Republic of Uzbekistan


Country profile:

Location: Central Asia.
Borders: Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan.
Capital: Tashkent.
Area: 448,978 km2.
Population: 32,121,000.
Currency: Uzbekistan Som UZS.
Succession from Soviet Union: year 1991.

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Welcome to my Uzbekistan Travel Guide specially made for your convenience and help you organize your next trip. Uzbekistan is one of the Central Asian countries that became independent after the Soviet Union collapsed. Like other former members of the USSR, this country has a long history of sovereignty, with several independent states and some […]

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Visit Uzbekistan Uzbekistan is one of those countries many people never heard about. For most travelers, this doubly landlocked country is somehow deep inside our imaginary of being a faraway Silk Route nation, full of exotic people, ancient architecture and where Alexander the Great fell in love with Roxana- his future wife. I entered Uzbekistan […]

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