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Country profile:

Location: South America.
Borders: Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay.
Capital: Buenos Aires.
Area: 2,780,400 km2.
Population: 43,417,000.
Currency: Peso ARS.
Declaration of Independence: 9 July 1816.

Argentina through archaeological studies, has a human presence of about fifteen thousand years. Before the Spaniards conquered this land in 1516, Argentina was integrated into the Inca Empire, a culture that was colonized and subdued by the Spanish Crown between the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. Argentina means silver in Latin, one of the most exploited natural resources at the time of its colonization. After some conflicts, it became independent in 1816, and only 50 years later it promulgated the First Constitution of Argentina. During the twentieth century, there was a major European immigration, namely of Italians, and in 1946 Argentina lived its golden moments under the government of President Juan Perón, having been replaced by his wife Isabelita Perón, who could not resist the military, which took this country to a rather marked dictatorship. Only in 1983, Argentina rested against military governments and coups d’état with the arrival of democracy.

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