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Federative Republic of Brazil


Country profile:

Location: South America
Borders: Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname, France (French Guiana), Colombia, Bolivia, Peru, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay
Capital: Brasília
Area: 8,515,767 km2
Population: 205,338,000
Currency: Real BRL
Declared Independence: year 1822

Travel articles about Brazil

550 hours Amazon River boat trip: Brazil, Peru & Ecuador

550 hours on Amazon River: Brazil, Peru & Ecuador by boat

Have you ever considered crossing the Amazon River by boat? I made this trip, and I’ll share it with you – revealing useful tips and detailed information on how you can also do it on your own. This page tells you about crossing the Amazon River and the Napo River by boat, for a few months. Napo River Boat Walkthrough, Peru to Ecuador Obviously, I didn’t make this trip all at once. My Amazon trip lasted about four months, and during this period I explored Brazil, Peru, and Ecuador’s Amazon Rain Forest regions. Map of Amazon River crossing Fully crossing the Amazon River Francisco de Orellana completed the first known navigation of the entire length of the Amazon River back in the 16th century. I made the trip from Macapá in Brazil (near the Atlantic Ocean) until Iquitos in Peru, and from Iquitos I took the Napo River all the way…

Best wildlife travel photos – Images of wild animals

Best wildlife travel photos - Images of wild animals

Best Wildlife Photos Animals are amazing. Wild and Beautiful. Everyone loves animal photos and wildlife pictures, so on this page, I assemble a few photos of the Best Wildlife images I made during my travels. I will update this page with more photos very soon. I hope you enjoy. NOTE: All these wildlife photos were never taken inside a zoo. All the animal photos on this page were either shot at an animal rescue center, animal orphanage or just in the wild – in their natural habitat. I discourage and do not approve the commercial use of animals for shows and entertaining performances. Best Wildife Photos Atlantic Puffin » Photo of Adorable Atlantic PUFFIN in Latrabjarg, Iceland. Leopard Seal » Photo of LEOPARD SEAL smiling in Antarctica. Zebra » Photo of ZEBRA in South Africa. Magellanic Penguin » Photo of MAGELLANIC PENGUIN – bad ass looking face, Argentina. Sea Lion »…

The Tatuyo – Incredible life of a surviving Amazon Brazilian tribe

Tatuyo Indian Chief in Brazil

Amazon Brazilian tribe The world is developing fast. Indigenous way of life is fairly almost gone for most remote tribes around the globe. Many people leave their ancestral way of living and migrate to urban centers in search of a better and more comfortable life. In Brazil, the State protects a few numbers of indigenous communities and issues travel restrictions to the normal citizen. Basically, no one from the outside is allowed to visit them. They will remain fairly untouched and isolated forever. Meanwhile, some other tribes in the Brazilian rain forest are trying to survive in a way that they need to find a relation between the past – their present – and the future. During my visit to Manaus, I decided to go through the experience of living with a Tatuyo indigenous tribe – settled on the banks of Rio Negro. On this page, I gather some incredible photos…

Inspiring Places to Visit in South America – Travel Guide

South America Travel Guide

South America Travel Guide “South America is an amazing continent to visit. It has a total of 13 countries with a total population of 385 million. The most spoken languages in South America are Portuguese, Spanish, English, Dutch, and French. “ My Top South America 4th century BC Chankillo astronomical observatory, Peru Galapagos Islands, Ecuador Up stream Amazon River boat trip, Brazil 30 km / 19 mi length Perito Moreno Glacier, Argentina 10000 years old Paituna Rock Paintings in Monte Alegre, Brazil Salar de Atacama and Valle de la Luna in San Pedro de Atacama, Chile 979 m / 3212 ft Angel falls in Canaima National Park, Venezuela Nazca Lines, Peru 13000 years old rock painting of Cueva de las Manos, Argentina Leatherback turtles laying eggs in Awala Yalimapo, French Guiana Machu Picchu, Peru 1 m / 3 ft tall King penguin colony in Tierra de Fuego, Chile La Paz, Bolivia…

Backpacking Travel Guide to Cross Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana

Backpacking Travel Guide to Cross Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana

The north-eastern region of South America is commonly called as “The Guianas”. The name Guiana means “land of many waters” and comes from local Amerindian languages. There are 3 main Guianas: Guyana (British Guiana) Suriname (Dutch Guiana) French Guiana There are 2 extra Guianas: Brazilian Amapá State (Portuguese Guiana) Venezuelan Guayana Region (Spanish Guiana) Georgetown to Macapá by land – Guyana to Brazil via Suriname and French Guiana This page is about an overland trip from Guyana’s capital Georgetown all the way to Macapá in Brazil, crossing Suriname and French Guiana. I made this trip during the month of July – dry season. The main focus of this travel article is the coastal area of the Guianas, not the other parts deeper in the jungle. Map and Itinerary Guyana (Georgetown, New Amsterdam, Moleson Creek), Suriname (Paramaribo, Albina), French Guiana (Saint Laurent du Maroni, Mana, Awala Yalimapo, Iracoubo, Cayenne, Saint Georges de…

Brazilian Amazon River by Boat – 70 Important travel tips

Brazilian Amazon River by Boat

Traveling the Amazon River by boat is an amazing experience. Cruising for days on this epic journey is something that will stay in your memory forever. On this page, I will give you some useful suggestions and directions to help you cross the Brazilian Amazon River by boat more easily and comfortably. My trip in the Amazon River by boat was always upstream. I made the journey from Macapá to the tri-border of Brazil, Peru, and Colombia. Yet, I kept on going up the river to the city of Iquitos on the Peruvian side of the Amazon and later on until El Coca in Ecuador through Napo River. The travel tips I gathered on this page come from an experience of a total of 600 hours of boat travel in Brazil, Peru, and Ecuador, but it refers only to the Brazilian ships. My boat trips, Amazon River – Brazil Boat CORAMAR…

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