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Belly Dance
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Belly dancing is an exotic dance style very famous for its extreme sensuality.

Belly dancing has evolved in many countries through various forms, namely diverse dance styles and different movements.

Many experts say belly dancing is the oldest form of dance, having roots in all ancient cultures of the East, from India to the Middle East.

For many centuries belly dancing was more of a dance show for public, but being carried out by artists, this kind of dance begins to be also a dancer’s relationship with the public, making it warmer and more intimate.

But belly dancing is not only a dance of seduction to entertain men. There are many cases when this dance is performed only among women.

It originated as a folk dance usually performed for other women during fertility rituals or parties preparing a young woman for marriage. Men presence then is not permitted.

The Belly dancing is natural to the bones of the woman and their muscular structure, with movements emanating from the torso rather than the legs and feet. The dance was taught to Girls from an early age was taught that dance in order to strengthen their abdominal muscles in preparation for childbirth.

This type of oriental dance often focuses on isolating movements of different parts of the body. All body is flowing in smooth sensual movement.Those movements bring a deep connection to the feminine, sexuality and fertility.

Performing belly dance with bare feet emphasize this intimate physical connection between the dancer, her expression, and Mother Earth.

Belly Dance with Sadie dancer

In this video you can see a bit of traditional oriental dance performed by the dancer Sadie.

Learn Belly Dance

The Arabic dance is very easy to learn and with a little dedication you can become an expert dancer.

Makeup for Belly Dance

Interesting video that gives some tips on how to do makeup to become more beautiful in dance.

More about belly dancing
If you want to find more information on this subject, visit the official website of the Belly Dance, very complete site abouth this artistic activity.

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