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Republic of Chile


Country profile:

Location: South America.
Borders: Peru, Bolivia, Argentina.
Capital: Santiago.
Area: 756,096.3 km2 .
Population: 18,006,407.
Currency: Peso CLP.
Declared independence from Spain: year 1818.

Travel articles about Chile

Inspiring Photos of Atacama Desert, northern Chile

Inspiring Photos of Atacama Desert, northern Chile

Atacama Desert is famous, beautiful, and dry. In fact, Atacama is the driest place on Earth. Sheltered between the Atacama ocean trench and the Andes Mountains, this place offers breathtaking and Mars like landscapes. This desert region is all about 6000 m / 19685 ft high volcanoes, turquoise lagoons, desert wildlife, geysers, canyons and salt lakes. On this page, I share with you a collection of motivational pictures and inspiring photos of Atacama Desert in Chile. This includes places like El Tatio geysers, San Pedro city, Machuca, Salt Lakes, Death Valley, El Coyote and the unbelievable Valle de la Luna. I hope you enjoy it. ? Photos of Atacama Desert Photo of lake and volcano. Photo of the Salt Lake. The salt desert near San Pedro de Atacama city is amazing. Salt rocks formed over the years provide a fantastic landscape. Photo of Volcano and Cactus. The road from El Tatio geysers…

Best wildlife travel photos – Images of wild animals

Best wildlife travel photos - Images of wild animals

Best Wildlife Photos Animals are amazing. Wild and Beautiful. Everyone loves animal photos and wildlife pictures, so on this page, I assemble a few photos of the Best Wildlife images I made during my travels. I will update this page with more photos very soon. I hope you enjoy. NOTE: All these wildlife photos were never taken inside a zoo. All the animal photos on this page were either shot at an animal rescue center, animal orphanage or just in the wild – in their natural habitat. I discourage and do not approve the commercial use of animals for shows and entertaining performances. Best Wildife Photos Atlantic Puffin » Photo of Adorable Atlantic PUFFIN in Latrabjarg, Iceland. Leopard Seal » Photo of LEOPARD SEAL smiling in Antarctica. Zebra » Photo of ZEBRA in South Africa. Magellanic Penguin » Photo of MAGELLANIC PENGUIN – bad ass looking face, Argentina. Sea Lion »…

Inspiring Places to Visit in South America – Travel Guide

South America Travel Guide

South America Travel Guide “South America is an amazing continent to visit. It has a total of 13 countries with a total population of 385 million. The most spoken languages in South America are Portuguese, Spanish, English, Dutch, and French. “ My Top South America 4th century BC Chankillo astronomical observatory, Peru Galapagos Islands, Ecuador Up stream Amazon River boat trip, Brazil 30 km / 19 mi length Perito Moreno Glacier, Argentina 10000 years old Paituna Rock Paintings in Monte Alegre, Brazil Salar de Atacama and Valle de la Luna in San Pedro de Atacama, Chile 979 m / 3212 ft Angel falls in Canaima National Park, Venezuela Nazca Lines, Peru 13000 years old rock painting of Cueva de las Manos, Argentina Leatherback turtles laying eggs in Awala Yalimapo, French Guiana Machu Picchu, Peru 1 m / 3 ft tall King penguin colony in Tierra de Fuego, Chile La Paz, Bolivia…

Driving in South America – Quito to Ushuaia road trip

Driving in South America - Ecuador to Ushuaia road trip

Driving in South America I started Driving in South America after having completed several months going through the jungle and up the Amazon River by boat. I decided to change my means of transportation. Why? I bought a car in Quito, Ecuador’s capital. All those months of backpacking, sleeping in hammocks, river boats and piranhas were over. From now on the trip was about road maps, gasoline, car insurance, customs border control, etc… The trip was taken to another dimension. I could now visit more destinations along the way, because when traveling by boat or by bus, I was not able to visit anything in between. Being able to drive enabled me to explore many more places since I could stop whenever I wanted. Indeed the chance of Driving in South America was just the start of a new adventure. The goal now was to get to the city of Ushuaia…

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