Travel Blogs - List of Top 2300 blogs on the Internet

June 22, 2015

Welcome to the biggest list of travel blogs and websites on the Internet.

YES, 2300 blogs!

The aim of creating this list is to gather the best travel blogs so that you can easily explore the blogosphere.

For easy navigation, this list is divided into four main categories:

  1. General Travel Blogs
  2. Thematic Travel Blogs
  3. Regional Travel Blogs
  4. How this blog list was made

There are many fabulous bloggers, some have already established brand, while others are still waiting to be discovered. It is worth to check them all, as there are really good blogs with huge potential out there - even if they are not on the top of the list or not even in the middle.

List of Top 2300 Travel Blogs on the Internet

List of Top 2300 Travel Blogs on the Internet

This is the ultimate list of travel blogs on the web. There is no bigger list of blogs than this one. Enjoy.

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My 10 favorite TOP Blogs

  1. Once Upon a Saga -
  2. One Chai - (in French)
  3. Expert Vagabond -
  4. Love Adventures -
  5. João Cajuda -
  6. The Travel Stories -
  7. foXnoMad -
  8. Yomadic -
  9. Triphackr -
  10. The Planet D -

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Wow, this is an amazing list! I'd love to have my and my partner's blog, Outbound Adventurer, included.

Additionally, an RV blog I follow that you missed is Ardent Camper.

Thanks for the great resource!


Great list and wonderful idea to include everyone so that they are altogether in a collaborative group! Would love if you would consider adding us to Couple Travel Blogs - A Brit and A Southerner.


Chris and Heather


Would love to be added to this list! I'm with Savvy Girl Travel, a cultural blog/magazine for adventurous female travelers. Cheers!


This is an amazing list, it must have taken you hours to compile it! I would love to see my Italian travel website added under the European Regional Travel Blogs for Italy if this is possible? If you'd like to check it out is DreamDiscoverItalia. Well done again!


This is a wonderful list João! I would love it if you could add Travel Fearlessly to the Family Travel Blog category, Travel Fearlessly Blog. "Solo Mom Takes Flight" is another good blog to add, I love reading that one!


Wow! What an incredible list! So many amazing bloggers. I would have loved to see a category of travel blogs who specialize in creating content for under represented communities. Travel Noire and LezBackpack are two that immediately come to mind.


Yes, definitely a section on LGBTQ blogs would be helpful!


Hello Adam! thank you for visiting. Your blog is on the SOLO MAN TRAVEL BLOGS section. I'll take your advice into consideration, and probably will come up with such section of LGBTQ. I wish you a great 2016 full of amazing travels! Big hug all the way from south Morocco, anytime around please I'll show you around.


Great list...and good job João!


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