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Republic of Moldova


Country profile:

Location: Eastern Europe.
Borders: Romania, Ukraine.
Capital: Chisinau.
Area: 33,846 km2.
Population: 2,998,235.
Currency: Leu MDL.
Independence from Soviet Union: year 1991.

Travel articles about Moldova

Tiraspol, the capital of a country that doesn’t exist: Transnistria

Tiraspol, the capital of a country that doesn't exist: Transnistria

Did you know that some countries don’t exist? Well, they do exist, but they are not recognized by the United Nations. This doesn’t prevent those “self-proclaimed” countries from being ruled and have a governmental administration. This is the case of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic – PMR. Have you ever heard of it? How about Transnistria? Does it ring the bell now? Pridnestrovie is a small territory on the right side of Moldova and southwest of Ukraine, close to Odessa. Although this country is not officially recognized, there are actually land borders with police and passport control. Flag of Pridnestrovie – Transnistria The Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic is a de-facto constitutional independent republic located between Ukraine and Moldova. This breakaway state is internationally known as Transnistria, and it has its own currency, its own parliament and politicians, its own police force and army (in fact Russian military). On this page you have a…

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