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80 Best Overland Travel Blogs & Websites To Follow In 2022


Welcome to my list of Best Overland Travel Blogs by cycling, motorbike, car, campervan and RV. Here I made an archive of the best and most prominent 200 overland travel bloggers.

Best Cycling Travel Blogs

  1. Sheldon Brown – A collection Of bicycle technical articles.
  2. Crazy guy on a Bike – Very informatve collection of bicycle touring blogs from around the globe. There is a great one The Really Long Way Round by Chris Pountney.
  3. Adventure Cycling – America’s bicycle travel expert.
  4. The Adventure Junkies – Over the past 2 years Antonio and Amanda have been exploring The Americas by bicycle.
  5. Hike Bike Travel – Leight, an avid world traveler, shares her outdoor and adventure travel inspiration. Biking, hiking and kayaking guides.
  6. Warm Showers – Free worldwide hospitality exchange for touring cyclists.
  7. Dave’s Travel Pages – Dave cycled from England to South Africa, Alaska to Argentina and is cycling RTW from 2015.
  8. Tom’s Bike Trip – Travel adventure blog by Tom Allen from England. Tom has been cycle-touring around the world since 2007, also to some lesser-known and unusual travel destination.
  9. Pedaling Nowhere – A growing collection of bikepacking routes, gear reviews, and bike touring.
  10. Cycling the Globe – A 4 year 50.000 km long cycling trip through 40 countries around the world by Thomas Andersen.
  11. Family on Bikes – Inspiring mom who decided to go for a bike ride with kids – on the longest road in the world – and cycled from Alaska to Argentina.
  12. The Practical Nomad – Bicycle travel and around the world travel articles from Edward Hasbrouck.
  13. My Five Acres – Stephen and Jane have cycled the back roads of Europe and Asia, travelled independently in the Middle East, and lived in cities around the world.
  14. Going Slowly – Tara & Tyler are documenting their bicycle tour around the world.
  15. Bicycling Street Smarts – A compact tutorial on how to ride a bicycle in mixed traffic.
  16. Mark Beaumont – Mark is a record breaking round the world cyclist and ultra endurance adventurer.
  17. World Bicyclist – Patrick Schroeder is visiting every country in the world, on foot, bicycle or public transport.
  18. That Emily Chappell – Emily works as a cycle courier in London. She cycled across Asia, from Wales to Japan, across Iceland and from Anchorage to Seattle.
  19. Cycling Dutch Girl – Dutch girl’s life on two wheels, living on the road since 2001.
  20. Daniel Carruthers – Daniel’s cycling travel and races in Asia and New Zealand.
  21. Cycling Gypsies – Photos and stories about biking the world and resources page for cycling with dogs.
  22. Paul Jeurissen – Paul is a freelance photographer specialized in cycle photography.
  23. The Cycling Canadian – Doug from Canada explores the world on his bicycle. Has been biking in Ethiopia, Guinea, Cambodia, Taiwan and the Philippines.
  24. Grand Cycle Tour – The journey of two Australians as they cycle around SE Asia, Europe and North America. They share photos, video and details of how the trip was planned.
  25. Willie Weir – Willie is an adventure cyclist, writer, public speaker, bicycle advocate. He has cycled over 60,000 miles throughout the world.
  26. No Hanging Around – An Irishman cycling 11,000km unsupported through Africa while living in a tent.
  27. Call of the Road – Joff’s around the world journey on a Penny farthing bicycle.
  28. Dervla Murphy – Dervla is an Irish cycling icon. She has written many adventure travel books based on her over 40 years of biking experience.
  29. Bike49 – A bike ride through 49 states, covering 15,000 miles and taking 14 months.
  30. Cropcycle – A couple cycling the Americas, while visiting and working on sustainable farming projects.
  31. Green Travel Antics – Darby shows that ecofriendly travel is wallet- friendly travel.

Best Motorcycle Travel Blogs

  1. Horizons Unlimited – The premier source for information on motorcycle and overland adventure travel.
  2. Long Way Round – Iconic motorcycle trips, Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman circumnavigate the globe.
  3. Modern Moto Diaries – Alex Chacón is a motorcycle adventure rider and a video producer capturing unique experiences around the world.
  4. We Are West America – Inspirational, informative and fun blog about two friends on their crazy motorbike trip through America.
  5. Yarets – 72-years old Vladimir Yarets from Belarus is the first deaf person to go on a round-the-world trip on a motorbike.
  6. Free Wheelings – Brandon’s motorcycle trip to South America.
  7. Fuzzy Galore – A girlie motorcycle blog written by Rachael from New York.
  8. Travelin’ Gringo – Glen Abbott’s tales from the road, motorcycle touring experience throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico.
  9. 1 World 2 Go – Father and son travel the world on motorcycle.
  10. Roadside Wonders – Pictures of the crazy things seen and found while on motorcycle trips.
  11. The London Biker – Matthew crossed Europe, Morocco, the Baltic’s and Russia on motorbike.
  12. Motorcycle Memoir – An epic around the world expedition on a motorcycle to end world hunger. Christopher rides his motorcycle around the world to raise funds and awareness for the number one cause of death in the world: hunger.
  13. The Itinerant – Writings and wanderings of Ants Bolingbroke-Kent: writer, TV producer, traveller and lover of gin, motorbikes and tuk tuks.
  14. Bike and Boots – Brian Setzer’s motorcycle travel blog about touring the Americas on a Suzuki V-Strom.
  15. Riding the Dream – South America by motorbike in search of rock climbing, surfing and experiencing different cultures along the way.
  16. Defylife Adventure – Random thoughts on my motorcycle adventures, travel and fun.

Best Car, Campervan and RV Travel Blogs

  1. Road Trippers – Guides for road trips in America. This application helps travelers plan road trips, calculate distances, travel time and cost of fuel.
  2. Overlanding Taco – Frank and Marília are a married couple with a blog about their overland trips around different destinations.
  3. The RV Goddess Blog – A middle-aged couple from Oregon traveling over eight months a year in their motorhome.
  4. Gone With the Wynns – Jason and Nikki Wynn, traveling around the US in an eco friendly RV in search of adventure. Check their Make Money and Travel series for inspiration on how to fund full time travel.
  5. Cheap RV Living – Very informative site on how to live or travel in a car, van or RV.
  6. Technomadia – Cherie & Chris are full time RVers combining their hi-tech careers with a rich and fulfilling life of travel, community, adventure and amazing experiences.
  7. Tiny House Giant Journey – A couple, dog and tiny house on wheels travel around North America.
  8. Wheeling It – Nina and Paul RVing full time across the US with their furry friends.
  9. Van Dog Traveller – Quit job, built campervan and travel. Try the van life yourself with Mike’s tips.
  10. Trans-Americas – Eric and Karen’s overland exploration of North, Central & South America. they are on the road since 2006 with no end in sight.
  11. A Restless Transplant – Foster is traveling around North America camping and surfing.
  12. Snowmads – Kristin and Jason Snow’s nomadic RV adventures, exploring America with their three dogs in tow.
  13. HitchItch – Connecting people who loves RV lifestyle, RV travel resources, RV news.
  14. New Life On The Road – David and Lisa plus three of their five boys, living and travelling in a Motorhome.
  15. Campervan Trips – Fantastic campervan holidays and road trips from around the world.
  16. The World by Road – The World by Road Expedition: 2 guys, 2 trucks, 80 countries, 24 months. Blog awarded 2010 National Geographic Adventurers of the Year.
  17. Vaga Bloggers – Two free spirits who live in their van and travel full time in search of adventure and good deeds.
  18. BodesWell – A family of 3 travelling from California to the tip of South America by a hippie car.
  19. The Road Chose Me – From Alaska to Argentina in an Jeep Wrangler.
  20. Ardent Camper – Marie & Josh sold their house, bought an RV and are working full-time as they romp around the US.
  21. A Year in a Car – Travelling in a modify van.
  22. Wayne on the Road – One man, one truck, a camera and endless North American open roads.
  23. Kiwi Blog Bus – Campervan tales from New Zealand.
  24. 9000 Miles – Summer road trip across US in a conversion van.
  25. Overland Nomads – Two 40-something adventure travelers with a love for life and a desire for crazy escapades with a 1994 Toyota 80 Series Land Cruiser.
  26. Tarmo RTW – Tarmo’s solo driving trip to some extreme places.
  27. Simple Life on the Road – Matt’s blog about living a simple life on a budget, in a camper van, rock climbing as we go.
  28. Young Snow Birds – RV travel blog, Rob and Darlene’s motorhome adventure through the US and Canada.
  29. Mileometer – In a mini coper across US.