Female Celebrities with Name Tattoos

Celebrities love tattoos! When it comes to designs name tattoos are on top of their choice list. Famous people name tattoos include names of kids, actual partners (that are the biggest love of their life, of course!), name of wife or husband, parents names, pets names.

Some are good decision, some are bad. Angelina Jolie is the most well known female celebrity that has had her name tattoo design removed and covered with another tattoo.

Check out the female celebrity with name tattoos in our gallery.

Christina Aguilera’s Name Tattoo

Popular singer had her name tattooed on the neck.

Christina Aguilera Name Tattoo
Christina Aguilera’s Name Tattoo on the neck

Rihanna’s Roman Numerals Tattoo

British singer Adele has inked behind her ear the name initial of her son Angelo.

Rihanna Roman Numerals Tattoo
Rihanna’s Roman Numerals Tattoo on her upper shoulder

Angelina Jolie’s Name Tattoo

Angelina had name of her husband Billy Bob Thorton inked on her arm. She got it removed though, after they split. She is known for paying tattoo tribute to all of her partners. Rumor says that she has recently made some tattoo for Brad Pitt on her tight.

Angelina Jolie Name Tattoo
Angelina Jolie’s Name Tattoo on the shoulder

Victoria Beckham’s Name Tattoo

Vicoria has her husband, David Beckham, initials tattooed on her wrist.

Victoria Beckham Name Tattoo
Victoria Beckham husband’s Name Initials Tattoo on her wrist

Katy Perry’s Name Tattoo

Katy Perry Name Tattoo
Katy Perry’s Name Tattoo on her wrist

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