared on November 22, 1943.
  5. Lebanon has 18 religious communities.
  6. The name “Lebanon” appears 70 times in the Old Testament text (the first part of the Christian Bible).
  7. There are 4.5 million Lebanese living in the country, but another 18 million are dispersed across the world.
  8. Lebanon was the first Arab country to have a Constitution.
  9. Lebanon has the largest gold reserves in the Middle East.
  10. There are 15 rivers in Lebanon.