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100 Best Online Travel Magazines & News Websites To Follow In 2022


Welcome to my list of Best Online Travel Magazines, Journalism & News Websites. Here I made an archive of the best and most prominent 100 online travel magazines and Journalism blogs.

Online Travel Magazines

  1. National Geographic – A world leader in geography, cartography and exploration. Their mission is to inspire people to care about the planet.
  2. Matador Network – The web’s largest independent travel media site.
  3. Travel + Leisure – The world’s biggest travel magazine brand.
  4. Condé Nast Travel Intel – Conde Nast Traveler delivers inspiration and service to plan your perfect next trip.
  5. AFAR – The award-winning AFAR magazine inspires and enables those who travel the world seeking to have deeper and more fulfilling travel experiences.
  6. Fathom Way To Go – Travel information and inspiration for the way you like to travel. Travel guides, itineraries and tips.
  7. Jaunted – Daily updated pop culture travel guide for globetrotters.
  8. Adventure Journal – The online magazine for real outdoor adventure – stoke, inspiration, news, gear, people, photography, more.
  9. Gadling – Online magazin about fun, interesting & relevant travel written and edited by passionate travelers.
  10. Wanderlust – UK’s leading travel magazine for independent-minded and adventurous travellers.
  11. Go Nomad – This online magazine provides intrepid travelers with detailed articles, great photos and all the links they need to plan their next trip.
  12. The Cultureist – A media platform for travelers, dreamers & changemakers.
  13. Vagabondish – Dubious tips & essential ephemera for today’s curious traveler.
  14. Perceptive Travel – An online travel magazine that is home to interesting and award-winning narrative stories from some of the best travel writers on the planet.
  15. The Travel Magazine – Providing ideas for travel and exact information about the destination and how to get there.
  16. Bucket List Publications – Online magazine and blog portrays the beauty and limitless possibilities of the bucket list seeker.
  17. Open World Mag – OpenWorld magazine is the top resource for freedom fighters, adventure seekers, and courage souls who never stop following their dreams.
  18. We Blog The World – An online adventure travel, luxury travel and culture magazine focused on unique experiences and events for the savvy, discerning traveler.
  19. Travel Noire – The global community of black travelers who share their love of culture and exploration with you.
  20. Off Track Planet – A magazine style travel guide for “the young sexy and broke”.
  21. Active Traveller – Active Traveller seeks out the most inspiring places around the globe to have an active holiday.
  22. GoMad Nomad – An online magazine for independent travelers.
  23. Wild Junket Magazine – Digital magazine focusing on outdoor adventures and sustainable travel.
  24. Downtown Traveler – Magazine for urban travelers who crave arts, culture and adventure.
  25. Travel Squire – A digital magazine and travel therapist in one.
  26. In the Know Traveler – Resource for world travel and travel news. Covering over 165 countries from around the world.
  27. Vagabundo Magazine – A travel magazine for the independent traveller.
  28. World Travel Buzz – An online travel magazine, run by a team of travel bloggers from around the world. They are young, wild, free, and in-your-face.
  29. Butterfly Diary – An online magazine, with stories on how travel can transform one’s outlook.
  30. Dream Travel Magazine – An online travel magazine filled with travel tips, hotel and excursion reviews, favourite destinations and dream vacation destinations.
  31. Vagobond – Vagobond is an online travel magazine that brings you the world of quirky luxury, offbeat adventures, and delicious foodie travel.
  32. Off Beat Travel – An online magazine for those who appreciate offbeat places and unusual destinations.
  33. Travel Culture Magazine – A medium to share knowledge and educate the globe on responsible travel.
  34. Enduring Wanderlust – An online magazine and blog focused on compelling travel, food, and photography.
  35. Escapist Traveller – Inspiration for life changing trips.
  36. GlobeRovers – Independent print & digital travel magazine for intrepid travel.

Best Journalism / Narratives Travel Blogs

  1. Roads and Kingdoms – An independent journal of travel, food, culture and and foreign correspondence. Gold Winner of Best Travel Journalism Site by the Society of American Travel Writers.
  2. Maptia – A world of inspiring stories, told by some of the most inspiring photographers, writers, and adventurers on the planet.
  3. – Inspiring stories of adventure and people who venture out after it.
  4. Hole in the Donut Cultural Travel – Barbara is a long-term cultural traveller. On her blog she brings the world to you through heartwarming storytelling.
  5. A Little Adrift – Shannon is a RTW traveler and volunteer, on the road since 2008 photographing grassroots initiatives and communities all over the world.
  6. Borders of Adventure – Becki, a British Press award winning travel writer and avid adventurer, with a passion for reporting on misunderstood destinations.
  7. Camels and Chocolate – Tales from a travel addict. Kristin Luna is a travel writer and a red carpet correspondent.
  8. We Said Go Travel – Global community of over 1700 writers, sharing stories of their experiences from every continent.
  9. World Hum – World Hum was started in 2001 with $35 and one goal: to publish the best travel stories on the Internet.
  10. D Travels Round – A blog by writer and solo female traveler Diana Edelman. Travel narrative, a look at expat life in Thailand and responsible tourism tips.
  11. So Many Places – Kim is a writer traveling around the world indefinitely, telling stories from the great wide world.
  12. Exile Lifestyle – Colin Wright is an author, entrepreneur and full-time traveler, he moves to a new country every four month.
  13. Wanderful World – A cultural travel and writing blog that seeks out the unusual in the usual.
  14. Semi Rad – Brendan Leonard writes about adventure, travel, and human experiences with both of those.
  15. Johnny Vagabond – Wes Nations was hilarious and skillful storyteller on the budget trip around the world, some on his stories went viral. He will be missed.
  16. Fevered Mutterings – Mike’s blog focused on travel and misadventure, with great tips on art of storytelling.
  17. Nerd’s Eye View – Pam is a travel writer with a drive for diplomatic, political, and historical nature of traveling.
  18. Candace Rose Rardon – Candace is a writer and sketch artist with a passion for telling stories about the world.
  19. The Velvet Rocket – A blog focuses on independent journalism and travel to get an in-depth view of a destination.
  20. Chicky Bus – Lisa travels off the beaten path to a place of self-discovery.
  21. Third Eye Mom – Nicole is a writer, advocate and global volunteer who blogs about travel, culture and social good.
  22. Jungles in Paris – A blog filled with fascinating stories on culture, craft, geography, and wildlife around the world.
  23. Duke Stewart Writes – Duke writes about life through travel, taking you on a trip through words and photos.
  24. Many Many Adventures – A collection of travel stories, advice, and inspiration from different writers around the world.
  25. On a Junket – Travel stories, adventures, misadventures by writers like you.
  26. Notes from the Road – Illustrated travel photography blog by Erik Gauger, with honest and insighful travel writing, as he tries to tackle the themes of city and country in the modern world.
  27. Trail of Ants – An Englishman Ant’s blog featuring travel writing, tips and the most irregular podcast your ears have never.
  28. Your Life Is a Trip – The website for experiential storytelling and narrative travel writing.
  29. Duff’s Suitcase – Sarah Duff is a freelance travel writer and photographer from South Africa, she has been travelling for a living for the last six years.
  30. Pegs on the Line – A collection of travel stories about places, people and experiences around the world written by Pegs, aka Megan Hogarth.
  31. Hidden Europe – Narrative travel writing on hidden gems of Europe, focusing on cultures and communities.
  32. Hack Writers – The independent writer’s magazine with section for Travel, where any travel writer, unpublished or the well established one, can say something.
  33. Kickass Trips – World’s most original, non-conforming, crazy, inventive and inspiring travel stories.
  34. Old World Wandering – A collection of travel stories written by two South Africans making their way through the Old World overland.
  35. Collazo Projects – Stories and photos from the big, beautiful world. Interested in overlooked, untold stories, especially in Latin America.
  36. Maria Falvey – Maria creates literary snapshots by encapsulating her experiences and observances from life in the Arctic… and beyond.
  37. Stories of Conflict and Love – Living, loving, storytelling in conflict zones around the world. Roxanne is interested in gender, violence, and armed conflict.
  38. Velabas – A travel narrative, a story about traveling around the world writing, drawing and above all learning.
  39. Paper Boats – A journal of literary travel writing and photography, documenting stories from unlikely places and promoting a culture of storytelling.
  40. A Lot of Wind – Robert Graham’s travel narratives from Spain and around.
  41. Justin Fox Africa – Justin Fox is a travel writer, novelist and photographer based in Cape Town, South Africa.
  42. Pandelicious – Lauren’s weirdly concocted tales with pictures taken with my totally legit camera.
  43. The Wander Life – A blog of an Uruguayan writer and film producer Veronica focuses on travel.
  44. Snarky Tofu – Snarky Tofu blog by Joshua Samuel Brown, LP writer, presenting the increasingly erratic notes of a recovering travel writer.
  45. The Ripcord Adventure Journal – This journal aims to publish the very best articles, epitomising adventure and the very essence of adventurous travel writing from around the globe.
  46. Shooter Files – F.D. Walker’s blog came out from his passion for street photography and his love of travel.
  47. Where the Road Goes – Richard Stupart is a freelance photojournalist and writer with an interest in the politics of Africa.
  48. Escape from Cube Land – Entertaining travel stories from around the world by Steve Skabrat.
  49. Fuel a Fire – Multimedia journalist Adam Bennett gives a delectable insight into exciting destinations from across the world.
  50. Hither & You – Jamie Lafferty is a writer and photographer from Scotland. Being passionate about travel since early age, he have visited all seven continents before he was 27. He shares the tales on his blog.
  51. The Awayfarer Post – A collection of very interesting articles on heritage-rich sites, reaching out to experts for their thoughts.
  52. Confessions of a Free Bird – The antics and confessions of a free bird, a girl from Canada living in Australia.
  53. Zoo Adventurer – Conrad is a daydream traveler, photographer and videographer, although he doesn’t consider himslef to be any of those.
  54. Roads Less Traveled – Tracy is bilingual multimedia travel writer specializing in sustainable & meaningful travel, especially in Latin America.
  55. Somewheresville – The author is a British travel journalist living on a farm in Cadiz, Spain.
  56. Feeling Nomad – A group of restless wanderers fascinated by the world and determined to make it a better place for all. Selection of articles about the environment, future of our children, mistreatment of animals, disappearing cultures and languages, racism, human rights, violence, etc.

Best Travel Industry News Websites

  1. Mashable – Latest travel news from, the top resource and guide for digital culture.
  2. Tnooz – Tnooz is a global provider of news, analysis, commentary, education, data and business services to the travel, tourism and hospitality industry.
  3. Travel Weekly – An award-winning news coverage and analysis of the business of travel.
  4. Travel Pulse – Breaking U.S. & International travel news, watch amazing travel videos, discover great deals & learn all about the travel industry.
  5. Elliott – Elliott is a site that advocates for you. Travel customer service by Christopher Elliott, an author of How To Be The World’s Smartest Traveler.
  6. Travolution – Essential information, commentary, market intelligence and analysis for anyone running an online travel business.