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Republic of Turkey


Country profile:

Location: South Europe, Middle East, Western Asia.
Borders: Greece, Bulgaria, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Iran, Iraq, Syria.
Capital: Ankara.
Area: 783,356 km2.
Population: 79,814,871.
Currency: Turkish Lira TRY.
Succession from Ottoman Empire: year 1919.

Travel articles about Turkey

The Greco-Roman city of Ephesus: a magnificent return to the past


In the summer of 2003, I had the opportunity to visit Turkey for the first time. In possession of an Interrail ticket across Europe and during my train trip, I secured a rental car along with two Polish guys I had met previously at a hostel. Later, we drove from Istanbul down the west coast of Turkey to explore several of its noted historical sites. As time passed and memories faded, Ephesus became like many other places – a victim of my forgetfulness due to the recent years’ extreme traveling. Greco-Roman city of Ephesus “HOWEVER, ONE THOUGHT WAS ALWAYS CONSCIOUS: ONE DAY I WOULD RETURN TO EPHESUS.” So, this is what happened. Thanks to Blogger Casting, and an invitation from the City of Izmir via the Izmir Development Agency, I had the recent opportunity to return to Ephesus. After three days of touring Izmir Province, I must admit I was amazed…

Inspiring Places to Visit in Asia – Travel Guide

Asia Best Destinations - Travel Guide

Asia Travel Guide “Asia is a marvelous continent to visit. With a total of 49 countries and a population of 4.3 billion, the most prevalent languages in Asia are Mandarin, Hindi, Arabic, Malay, Vietnamese, Korean, Cantonese, Wei, Thai, and English.” My Top Asia The 16th century World Heritage square Naqsh-e Jahan in Isfahan, Iran 427 meters / 1401 ft below sea level Dead Sea salt lake, Israel – Palestine – Jordan Cave of Jesus’s Birthplace in Bethlehem, Palestine The Citadel at Erbil, the oldest continuously inhabited town in the world, Iraq 15th century Timurid architecture of Registan Square in Samarkand, Uzbekistan Hazrat Ali’s Sacred shrine and Blue Mosque in Mazar-e-Sharif, Afghanistan 14th century Tashilhunpo Monastery and fortress in Shigatse, Tibet 15th century monasteries and monuments of Bhaktapur, Nepal 17th century fort and old district of Nizwa, Oman The endless Great Wall of China 2134 m / 7001 ft mountain top, 62…

Travel Blogger participation at the World Tourism Forum in Istanbul


From February 15-18th of 2017, I attended the World Tourism Forum in the beautiful city of Istanbul. Tourism is one of the world’s most rapidly developing industries and, by all means, governments and travel-related organizations need to be updated with tourism perspective enhancement as well as new ideas towards markets and travel objectives. “The World Tourism Forum is a global organization holding tourism events in different parts of the world, to further boost global tourism.” On this page, I will explain my participation in the World Tourism Forum as a travel blogger and influencer. With this, I will try to illustrate the event for those bloggers unable to attend the event while also giving personal insight as to why I think such forums are influential in developing the market and business relations.   At the @wtourismforum in Istanbul #travel #worldtourismforum GOOD MORNING pic.twitter.com/lVhPvrXXV3 — ? Nomad Revelations (@joaoleitao) February 16, 2017…

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