Republic of Peru


Country profile:

Location: South America.
Borders: Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile.
Capital: Lima.
Area: 1,285,216 km.
Population: 31,151,643.
Currency: Sol PEN.
Independence from Spain: year 1821.

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79 of the Best Places to Visit in Peru
Country guides South America

79 best places to visit in Peru

Visit Peru Peru is a country in South America that many people are curious to visit. The combination of tropical latitudes, vast mountain ranges, several topographical variations and the two oceanic currents, the Humboldt and El Niño, gives Peru a large diversity of climates. Peru is a country that has jungle, beach, tropical climate, desert […]

Chankillo, Peru - the 2,300-year-old solar desert observatory
Motivation South America

Chankillo, Peru – the 2,300-year-old solar desert observatory

Visit Chankillo The pre-Columbian history of Peru began about 15,000 years ago, until the times of the Inca civilization. This vigorous and indomitable Inca empire extended beyond Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia and Chile. The end of the Incas arrived with the Spanish colonizers in 1531. A mix of indomitable spirit, lack of serfdom, refusal to external […]

South America Travel Guide
South America

Inspiring places to visit in South America – Travel guide

South America Travel Guide “South America is an amazing continent to visit. It has a total of 13 countries with a total population of 385 million. The most spoken languages in South America are Portuguese, Spanish, English, Dutch, and French. “ My Top South America 4th century BC Chankillo astronomical observatory, Peru Galapagos Islands, Ecuador […]

Meaning of the Flags of South America
Geography South America

Meaning of the flags of South America

Flags of South America – National Flags The flags represent the national identity of each country. Each color has a meaning in the history of nations. South American flags vary on color and meaning. On this page, I list all flags of South America and their colors. Copyright: I own the copyright usage of these […]

Driving in South America - Ecuador to Ushuaia road trip
Driving South America

Driving in South America – Quito to Ushuaia road trip

Driving in South America I started Driving in South America after having completed several months going through the jungle and up the Amazon River by boat. I decided to change my means of transportation. Why? I bought a car in Quito, Ecuador’s capital. All those months of backpacking, sleeping in hammocks, river boats and piranhas […]

Best wildlife travel photos - Images of wild animals
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Best wildlife travel photos – Images of wild animals

Best Wildlife Photos Animals are amazing. Wild and Beautiful. Everyone loves animal photos and wildlife pictures, so on this page, I assemble a few photos of the Best Wildlife images I made during my travels. I will update this page with more photos very soon. I hope you enjoy. NOTE: All these wildlife photos were […]