How to write in Arabic

The Arabic writing is very interesting and lot of people would like to learn it.

However, lack of time and often lack of access to good explanations can make this dream disappear causing you to lose interest to learn Arabic.

Name Joao Pedro in Arabic
Name Joao Pedro in Arabic

On this page I’ll try to teach you step by step how you can quickly and easily learn to write in Arabic.

Are you prepared?

Let’s start!

Quick info on the Arabic alphabet

  • The Arabic alphabet has 28 letters;
  • The Arabic alphabet is written from right to left (the English alphabet is written from left to right);
  • Each letter has to be written in 4 ways: single letter, letter at the biginning of the word, letter in the middle of word and letter at the end of the word;
  • Each letter connects to the next one except: “d”, “dh”, “a”, “r”, “z” and “u”;

Name Lilian in Arabic calligraphy

Lesson 1 – The connection of the letters – LETTER A

The letter “A” in Arabic is written like this:
It is very easy to identify an “A” in Arabic writing, is simply a stick … that never joins with its next letter (not to be confused with the “L” which connect to the following letter).

Letter A in Arabic - Arabic alphabet
If we want to join “A” to another “A” it is written like this:
Do not forget that the letter “A” is one of the few letters that never connects with the next letter, that is why, these two “A” letters do not join.

Letter A in Arabic - Arabic alphabet

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