Kyrgyz Republic


Country profile:

Location: Central Asia.
Borders: Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, China.
Capital: Bishkek.
Area: 199,951 km2.
Population: 6,019,480.
Currency: Som KGS.
Independence from Soviet Union: year 1991.

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First time in Kyrgyzstan: 10-day travel itinerary

Travel to Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan is an amazing, uncommon travel destination, most definitely “off the beaten track”. Unique in its cultural richness and unmatched natural beauty, Kyrgyzstan has been home to a variety of cultures, empires, clans, and tribes among one of the lushest terrains in all of Central Asia. With an incredible display of rivers, […]

Qurut cheese recipe by mountain nomads - Kyrgyzstan
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Qurut cheese recipe by the mountain nomads of Kyrgyzstan

Nomads in Kyrgyzstan Central Asia is famous for its current nomad lifestyle. Kyrgyzstan is usually associated with nomadic culture. In fact, still today, nomadic life remains one of the standard ways of life in the Kyrgyz mountains, especially talking about the fantastic Fergana Range. Meeting nomads around the world is always an excellent cultural experience […]

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