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20 Best Vegan Travel Blogs & Websites To Follow In 2022


Welcome to my list of Best Vegan Travel Blogs. Here I made an archive of the best and most prominent 20 vegan travel bloggers.

Best Vegan Travel Blogs

  1. Heart of a Vagabond – An inspirational blog focused on responsible travel, traditional vegan food, yoga and mindful living.
  2. Angloitalian Follow Us – Slow vegan travel blog by Dale & Franca, with focus on architecture, art and design.
  3. Don’t Forget to Move – The ultimate budget backpacking vegetarian couple, Jules and Christine, that met and fell in love while travelling.
  4. Vegan Mniam – Rika and Doni are photographers, global travelers and vegan foodies based in Oregon.
  5. Justin Plus Lauren – Vegan part-time travelling couple, Lauren and Justin, are video editors. They love animals, nature and music.
  6. Indefinite Adventure – Vegan gay British couple Sam and Zab travel light and slow, and work as they go.
  7. Am I Nearly There Yet? – Eloise and Stu are a British backpacker couple, slow travel experts, travelling the globe long-term and living life to the fullest! Great pictures and vegan travel tips.
  8. Mindful Wanderlust – Giselle and Cody are vegan couple travelling in a compassionate and responsible way.
  9. Powered by Tofu – Olivia is very activ woman, she explores, creates and lives the good life.
  10. North and South Nomads – The computer nerd, poutine eating Canadian, and the beach loving, vegan Aussie Lawyer travel the world together.
  11. Bounding Over Our Steps – Travel adventures and nomadic life of the lesbian, vegan couple, Ligeia and Mindy.
  12. Burger Abroad – Mnimalist travel blog about green, vegan, slow, solo, budget, female travel written by an artist and pet-sitter Amanda.
  13. Travel and Tofu – Vegan girl traveling around the world.
  14. World Wide Vegetarian – Katie’s food and travel blog sharing vegetarian and vegan recipes plus tips for veggie travel.
  15. Vegan World Trekker – Valuable information about traveling the world as a vegan/vegetarian.
  16. Vegan Nom Noms – Vegan solo female traveler with a never-ending case of wanderlust. Recipes, reviews and travel tips from a plant-based perspective.
  17. Mostly Amelie – A solo vegan world traveler with a knack for healthy living. Currently in Malaysia.
  18. Vegan Food Quest – Caryl & Paul find, eat and writing about the best vegan food in the world.
  19. Taste of Slow – A green travel blog which shares travel stories and tips on travel, vegetarian food culture and a green lifestyle.
  20. Vegan in Brighton – Vegan scene and stories from worldwide travel escapades.