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20 Interesting facts about Yemen

Yemen is a country most widely known for its fantastic architecture, breathtaking landscapes, Socotra Island, friendly people, and the most recent civil war. I present some interesting facts and curiosities about Yemen, a country located in the Arabian Peninsula. I had the opportunity to visit Yemen once, and I will definitely go again in the near future. See now 10 curiosities about Yemen and learn a little more about the habits and customs of the country.

Interesting facts about Yemen
Interesting facts about Yemen


  1. The country’s capital and the most populous city is Sanaa.
  2. Yemen’s official language is Arabic, and the currency is the Yemeni Rial.
  3. Yemen is home to Shibam, the oldest skyscraper city in the world.
  4. Yemen is bordered by Saudi Arabia and Oman.
  5. Yemen is the 49th largest territory in the world, with an area comparable to that of France.
  6. Some parts of the country are severely affected by the war, while others in the eastern provinces such as Hadramaut and Al-Mahrah are currently more or less safe to visit.
  7. Yemen is one of the oldest centers of civilization in the Middle East.
  8. Christianity arrived in Yemen in the 4th century, while Judaism and Paganism were already established there. Islam arrived in Yemen in the 7th century.
  9. Yemen is an extremely culturally rich country, influenced by the ancient civilization of Sheba.
  10. Among the most important islands in Yemen are Hanish, Kamaran, Perim (Red Sea), and Socotra Islands (Arabian Sea).
  11. Yemen’s economy is based on the extraction of oil and the commercialization of coffee, cotton, and fish.
  12. The national flag of Yemen was adopted on May 22, 1990, the same day as the unification of North Yemen and South Yemen.
  13. Between Africa and the Arabian Peninsula is Socotra, an archipelago that is home to rare biological curiosities.
  14. In the past, Yemen was known as the ” Happy Land “.
  15. Chewing the narcotic Khat plant is part of Yemeni culture.
  16. The name of the “Moca” type of coffee is derived from Yemen, as Mocha is a city located on the Red Sea coast of Yemen. Between the 15th and 17th centuries, Moca was the most important coffee market in the world.
  17. The capital of Yemen is one of the oldest cities in the world continuously inhabited.
  18. The Dragon Tree, also known as the dragon’s blood tree, grows in Yemen.
  19. The largest contiguous sand desert in the world covers parts of Yemen.
  20. Dar al-Hajar is an iconic building in Yemen, carved out of one massive rock.
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