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Republic of Cuba


Country profile:

Location: Caribbean.
Borders: No land borders.
Capital: Havana.
Area: 109,884 km2.
Population: 11,239,004.
Currency: Peso CUP and Convertible Peso CUC.
Independent since: year 1902.

Travel articles about Cuba

Photos of Charming Old Cuba

Photos of Cuba

Photos of Cuba Cuba is a fascinating country with a cheerful and interesting culture. A trip to Cuba will be engraved in your memory forever. Cuba is an easy country to travel, people are friendly and you can safely move around everywhere all by yourself. I had the opportunity to travel around the island for a month and explore a bit of all its more touristic places as well as its secret spots. Basically I drove around the island on a rent-a-car, visiting Cuba best destinations including the most remote beaches and villages. I advise everyone to visit Cuba, and experience an unique travel destination. It seems, due to recent political changes, that Cuba is turning out to be gradually different from what it used to be. So on this page I invite you to enjoy 142 images of the Cuba we all gonna miss – the Cuba still held by…

Inspiring Places to Visit in North America – Travel Guide

North America Travel Guide

North and Central America Travel Guide “An extraordinary continent to visit, North America has a total of 23 countries and a population of 739 million. The most prevalent languages in North America are English, Spanish and French. “ My Top North America Trinidad colorful city, Cuba Chichicastenango market, Guatemala Pre-Hispanic City of Chichen-Itza, Mexico Utila charming island, Honduras Suchitoto colonial town, El Salvador New York City, USA Pirates Bay, Trinidad & Tobago Bocas Town, Panama El Castillo, Nicaragua Tikal National Park, Guatemala Maya Site of Copan, Honduras Joya de Cerén Archaeological Site, El Salvador San Pedro La Laguna, Guatemala Caye Caulker limestone coral island, Belize Mayan Ruins of Tulum, Mexico Colonial Mexico City, Mexico Lake Managua and Momotombo Volcano, Nicaragua Inspiring Places to Visit in North America On this page is a list of North America’s Best Destinations. 1- Visit Trinidad, Republic of Cuba Founded as “Villa De la Santisima Trinidad”…

Driving in Cuba – Two Week Road Trip – All you need to know

Driving in Cuba 2 weeks - All you need to know

Driving in Cuba Cuba Road Trip After having stayed more than a week in Havana with my friends, I decided to jump off the capital and begin to seriously explore the island. Since public transportation to smaller villages in Cuba is a bit unreliable, the best way to know the country, without a doubt, is to have your own wheels. This way you can travel freely and go wherever and whenever you want. After an intense hour in Havana searching for the best car rental prices, I found out that all companies have the same prices as they were all state owned. At the time I traveled in Cuba, there were no private rent-a-car companies. I decided to go with CUBACAR. After dealing with the car rental agreement and rental terms & conditions, Mr. Carlos León from the rental company office quickly explained me a few things to consider while driving…

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