Finger Name Tattoo Ideas

Recently the most common placement for finger name tattoo is along the finger. It look very sexy and many of celebrities have finger tattoos. It is a perfect place for name or small quote tattoo.
Type of finger name tattoos are also wedding ring tattoos for couples. Wearing husband or wife name has very long tradition. You can find then in the Wedding ring tattoo gallery.
Check the gallery for finger name tattoo and find the one you like.

Family name tattoo design on finger for woman
Name tattoo design along the finger for woman

Letters on fingers tattoo design for man
Anne name tattoo design, letters on finger tattoo for man
Feminine Love word finger tattoo design
Very feminine middle finger Love word tattoo idea, by Rihanna
Quote tattoo design on finger for girls
Quote tattoo idea along the finger for girls

Name tattoo design on top of the finger
Nice initial letter C tattoo design on top of the finger

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