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UNESCO Sites in Tajikistan

Tajikistan unesco sites
Tajikistan UNESCO sites
unesco world heritage sites

Tajikistan UNESCO has registered 2 sites on the World Heritage list and 17 on the tentative list.

Some places are so interesting that it’s relevant to keep them for future generations. This is why UNESCO has built a list of crucial classified properties in which superb places stand out for their aesthetic, natural, artistic, or cultural significance.

More than a thousand places are registered as Unesco’s World Heritage worldwide. Due to my interest in visiting World Heritage sites, I compiled the UNESCO list in Tajikistan and the corresponding map.

Tajikistan UNESCO list

  1. Proto-urban Site of Sarazm
  2. Tajik National Park (Mountains of the Pamirs)

Tajikistan UNESCO Map

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  1. Proto-urban Site of Sarazm is an archaeological site located in the northwestern part of Tajikistan, near the border with Uzbekistan. The site dates back to the 4th millennium BCE and is one of the oldest known settlements in Central Asia. It is an important example of early urban development and provides valuable insights into the region’s early history.
  2. Tajik National Park (Mountains of the Pamirs) is a natural heritage site located in the Pamir Mountains in eastern Tajikistan. The site includes many important ecosystems, including high-altitude deserts, alpine meadows, and glaciers. It provides important habitats for rare and endangered plant and animal species, such as the snow leopard and Marco Polo sheep. The site is also known for its impressive natural beauty and cultural significance, with some traditional communities living within its boundaries.

UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Tajikistan have protected places for their cultural and natural importance.

Sites on the Tentative List

  1. Mausoleum of “Amir Khamza Khasti Podshoh”
  2. The Site of the Ancient Town of Takhti-Sangin
  3. The Site of the Ancient Town of Baitudasht IV
  4. Mausoleum of “Khoja Mashkhad”
  5. Buddhistic cloister of Ajina-Tepa
  6. Mausoleum of “Hodja Nashron”
  7. The Site of the Ancient Town of Pyanjekent
  8. Mausoleum of “Mukhammad Bashoro”
  9. The Site of the Ancient Town of Shahristan (Kahkakha)
  10. Fann mountains
  11. Tigrovaya Balka
  12. Zakaznik Kusavlisay
  13. State reserve Dashti Djum
  14. Zorkul State Reserve
  15. Silk Roads Sites in Tajikistan
  16. Silk Roads: Zarafshan-Karakum Corridor
  17. Khulbuk – the capital of ancient Khuttal