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Amazing places to go when you visit Armenia

Visit Armenia

Visit Armenia
Visit Armenia

The Republic of Armenia is a fascinating country located in the South Caucasus. Armenia is a mysterious nation since we don’t hear people speaking about it very often.

Most travelers, when in the region, stay longer in neighboring Georgia or cross over to Azerbaijan without time to properly travel in Armenia.

Nowadays it’s quite easy to cross the border from Armenia to Iran, creating a travel itinerary within these two fantastic countries.

It is quite easy to visit Armenia because it’s very safe and full of very friendly and hospitable people. The amount of historical buildings and monastery complexes in the country is impressive.

On this page, I make a list of 36 Amazing Places which are undoubtedly the country’s major tourist attractions.

Where to go when you Visit Armenia

Alphabetic order

1. Aghitu Memorial

Visit Aghitu in Armenia

Aghitu Memorial Armenia
Aghitu Memorial in Armenia

5th-century BC monument decorated with pomegranates, grapes, and geometrical forms. Located in Syunik region.

2. Archaeological Site Agarak

Visit Agarak in Armenia

Archaeological Site Agarak Armenia
Archaeological Site Agarak in Armenia

3000-year-old settlement from the Early Bronze Age. Several ruins and holes dug on the rock used as wine presses. Located in Syunik region.

3. Areni-1 Cave

Visit Areni-1 Cave in Armenia

Areni-1 Cave Armenia
Areni-1 Cave in Armenia

This is the cave where the oldest shoe in the world was found (5600 years old). Also the most ancient winery in the world can also be seen inside. You can have a guided tour exploring the various excavated rooms of this interesting cave. Located in Vayots Dzor region.

4. Artashat Ancient City

Visit Artashat in Armenia

Artashat Ancient City in Armenia
Artashat Ancient City in Armenia

King Artashes ordered the construction of his new capital in Artashat, 2000 years ago. This old archaeological site is right on the border line, so expect police checking on you. Located in Ararat region.

5. Dashtadem Fortress

Visit Dashtadem in Armenia

Dashtadem Fortress Armenia
Dashtadem Fortress in Armenia

10th-century fortress with a side chapel dedicated to Saint Sargis. Fully surrounded by defensive walls, you can explore inside this ancient fortress. Located in Aragatsotn region.

6. Dvin Ancient City

Visit Dvin in Armenia

Dvin Ancient City Armenia
Dvin Ancient City in Armenia

1000-year-old ancient city, that was once the capital of Armenia. This ancient place was built during the reign of Armenian king Khosrov Kotak. Located in Ararat region.

7. Erebuni Fortress

Visit Erebuni in Armenia

Erebuni Fortress Armenia
Erebuni Fortress in Armenia

Old fortress built back in 782 BC during the reign of Urartian king Argishti A. You can visit several ruins, the house of the blue frescoes, the palace and the acropolis. There is a museum that will make you understand the history of this place. From the top of the hill you can see a full panoramic view of Yerevan. Located in Yerevan region.

8. Etchmiadzin Cathedral

Visit Etchmiadzin in Armenia

Etchmiadzin Cathedral Armenia
Etchmiadzin Cathedral in Armenia

The Etchmiadzin Cathedral was built in the beginning of the 4th-century. Very beautiful paintings and splendid architecture. You can also visit the interesting church museum where a piece of wood from Noah’s Ark is in exhibition. Located in Armavir region.

9. Garni Temple

Visit Garni in Armenia

Garni Temple Armenia
Garni Temple in Armenia

1800-year-old Pagan temple dedicated to Mithra, the god of sun. This is the only standing Greco-Roman colonnaded building of the former Soviet Union. Located in Kotayk region.

10. Geghard Monastery

Visit Geghard Monastery in Armenia

Geghard Monastery Armenia
Geghard Monastery in Armenia

Breathtaking monastery built back in the 4th-century. This is often called the rock monastery since most part of the building is actually carved inside the rock. It’s unbelievable how such open spaces are carved inside the mountain. Explore to find hidden chapels and churches. Located in Kotayk region.

11. Goris

Visit Goris in Armenia

Goris Armenia
Goris in Armenia

Founded back in 1870 on the shores of Vararakn River, Goris has a beautiful old cave town that you can explore on your own. Interesting how people still use the old caves as cellars or a place to keep the cattle. Located in Syunik region.

12. Goshavank Monastery

Goshavank Monastery Armenia
Goshavank Monastery in Armenia

Amazing monastery build back in the 12th-century. Goshavank was one of the most important Armenian medieval cultural centers. Located in Tavush region.

13. Haghpat Monastery

Haghpat Monastery Armenia
Haghpat Monastery in Armenia

UNESCO listed monastery built back in 976 during the reign of Ashot G Bagratuni. Haghpat is probably the most important monastery in Armenia. Located in Lori region.

14. Hovhannavank Monastery

Hovhannavank Monastery Armenia
Hovhannavank Monastery in Armenia

Monastery built back in the 4th-century. Hovhannavank is dedicated to St. John the Baptist. The views over the canyon are impressive, and don’t miss the red color of the stone during sunset. Located in Aragatsotn region.

15. Jrapi Caravanserai

Jrapi Caravanserai Armenia
Jrapi Caravanserai in Armenia

12th-century caravanserai built during the Seljuk Empire. Near the caravanserai, there is also a full standing church and the ruins of an old cathedral. Located in Shirak region.

16. Khnatsakh Cave Village

Khnatsakh Cave Village Armenia
Khnatsakh Cave Village in Armenia

17. Khor Virap Monastery

Khor Virap Monastery Armenia
Khor Virap Monastery in Armenia

18. Kotrats Caravanserai

Kotrats Caravanserai Armenia
Kotrats Caravanserai in Armenia

19. Lake Sevan

Lake Sevan Armenia
Lake Sevan in Armenia

20. Meghri

Meghri Armenia
Meghri in Armenia

21. Melik Tangi Bridge

Melik Tangi Bridge Armenia
Melik Tangi Bridge in Armenia

22. Metsamor Museum

Metsamor Historical Archaeological Museum Armenia
Metsamor Historical Archaeological Museum in Armenia

23. Moz Bronze Age Settlement

Moz Bronze Age Settlement Armenia
Moz Bronze Age Settlement in Armenia

24. Noravank Monastery

Noravank Monastery Armenia
Noravank Monastery in Armenia

25. Old Khndzoresk Cave Village

Old Khndzoresk Cave Village Armenia
Old Khndzoresk Cave Village in Armenia

Incredible rock cave city built on the edge of the canyon. You can cross the long bridge and explore the houses, churches, and several caves. Don’t miss
the cave church of St.Tatevos, and Anapat, with the tomb of Mkhitar Sparapet, a 18th-century Armenian national hero. Located in Syunik region.

26. Saghmosavank Monastery

Saghmosavank Monastery Armenia
Saghmosavank Monastery in Armenia

13th-century monastery built by the order of Vache Vachutyan. Expect incredible views over the canyon. Located in Aragatsotn region.

27. Saint Christopher Monastery

Saint Christopher Monastery Armenia
Saint Christopher Monastery in Armenia

7th-century church and a 13th-century rectangular bell tower on the side. Not far from Dashtadem Fortress. Big cemetery with several ancient rock carved gravestones. Amazing views over the nearby mountains. Located in Aragatsotn region.

28. Sevanavank Monastery

Sevanavank Monastery Armenia
Sevanavank Monastery in Armenia

One of Armenia’s most visited and photographed monument. Build back in 874 by Ashot A’s daughter duchess Mariam. Amazing combination of the old church and the lake. Located in Gegharqunik region.

29. Shaki Waterfall

Shaki Waterfall Armenia
Shaki Waterfall in Armenia

30. Symphony of Stones Canyon

Symphony of Stones Canyon Armenia
Symphony of Stones Canyon in Armenia

Natural canyon with unique shapes carved by nature on the black basalt stone. The Canyon can be seen from the top of Garni Temple. Located in Kotayk region.

31. Tatev Monastery

Tatev Monastery Armenia
Tatev Monastery in Armenia

32. Vorotnavank Monastery

Vorotnavank Monastery Armenia
Vorotnavank Monastery in Armenia

33. Yererouk Basilica

Yererouk Basilica Armenia
Yererouk Basilica in Armenia

34. Yerevan

Yerevan Armenia
Yerevan in Armenia

The capital of Armenia is one of the world’s oldest continuously inhabited cities, dating back to the 8th century BC. Don’t miss the impressive History Museum of Armenia and other famous monuments and the Republic Square by night.

35. Zorats Karer

Zorats Karer Armenia
Zorats Karer in Armenia

Stone complex dating back from the 5th-millennium BC. This is a very interesting place as some of the stones reach 3 meters high and 10 tons in weight. Located in Syunik region.

36. Zvartnots Cathedral

Zvartnots Cathedral Armenia
Zvartnots Cathedral in Armenia

Built in 641-661 by Nerses III Shinogh’s. Nowadays, this religious complex is in ruins, but Zvartnots was standing until the end of the 10th-century. Many couples come here for their marriage photo-shoots. Located in Armavir region.

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