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Portuguese Republic


Country profile:

Location: Europe.
Borders: Spain.
Capital: Lisbon.
Area: 92,212 km2.
Population: 10,341,330.
Currency: Euro EUR.
Portugal origins: The Foundation – year 868, Re-founding – year 1095, Sovereignty – year 1128, Established Kingdom – year 1139.

Travel articles about Portugal

100 of the Best Places to Visit in Portugal

100 of the Best Places to Visit in Portugal

Visit Portugal Cradle of world history, Portugal is a unique travel destination. It is interesting how such a small country offers such a variety of landscapes, history, architecture and gastronomy. To visit Portugal is a great and unforgettable experience. Portugal tells the history of a country and even a bit of the world, through its historical and archaeological monuments from prehistoric times, with dinosaurs and rock carvings, to the discovery of faraway lands beginning the globalization process through the Discoveries. Portugal is a small country located at the westernmost edge of Europe, but it is a nation of great achievements. The more I travel, the more I understand how this country is so rich in landmarks and heritage. Visit Portugal – 100 of the Best Places 1- Sintra Sintra is a town that seems to have come out of a fairy tale. Sintra’s green landscape is featured here and there by…

Monsanto de Idanha-a-Nova – Awe-inspiring Stone Village, Portugal

Monsanto de Idanha-a-Nova - Awe-inspiring Stone Village, Portugal

Monsanto is a unique granite built village in the center-east part of Portugal. Settled among huge stones on the top of the Cabeço de Monsanto hill, the village is of an incredible and unusual beauty. The streets of Monsanto are sided with granite houses, embedded in colossal stones. We can walk up the village until we reach the castle from where we enjoy amazing views over the region all the way to the Spanish border. The human presence in Monsanto dates back as early as the Lower Paleolithic (early Stone Age during the ice-ages), but the site was also inhabited by the Romans, the Visigoths and the Arabs. The Muslim rule of Monsanto lasted until 1165 when King D. Afonso Henriques defeated them. Consequently King D. Afonso Henriques donated Monsanto and the surrounding lands to the Order of the Knights Templar with the responsibility of repopulate and defend it. It was…

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