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Country profile:

Location: Western Asia – Caucasus.
Borders: Russia, Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan.
Capital: Tblissi.
Area: 69,700 km2.
Population: 3,720,400.
Currency: Lari GEL.
Independence from Soviet Union: year 1991.

Travel articles about Georgia

Khertvisi – Georgia, the stunning 2,500-year-old fortress

Khertvisi - Georgia, the 2,500 year old stunning fortress

Khertvisi, now in ruins, is one of the oldest forts in Georgia. Georgia is a country of the Caucasus, on the coast of the Black Sea, located both in Europe and Asia. 250 km distance from Tbilisi – the country’s capital, Khertvisi fortress protects the entrance of the valley of Erusheti Mountains that head towards the extraordinary Vardzia cave monastery. The Khertvisi fortress is charmingly situated on the top of a high rocky cliff, on the entrance of a narrow canyon at the confluence of Mitkvari (biggest river in Georgia) and Paravani rivers. The collection of old Georgian Chronicles testify to its existence from the most ancient of times. The exact date of its foundation is unknown but it’s thought that the first fort was erected a few centuries before the arrival of Alexander III of Macedonia (a.k.a. Alexander the Great). As the legend says, Alexander of Macedonia visited the site…

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