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140 Best Useful Travel Blogs & Websites To Follow In 2022


Welcome to my list of Best Useful Travel Blogs. Here I made an archive of the best and most prominent 140 useful travel bloggers about gear and equipment, language learning, volunteer, podcasts, working holiday, teaching English abroad, blogs for women and blogs for men.


  1. Maps – A premier online source of maps, atlases, globes and other mapping products and solutions.
  2. Map Happy – Practical tips and equipment reviews to get you ready for your trip.
  3. Too Many Adapters – Technology for travelers, hardware and software reviews, opinion and advice.
  4. Practical Travel Gear – The most popular travel gear site on the web, posting a new detailed review each weekday.
  5. The Travel Insider – News, views and reviews on travel and travel related technology.
  6. Tep Wireless – Pocket wifi rental website that provides you with wireless internet access around the world.
  7. Gap Year Travel Store – UK based travel store specializing in essential travel gear.
  8. Practical Hacks – Gear, travel hacks and DIY travel gadgets.
  9. Tech Guide For Travel – The geeky side of backpacking.
  10. Flashpacker HQ – A resource for flashpackers – tech savvy, budget travelers.
  11. Buy Travel Backpacks – How to buy a good backpack – reviews, tips, and forums for travel backpacks.


  1. Lang-8 – A language learning platform where native speakers correct what you write.
  2. Fluent in 3 Months – Unconventional language hacking tips from Benny the Irish polyglot; travelling the world to learn new languages to fluency.
  3. Guide to Japanese – Tae Kim’s guide to learn Japanese on line.
  4. Escape Velocity – Language hacking guides and tips on backpacking on a budget from Andrew.
  5. 101 Languages – Translate English phrases into many different languages.
  6. Talk to Me in Korean – Learn Korean with free lessons, make friends around the world, and ask questions about Korean and Korea.
  7. I Will Teach You a Language – Olly’s study hacks and mind tools for independent language learners.
  8. Women Learn Thai – Expat making her way through the Thai language and Thai culture.
  9. Mezzoguild – Donovan’s goal is to become fluent in at least one new language every year and to spend time living in that country while sharing his experience with you.
  10. Hacking Chinese – Olle’s blog is focusing on how to learn Mandarin rather than what to learn. Everything you need to know about studying Chinese but no-one will tell you.
  11. The Polyglot Dream – Luca from Italy shows you how to develop a solid language core, which will help you go further into a foreign language and get more out of the experience.
  12. Everyday Language Learner – On his blog Aaron is helping the everyday language learner be more effective, more efficient and have more fun.
  13. Chinese Hacks – Tips, tricks, reviews apps and websites to help you hack your way to better Chinese.
  14. BahasaKita – An Indonesian language online resource for non native speakers, Indonesian teachers & students.
  15. Ellen Jovin – Ellen is a language-learning blogger and product reviewer; she has very busy study schedule, currently learning Persian.


  1. Local Adventurer – Esther & Jacob from San Diego are lifestyle bloggers and youtubers who love travel, food, & cats, seeking adventure locally and worldwide.
  2. On the Luce – Lucy, part-time traveler, full-time travel obsessive, provides inspiration and information to help you make the most of your travel time.
  3. 12hrs – 12 hours travel itineraries for cities around the world.
  4. Travelling Buzz – Maria is a travel blogger from Bulgaria. She shares tips for part-time, affordable travel and destinations in Europe.
  5. Pack Me To – Follow Adelina, a part-time traveler as she explores the world between work.
  6. This Could Lead to Anywhere – Kate and I’m a part-time traveller passionated cultures, heritage and having local experiences.
  7. Wander the Map – Jenna and Micah travel the world as much as their schedules allow to capture the world through photos, videos and words.
  8. Travel? Yes Please! – Rhonda and Mike, two 30-something professionals who make it a priority to travel every chance they get.
  9. 48 Hour Adventure – Short break guides and travel advice to motivate and inspire career focused people to explore more.
  10. Final Transit – Priyank, based in Toronto, has been travelling the world part-time for the past seven years.
  11. We Travel Together – Monica and Jon, both born and raised in Norway, are a part time traveling coupleA Blonde Around the World.
  12. Travel the World – Katherine and Romeo are part-time travelers. They like culture, adventure, food, and a little golf.
  13. Flirting with the Globe – A unique perspective on travel from a full-time attorney and part-time adventuress.
  14. That Adventurer – Hannah is learning to balance a 9-6 job with a desire to travel as much as possible and share her travel stories, hints and tips.
  15. Why Waste Annual Leave – A doctor by day and avid travel wrirer by night. Stylish, inspiring travel for those with regular careers and passion for travel travel during their annual leave.
  16. Deep Travel and Lifestyle – Will, Australian by birth and sometime banker by trade. He balances his tedious cubicle existence with a passion for travel, keeping fit and writing.
  17. A Blonde Around the World – Female travel inspiration and tips by Pam, part time blogger and full time dreamer.
  18. Non Stop Destination – Lies is a Belgian travel blogger currently living in London, UK. On her blog you will find travel inspiration, tips, resources and travel photography.
  19. Travel Notes – Manoj and Aparna are short term traveler from Maharashtra in India.
  20. Angela Travels – A part-time travel blogger sharing her local and world travel adventures. From local weekend hiking to full vacations.
  21. Life, Love and Adventure – A part time traveller Dawn is obsessed with historical architecture throughout the world.
  22. The Big Fat World – Megan is a part-time travel blogger and full-time dreamer.
  23. The Time Crunched Traveler – Tips and ideas on how to explore the world, two weeks at the time.
  24. Travellous World – Maaike’s travel blog dedicated to London and other destinations in the world.
  25. Need Another Holiday – Full-time job. First-time mum. Part-time travel.
  26. Miss Vacation – Ideas for trips with limited vacation days per year and stunning photography for inspiration.
  27. Globe Trekking – Travels of seasonal traveler Daniel from Minnesota.
  28. The Journey Journal – Patricia is from Slovakia, currently doing a PhD in Stockholm. She is a part-time traveller and a beginning photographer.
  29. Travel Abouts – Svetla shares information on great places to visit within Europe on a reasonable budget with a 9-5 job and 2 kids.
  30. Ladies What – Two friends, Keri & Emma, exploring the world. They share travel stories, tips, reviews & interviews. They are big foodies and animal lovers.
  31. The Two Week Traveler – Katrina, unlike many travel bloggers, gave up the nomadic lifestyle to put down roots. She shows how to have meaningful travel experiences two weeks at a time.
  32. Annie Anywhere – A travel blog with tips to live more, travel more, and buy less. Annie helps you to discover destination, and plan your trip.
  33. Wife with Baggage – A travel site written for and by a career-minded, family loving, travel-addicted couple.
  34. Weekend Haven – Valerie presents the best weekend gateways in Asia and beyond.
  35. Part Time Backpacking – Robin is a part-time traveler and full-time dreamer.



  1. The One Effect – Chris is working online, traveling the world and helping others. You can join him on his mission to change the world.
  2. International Volunteer Network – Leanne is interested in volunteering, charity and development work. She blogs about her volunteering experience.


  1. Idealist – Connecting idealists with opportunities for action all over the world.
  2. Go Abroad – The leading online directory for meaningful travel. Study, volunteer, teach & internships abroad.
  3. Work Away – Volunteer in exchange for food and accommodation and learn about the local lifestyle and community.
  4. Help Exchange – Free volunteer work exchange in Australia. Includes farms, home stays, ranches, lodges, B&B’s and even sailing boats.
  5. Peace Corps – Making a difference in communities abroad and in the US.
  6. Doctors Without Borders – All sorts of short-term opportunity for a wide range of health professionals.
  7. Volunteering Solutions – Safe and affordable volunteer & internship programs in over 20 countries worldwide. Prices starting from $200.
  8. WWOOF – Travel the glove volunteering in organic farms in exchange for food, accommodation and opportunities to learn.
  9. International Volunteer HQ – Provides affordable, safe and responsible volunteer abroad programs in 30 different countries around the world.
  10. i-to-i – Work or volunteer overseas. Teaching English jobs, volunteer travel and Gap Year travel.
  11. Grassroots – Free tools and services to help connects volunteers with charities.
  12. Green Heart Travel – Change your global perspective through studying, teaching or volunteering abroad.
  13. Worldpackers – Find unique places and hosts where you can exchange your skills for accommodation.
  14. Geovisions – Sustainable volunteer abroad projects, teach abroad and au pair abroad paid jobs, internships and the J1 US Work and Travel program.
  15. – Real hands-in volunteer opportunities in disaster regions.
  16. True Travellers – A community sharing information about free international volunteer work abroad programs and adventure travel.
  17. Oyster Worldwide – Gap years, career breaks, responsible travel, overseas projects for 2 weeks to 1 year in 14 countries.
  18. International Humanity Foundation – Half of International Humanity Foundation’s mission is to educate the poor and the other half is to educate the world about the poor.
  19. Grassroots Volunteering – Connecting travelers with grassroots initiatives and social enterprises all over the world to promote sustainable tourism.
  20. Plan My Gap Year – Affordable volunteer programs from two weeks to six months across Africa & Asia.
  21. Volunteer South America – This website lists the free and low-cost volunteer opportunities in South & Central America.
  22. See the Wild – Connects travelers with tour operators and non-profits who support wildlife conservation through travel and volunteering.
  23. Voluntourism – The resource on all things VolunTourism.
  24. Globe Drop – Connect to charities with GlobeDrop while traveling meaningfully.
  25. Volunteer Global – Connecting your interests with voluntary service.
  26. Green Volunteers – Volunteering with animals, wildlife and nature conservation database.
  27. All Out Africa – Wildlife conservation and community development projects in South Africa, Swaziland, Mozambique and Botswana.
  28. Do Good As You Go – Volunteer programs for independent travelers around the world, using their professional skills to do good as they go.
  29. The Inside and Out – Humans helping animals through ecotourism.
  30. Kind Mankind – The open platform for independent change makers and volunteers.
  31. Free Volunteer Work Abroad – Find free ways to volunteer, cheap voluntary work and inexpensive gap years or career breaks abroad.
  32. Go Eco – Created by experienced volunteers for people who are eager to travel and contribute to the community, wildlife, and environment they visit.


  1. Extra Pack of Peanuts – Travel writer and host of the top-rated travel podcast about travel hacking. Teaching people how to travel more while spending less.
  2. Amateur Traveler – Chris Christensen’s audio & video podcast, and a blog, focusing on the best places to travel to, from road trips to swimming with whales in Tonga.
  3. Indie Travel Podcast – Audio and video podcasts along with magazine style articles for independent and adventure travellers.
  4. Travel with Rick Stevens – Weekly radio show with Rick Stevens, expert on travels to Europe. There is an archive sections and audio guides to cities.
  5. Dirtbag Diaries – Fitz Cahall’s podcast dedicated to the sometimes serious, often humorous stories from wild places.
  6. Married With Luggage – Warren and Betsy Talbot are learning about love by travelling the world together They share their thought through video, podcast, blog and books.
  7. Daily Travel Podcast – Nathaniel Boyle invites you for daily podcast featuring conversations with world explorers and creative wanderers.
  8. This Week in Travel – blog by Gary Arndt, Jen Leo and Chris Christensen presenting the best travel podcast of the week.
  9. Excess Baggage – BBC show hosts Sandi Toksvig and John McCarthy talking to travellers from home and around the world about their destinations, experiences, anegdotes and issues arising from their journeys.
  10. Betty in the Sky with a Suitcase – Travel the world with flight attendant Betty listening to her podcast show.
  11. Travel in 10 – Series of short audiotours and soundscapes from hip hotels, restaurants, concerts, festivals and events around the world.
  12. The Opportunistic Travelers – Evo and Sheila, 40-something empty nesters living their lives as opportunistic travelers for a world-wide tour.
  13. Family Adventure Podcast – Inspiring interviews with families who have dreamed big and are accomplishing epic adventures.
  14. Brian Tells Stories – Brian has a passion for radio and podcast and he is intreviewing travlers to provide some listening pleasure for us.



  1. The Working Traveller – A blog by working travellers, Shane and Deirdre, who travel the world cheaply and look for the ways you can too.
  2. Around the World in 80 Jobs – Turner experiences the world doing different jobs. Many tips on how to find work overseas and great tales.
  3. String Knife and Paper – Highs and lows of 20 years of working abroad in Africa, Asia, Caribbean and Small Islands.
  4. Will Work 4 Travel – Lisa and Cheryl are working their way around the world and showing others how to stretch their travel dollars by house-sitting, WWOOFing, and volunteering along the way.


  1. Transitions Abroad – The traveler’s web guide for paid and volunteer work, living, study, internships, teaching overseas, working in a ski resort, summer camps, au pairing and farm work.
  2. Au Pair – Work abroad as au pairs, live-in nannies and senior caregiver from around the world.
  3. Overseas Jobs – Overseas jobs and international employment opportunities for professionals, expatriates and adventure seekers.
  4. Jobs Abroad Bulletin – Displays current vacancies from around the world.
  5. Hostel Management – The online resource for hostel professionals and enthusiasts.
  6. Bunac – Work and travel adventures on summer camps, working holidays, volunteer projects and internships in some of the world’s most exciting locations.
  7. Hostel Jobs – An online center for finding a hostel job abroad.
  8. Pay Away – Tips and advice to fund gap years and long term travelling, find working holidays, seasonal work and jobs abroad.
  9. Overseas Job Centre – Find work and live abroad or get paid to travel by finding seasonal travel jobs, working holidays, career breaks, gap years & volunteer work overseas.
  10. Taking a Career Break – Gap year travel, sabbaticals and volunteer work for older volunteers looking to take a career break abroad.
  11. Working Holiday Info – Country guides aimed specifically at working holidaymakers.


  1. ESL Cafe – The internet’s meeting place for ESL+EFL teachers and students form around the world.
  2. Wandering Educators – A global community of educators, sharing thair travel and teaching experiences.
  3. Reach to Teach – Reach To Teach places ESL teachers at destinations all over the world.
  4. Teaching Traveling – A blog to inspire more teachers to travel, and more travelers to teach! Also, great Global Education resources.
  5. A Journey in TEFL – Teacher with 20 years of blogging about adventure in teaching English.
  6. 2 Nomads 1 Narrative – A blog by couple teaching and travelling since 2009. After living in few countries in Asia, now they are in South America.
  7. You Can Teach English – All you need to know about teaching English abroad: country info, job opportunieties, interviews with other teachers.
  8. Teach English Travel Overseas – A resource for those looking to teach English and travel around the globe. Site offers country guides, teaching tips, articles, overview of the various types of teaching positions.
  9. Our Korean Teapot – A year as foreign teacher in Korea.
  10. Runaway Brit – A British girl teaching her way around the world until she find a place to call home.
  11. Teaching Expat – Information about teaching English overseas and living abroad for expats.
  12. Expat Teaching – A specialist recruitment agency that focuses on placing qualified teachers with suitable teaching jobs abroad.
  13. Konglish Adventures – Gina and Joel’s adventure of teaching English in South Korea.
  14. Live Learn Venture – Travel and learning experience in Asia. Nick and Natasha teach English and discuss living in South Korea.
  15. Tom’s TEFL – English teaching resources and ideas tailored for Hong Kong primary children. TEFL & ESL materials, games and templates – all completely free of charge.
  16. Teach Travel Play – Emily and Matt’s travel the world and teach English to support their passion. Currently living in Singapore.
  17. Join Chase – Chase is a world traveler, teacher and biker. He shares the beautiful, frustrating, and oftentimes awkward cross-cultural experiences of life as an expat. Currently in Myanmar.
  18. Notes from Over There – A long-running personal blog about living in Shanghai, teaching English abroad and other travel memories.



  1. Expat Woman – All the information women need before moving abroad.
  2. Travel Fashion Girl – Women’s travel resource for packing, fashion, and beauty on your adventures.
  3. Her Packing List – Talking about female travel gear and accessories.
  4. Journey Woman – The largest online travel resource for women, to inspire women to travel safely and to connect female travellers.
  5. Tuula Vintage – Travel and fashion blog.
  6. Wanderlust And Lipstick – The leading women-focused travel site, providing tips, reviews, information and inspiration written by women for women.
  7. Yes and Yes – Inspiring blog for women covering many fields of life with very useful Mini Guide series.
  8. Pink Pangea – The community for women who love to travel and have a desire to share authentic insights.
  9. Mademoiselle Le K – Travel, lifestyle, beauty & fashion blog. All posts in English & French.
  10. Travel Belles – An online magazine about travel for women, brings you everything from solo travel to adventure travel to small group travel to girlfriend getaways.
  11. Adventure Women – A unique adventure travel tours for active women over 30.
  12. Travel Go Girl – Weekly travel tips, event news and inspiration for women.
  13. Expat Women – Helping women living overseas, inspiring your success abroad.
  14. Diwyy – A girl’s guide to travel, studying, working and volunteering abroad.
  15. World Moms Blog – Connecting global mothers, telling their stories and making a difference. Over 50 women bloggers representing 20+ countries.
  16. Suitcase and Heels – Melissa’s travel blog for women who want to travel in style and on a budget.
  17. Savvy Girl Travel – A cultural magazine focusing on the female travel experience: from art to books to personal stories.
  18. Worldette – The daily email dedicated to getting you out in the world.
  19. Tango Diva – A travel site empowering women to explore the world and themselves. Includes a forum, links and online newsletter.
  20. Dame Traveler – A girly backpackers blog, looking for advice on fashion, beauty and everything travelling.
  21. Independent Travel Help – Expat life and independent travel for women aged 35+.
  22. Women Travel In Style – Exclusive travel essentials for women traveling in style.
  23. Urban Travel Girl – Thoughts on black women living globally through international travel.
  24. She Sees The World – A site dedicated to sharing authentic and inspiring stories of personal growth through travel.
  25. Rani And Katie – A girl’s guide to spirits, SPAs and travel in style.


  1. Thrillist – A magazine for men providing all that’s new, unknown or under-appreciated in food, drink, travel and entertainment.
  2. Man Tripping – A site dedicated to promoting mancations and guys weekends.
  3. Real Man Travels – Stories and thoughts from a group of very manly Canadian men.