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Country profile:

Location: Northern Europe.
Borders: No land borders.
Capital: Reykjavík.
Area: 102,775 km2.
Population: 332,529.
Currency: Icelandic króna ISK.
Independence from Denmark: year 1944.

Travel articles about Iceland

90 of the Best Places to Visit in Iceland

90 of the Best Places to Visit in Iceland

Visit Iceland Iceland is famous to have one of the most beautiful vistas in the world. Combining stunning landscapes with incredible natural phenomena such as geysers, active volcanoes, glacier lagoons and breathtaking waterfalls, Iceland definitely keeps us busy for a few weeks. Iceland is a European island located between the North Atlantic Ocean and the Arctic Ocean. For Nature lovers, lonely hikers, adventure seekers, daring drivers, photographers or mountain trekking enthusiasts, YES! – Iceland welcomes you. On this page, I make a list of 90 Amazing Places which are undoubtedly the country’s major tourist attractions. The sequence of the photographs has to do with my trip along the Ring Road and the Westfjords for two weeks. So I organized them by order of my visit. I hope you enjoy. Read my page: 15 days driving in Iceland – Ring Road + Westfjords 90 Amazing Places to Visit in Iceland 1 –…

Driving in Iceland: Ring Road + Westfjords Road Trip – 15 Days

Driving in Iceland - 15 days road trip - Ring Road + Westfjords

Driving in Iceland Iceland Road Trip I spent 15 days exploring Iceland driving on my own. Iceland is a transcontinental island located in Europe and North America, between the North Atlantic and the Arctic Ocean. Driving in Iceland is very easy, somehow lonely and introspective. During two weeks I had the opportunity to drive the Iceland’s Ring Road + Westfjords and visit many of the best destinations that the country has to offer. Iceland is definitely not a country to visit if you’re in search of history, monuments, and museums. Basically, this is a country for nature lovers. Iceland is famous for its gorgeous scenery, amazing nature, endless glaciers, fabulous fjords, cliffs, breathtaking waterfalls, geysers and all kinds of other geothermal phenomena. I really enjoyed my trip to Iceland and is actually a country that I am thinking to visit again very soon. After a couple of days dedicated to visiting…

Best wildlife travel photos – Images of wild animals

Best wildlife travel photos - Images of wild animals

Best Wildlife Photos Animals are amazing. Wild and Beautiful. Everyone loves animal photos and wildlife pictures, so on this page, I assemble a few photos of the Best Wildlife images I made during my travels. I will update this page with more photos very soon. I hope you enjoy. NOTE: All these wildlife photos were never taken inside a zoo. All the animal photos on this page were either shot at an animal rescue center, animal orphanage or just in the wild – in their natural habitat. I discourage and do not approve the commercial use of animals for shows and entertaining performances. Best Wildife Photos Atlantic Puffin » Photo of Adorable Atlantic PUFFIN in Latrabjarg, Iceland. Leopard Seal » Photo of LEOPARD SEAL smiling in Antarctica. Zebra » Photo of ZEBRA in South Africa. Magellanic Penguin » Photo of MAGELLANIC PENGUIN – bad ass looking face, Argentina. Sea Lion »…

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